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Truly international

Our global community is diverse and enriching, with students and faculty from around the world. LCC is tailored to suit individuals like you, offering purpose-driven education and empowering you to pursue your aspirations without bounds.

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Personal touch

With an average class size of 16:1, we ensure personalized attention, fostering an environment for success that includes a student support center and student-focused learning.  

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Full campus

Located near Europe's stunning Baltic beaches and the quaint seaside downtown of Klaipeda, students enjoy safe, on-campus dormitories and convenient amenities, including a cafeteria, café, and library. Here, you'll find more than just a university - you'll discover an inclusive community atmosphere.  

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North American style

As a premier North American-style university in Europe, LCC combines the strengths of both continents. With expert native English-speaking professors, LCC is renowned for its innovative teaching and rigorous academic standards.

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Liberal arts

At LCC University, education is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum, will equip you with critical thinking and skills needed to thrive in today's interconnected world.

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LCC Moose Basketball

LCC International University's basketball program takes pride in both its men's and women's teams. While the men's team continues to build on past successes, the women's team is currently making history with notable recent victories in both national and Baltic league competitions.


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For the 2024/2025 academic year, all BA Programs are priced at 4,050 EUR per academic year. 

MA Programs are priced individually with discount opportunities for LCC alumni.

Financial aid

We want everyone to have an opportunity to experience LCC's high-quality education.

Check our financial aid programs to help cover your tuition fees and find sources of extra income for living and housing expenses.

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60% Lower

Tuition than the European average*

Affordable living

Living in Klaipėda is cheaper than in European capitals**

540,000 EUR

Given by LCC as financial aid annually


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*Average tuition fees for BA programs in Europe for students outside EU/EEA is 8600 EUR/year based on 

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More than academics

Experience vibrant student life at LCC, filled with events, activities, clubs, and practical programs organized by both staff and students 

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Discover the LCC student experience firsthand. Engage in open lectures, interact with faculty and staff, explore our campus, and gain insight into the application process.

University Basketball

LCC International University, a North American-style university located in Lithuania, takes pride in its exceptional men's and women's basketball teams. Renowned for excellence and dedication to the sport, our program offers a unique blend of talent and passion both on the court and in the classroom. Join us in celebrating the basketball culture at LCC International University, which is fitting to Lithuania. Many LCC Moose players started their careers here and went on to become professional athletes.

Coaches and staff

Our basketball program is led by a team of professional coaches and dedicated staff, many of whom are nationally recognized for their success.  

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“Everyone truly wants you to succeed”

"The most valuable lesson I learned at LCC is that people are the most valuable asset in every organization and to care about each person I work or interact with. Having talked to many alumni, they always said that people are what create the real LCC experience, and now looking back, I couldn’t agree more. It is the amazing staff and faculty who share common values and help us grow not only as professionals but also as individuals, and it is the students who later become your second family. At LCC everyone truly wants you to succeed."

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Yuliia Rusianovska
Currently pursuing a masters degree in Media Management at Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University (USA)
Graduated from LCC in 2020

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Alumni are successfully employed


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For incoming students

An adventure immersed in Instagramable places, European culture, and international friendships with students from over 50 countries. Our exchange programs are open to everyone. 

For outgoing students

Explore the world by studying or taking a traineeship abroad.

Language center

English public speaking competitions
Lithuanian language & culture

Planning to study at LCC or apply to an English university abroad? Take a certified TOEFL test at LCC to prove your skills.

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In search of an environment conducive to both individual and collaborative scholarly endeavors? Look no further than our carefully curated Balciunai Library, occupying 475 square meters on the third level of the DeFehr building. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere designed to facilitate research and committed academic pursuits. Our library serves as the heart of university learning, where students can explore traditional texts alongside cutting-edge resources, engage in interdisciplinary discussions, and collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of knowledge.  

