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Students from 50+ countries and 60% international faculty members.

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Small classes with an average 11:1 student to professor ratio means quality and individuality.

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370 students on campus sharing co-living experience forges friendships that last a lifetime.

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The only North American style university in Europe.

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Broad spectrum higher education to prepare yourself for the real world.

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On-site residence halls, cafeteria, gym and other facilities.

“Knowledge and values for success”

“LCC is a unique place where you get equipped not only for a profession but with values for life. Though I began my career as a PR manager in Poland, important life decisions brought me home to Shymkent. Using the knowledge and values instilled in us at LCC, my LCC roommate and I have since opened 8 coffee bars in Shymkent and sold over 15 franchises to other cities in Kazakhstan.”

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Ayat Azimov
Country of Origin: Kazakhstan
Based in Kazakhstan

Graduated from LCC in 2013

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The First Ever TEDx LCC Event on Campus


With the new academic year, come new opportunities and events at LCC International University. However, this time a new and exciting opportunity presented itself for the students at LCC. Gevorg Hayrapetian, a sophomore who is studying International Business Administration, is on his way to receive an official license by the TEDx platform to organize the TEDx LCC event next semester on our campus. We asked Gevorg a few questions about how he came up with this idea, who is the organizing team, and what is the theme of our first ever TEDx LCC event. Where did you get the idea to organize the TEDx LCC event?Watching TED videos has always brought inspiration to me. I got acquainted with the whole concept during my high school years when I attended the first TEDx conference in Yerevan. TED speeches were the ones that caught my attention and encouraged me to conduct more research. So the dream of becoming a TED speaker has been developing in my mind for several years already. But when I learned that there is a possibility to receive a license and organize an official event in the local community I understood that it can help bring not only my skills but also the ideas of my friends and peers into reality.Are you cooperating with the TEDx platform?The process of organizing a TEDx event is a huge responsibility. As an official licensee to organize a TEDx event, TED gives you full freedom to organize the event the way you want to. Nevertheless, there are plenty of rules to keep in mind, which can sometimes add up to 150 pages long. While you have the freedom to make the event look the best, you have to receive many approvals.What is the theme “Know the Unknown”?TEDx event organizers have the freedom to choose a theme for their event. Even though it is not a requirement, we have decided that a theme will be highly beneficial. It helps the event be more focused and puts you towards a particular path when brainstorming, designing, and realizing various ideas. I wanted to have a theme that would be unique, a bit challenging but, at the same time, understandable for the public. After careful consideration, it was decided that the theme for TEDxLCCUniversity will be “Know the Unknown”. As long as TEDx is a platform for sharing new ideas, it will encourage people to develop new perspectives and get to know more about the things they were familiar with but perhaps did not fully understand. This is the main idea behind the phrase - know the unknown.What is the benefit for LCC students to participate in such an event?I believe that the benefits for LCC students are countless. Those who want to spread their unique ideas and practice their already developed public speaking skills get a chance to speak on an official and unique stage. TEDxLCCUniversity is an excellent practice for them and a huge advantage for future careers. Moreover, students who will be involved in the backstage process will receive a great experience of organizing a large formal event. TEDx events are different. These are not just student initiatives that allow total freedom of expression. Instead, TEDx official events are established around specific rules and require much preparation, determination, and knowledge. The organizing team and volunteers will work on achieving the best outcome and, as a result, advance their expertise in various areas, improve communication and time-management skills, and receive critical training essential for their growth as professionals.What are your hopes for this event?I hope that the organizing team will be able to create a high-quality TEDx event that will meet all the requirements and guidelines. I can already see that many students show their interest in participating in the event by helping with the organization process. Also, as any other event organizer, I hope to see that it is enjoyed by the students, staff, and faculty. It would be great to hear positive comments and see how people share their experiences from the event with each other and on social media. Finally, my biggest goal is to make this an annual event.Why now?I believe that this event will be suitable in any situation but now it is highly beneficial for the LCC community. Current situation in the world separated us for a considerable amount of time without the ability to communicate live on a daily basis. Thus, TEDxLCCUniversity event will be a great opportunity to share some insights people did not think about before, and bring new ideas into existence. Besides, it will make the community closer since we will be working on the same goal of creating a high-quality event.You are also assembling a team for the year 2020/2021 to help you coordinate the project. How do you see LCC students contributing to this project?Once I receive the approval and the license, organizing an official event will require a lot of work and I will not be able to do that alone or with just a few other people. There are many processes that should be taken care of; consequently, I will need a lot of help from LCC students in the following months. Some of the tasks cover marketing, copy writing, creation of social media platforms, a search for sponsors, and selection of speakers. Each LCC student has a chance to participate in these processes according to their skills and preferences. I am sure that the selected team will do its best and have the most positive results in the end.Who are the people behind the approval for TEDX LCC and how did you contact them?Any individual who has a basic understanding of TED and TEDx can apply for a license. It’s a standard process for everyone, just an application and many questions to be answered. Then you wait for a month or two to get the decision. While this is a huge event for LCC that you’ve worked to get started, we assume you don't want to stop here. Would you mind sharing some other plans you may have with our audience?As the core organizing team is already working on the project, I am sure the event will become a great success. This is not the finish line, and I do have more plans for the LCC community. While I do not want to share everything I have planned, I do know for certain that my future plans are directly associated with the Student Council.