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Study Zone


Study Zone

News & events

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Ayattillo Azimov: A Distinguished LCC Alumnus Making Waves in Business


LCC International University is proud to announce that Ayattillo Azimov, Class of 2013, is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award for 2024. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a commitment to excellence, Ayat Azimov has exemplified the values of servant leadership, innovation, and global impact since his graduation from LCC.In her address during the Commencement Ceremony, Dr. Marlene Wall, President of LCC International University, conveyed the university's high regard for Ayat’s remarkable achievements and his unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in his home country of Kazakhstan and beyond. Ayat’s journey from an ambitious student at LCC to the CEO & Founder of Global Coffee is a testament to his visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.Ayattillo Azimov's entrepreneurial journey began at LCC, where he pursued a degree in Business Administration. Inspired by his studies and motivated by a desire to create meaningful change, Ayat embarked on a path that would lead him to establish Global Coffee, a renowned coffee chain that has captured the hearts of coffee lovers and entrepreneurs alike.From humble beginnings to remarkable success, Ayat’s entrepreneurial endeavors have flourished, with Global Coffee becoming a symbol of quality, innovation, and community engagement. With over 140 coffee shops across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, Global Coffee continues to redefine the coffee industry, offering not just a product but an experience that resonates with customers worldwide.Ayat’s leadership philosophy, rooted in empowerment and integrity, has been instrumental in the growth and success of Global Coffee. By prioritizing the well-being of his employees and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence, Ayat has created a thriving business that is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and shared values.Reflecting on his time at LCC, Ayat fondly recalls the transformative impact of his education and the supportive community that helped shape his journey. He credits LCC for instilling in him the skills, knowledge, and values that have guided him throughout his career, from the classroom to the boardroom.As Ayattillo continues to lead Global Coffee into new territories and opportunities, his commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. With a vision for the future that is as bold as it is inspiring, Ayattillo Azimov stands as a shining example of the transformative power of education, entrepreneurship, and leadership.In recognition of his outstanding achievements and his enduring commitment to making a difference, LCC International University is proud to honor Ayattillo Azimov as the Distinguished Alumni Award recipient for 2024. May his journey inspire future generations of LCC students to dream big, work hard, and make a difference in the world.

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And the winner is . . . .


We applauded loudly as the winner of the 2024 Lithuanian National English Language Olympiad accepted his award certificate and gifts on stage. But it was not just the boy with the top score that won that day. All the 11th and 12th graders received gifts and certificates for their excellent English abilities.Healthy competition is challenging yourself to participate. Healthy competition is doing your best, knowing that you are not perfect. Healthy competition means improvement from the last competition. Healthy competition is making friends along the way, not enemies. I love to see pupils participate in healthy competitions that promote these important life values.I witnessed healthy competition in Palanga, Lithuania, at the National English Language Olympiad for 11th and 12th graders this spring. The pupils traveled to the west coast for two days of English contests, and a chance to interact with each other.The English competition consisted of an essay writing task; student listened to a video news commentary and then wrote a response blog. Secondly, pupils were randomly matched with a pupil from another school for an unrehearsed paired dialogue. As they entered the room, the pair was given a news article to read; then they talked together, making sure to give their opinions and politely invite their partner to offer other suggestions. Last, pupils were given a Lithuanian proverb and asked to orally interpret the meaning of the proverb. These three tasks were rated and scored by teachers and members of LAKMA, the Lithuanian Association of English Language Teachers.Bedsides the competition, pupils ate meals in the cafeteria together. They participated in a game which required that they explore the town of Palanga with kids they had never met before. Throughout the weekend, these young people talked, laughed, listened, and made new friends. And they were not glued to their mobile phones, which is another bonus!Not everyone had perfect English; not everyone wrote grammatically correct blogs. But they learned, they made the effort to participate, and they experienced healthy competition.Three cheers for the teachers and school leaders who took time to organize this event. They created a space for healthy competition. They all went home with a prize; the self-confidence created by health competition. Author: Robin Gingerich, Ph.D., MA TESOL Program Director at LCC International University.

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