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From The Desk of the President


LEARNING TO THRIVE IN A TIME OF GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY It seems as though we’ve run out of descriptors for Spring 2020! We’ve all experienced a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic . . . and we’ve quickly learned to adapt and redefine what “thriving” looks like. At LCC International University, like everywhere, we finished the spring semester in a remote format. Unlike most other places, we still have over 100 students living on campus – students for whom the borders had closed or there was nowhere else to go. At an international university, where over 70% of our students come from “somewhere else,” the biggest threat is the possibility that international travel will become the enemy. We believe that LCC has a unique role in helping shape a generation of young leaders who are able to communicate across cultures, and who have learned to negotiate and work together across dividing lines that artificially separate so many in our world. In everything, LCC remains committed to our mission of “providing Christian liberal arts education within a diverse learning community that transforms people for servant leadership.” And we are working hard to remain agile. I believe we likely need to remove the phrase “back to normal” from our vocabulary. I believe that we will never truly return to the way it was, because we will have learned how to do things better as we also learn to let go. FIVE STEPS IN PLANNING FOR THE FALL 1. Supporting our Students: Knowing that many of our students have lost their summer employment opportunities, we are granting all students a 10% tuition discount for 2020-2021 (in addition to any other financial aid/scholarship that they are entitled to). 2. Creative Student Recruitment: With no ability to travel to other countries for recruitment purposes, we have seamlessly moved to a “webinar” format – which has been very successful to date. 3. Loan Fund: We have established an Emergency Loan Fund, which will be available to students for tuition support in the fall. The concepts of loans and debt are rather new to this part of the world, so we are looking at generous forgiveness plans for prompt repayment. 4. Increased Annual Fund Goals: In order to offset lost tuition revenue, and in order to support our students’ return in the fall, we are increasing our Annual Fund goal by 200,000 EUR for the next fiscal year. This brings the total Annual Fund goal to 950,000 EUR. 5. Managing Expenses: In anticipation of the potential for decreased student numbers in Fall, we are already working to manage our expenses (including not filling current vacancies). 120 Number of students who had planned to work in the US or Greece this summer, and have now lost employment opportunities 400 Number of current students who have registered for the fall (which represents a 96% retention rate) 237 Number of prospective students who have been accepted for fall, compared to 210 last year and 183 the year before (YTD) 200,000 EUR The cost of the 10% tuition discount for all BA students 100,000 EUR The amount of the new Emergency Loan Fund to offer students an additional option for funding their tuition PLEASE PRAY! Pray with us for the continued safety and health of our students – whether in their home countries, or here on campus. Pray with us as we seek God’s wisdom in how to begin the fall semester. We have developed multiple budget models, and academic models, and residence hall models. We need wisdom to know which versions to adopt and when – based on the environment and the context. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS! Support for our students means that support from our donors and friends is especially critical at this time. Help us finish this fiscal year well. Please give by July 31. Without our large summer programs, our revenue stream is shrinking. Help us bridge the gap! (We still need approximately 290,000 EUR to finish well.) Consider supporting us financially in unique ways for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are a regular donor, would you consider increasing your gift to support the emergency needs of our students? If you are a new donor, would you consider supporting a student? Or more than one? Tuition for one year is 3180 EUR. Thank you in advance! We appreciate our strong global community, and we remain agile in our planning. May God bless you and your family . . . as you navigate this global crisis with us. Marlene Wall, PhDPresident DONATE TODAY!

University Basketball Team

As a North American style university based in Lithuania we have our own basketball team and we are great at it.

Active worldwide

In the true spirit of LCC, we are an international team led by a professional coach. As a team we represent LCC University in both national and international leagues.

Home of the great

Many LCC Moose players started their careers here and went on to become professional athletes. Maybe you are next?

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In the 2020/2021 academic year all BA Programs cost 3,180 EUR per academic year. Price does not include housing & trips.

Our MA Programs are priced individually with discount opportunities for LCC alumni.

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We want everyone to have an opportunity to experience LCC's high-quality education.

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60% Lower tuition fees

Than the European average*

Affordable living

Living in Klaipėda is cheaper than in European capitals**

421,000 EUR

Given by LCC as financial aid annually


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*Average tuition fees for BA programs in Europe for students outside EU/EEA is 8600 EUR/year based on 

**Living expenses are estimated based on data from

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