MA degree for in-demand professionals

What better way to earn your MA TESOL Degree than by becoming an international student yourself? You will gain mastery of teaching English as a second or foreign language from a program with a rich history of educating students from over 60 countries.

Our online Master's Degree in TESOL at LCC International University is tailored for education professionals seeking fulfillment, growth, and meaningful opportunities. Our MA TESOL program prepares you to teach English anywhere in the world, as well as in high-paying fields such as curriculum development, language academy direction, or post-secondary education.

We offer:

  • Save smartly with affordable tuition, securing a rewarding future.
  • Learn from dedicated TESOL experts committed to your development.
  • Immerse yourself in a transformative practicum at LCC’s Summer Language Institute.
  • Accelerate your progress with our streamlined 2-year blended learning approach.
  • Balance work and study with flexible scheduling options.
  • Participate in discussions on ethical teaching, connecting your career with personal values.
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Year 1
  • Learn the dynamic nature of language and the power of language use internationally
  • Dive into the psychological, cognitive, and social complexities of learning a second language
  • Analyze unique opportunities to integrate your faith into your teaching
  • Explore the world of language assessment and testing
  • Design student-centered lessons that improve students' language through best practices
  • Create a curriculum for specialized groups of students
  • Courses in the first year: • Second Language Acquisition • Teaching English as an International Langauge • Linguistics • Methods of Second Language Pedagogy • Curriculum Design • Language Assessment • Integrated Skills Practicum
Year 2
  • Have the option of completing a teaching practicum at LCC in Lithuania or anywhere in the world
  • Dive into language research methods
  • Complete research in your own classrooms to inform your understanding of your practice
  • Learn best practices of language program administration from budgeting to mentoring teachers
  • Write a publishable thesis on language research in an area of your choice
  • Become researchers as you enroll in the thesis courses. You will be guided by an advisor to write a literature review, select methods, collect data, and report findings on a topic of their choice
  • Courses in the second year: • Research Methods • Action Research • Program Management • Thesis I • Thesis II
Online studies

15-20 hours per week

10 Day

Summer Residency Sessions

Integrated skills practicum

The Practicum course integrates theoretical knowledge with practical classroom application. Students choose a convenient school or language program to observe and teach under a qualified teacher's supervision. LCC's Summer Language Institute (SLI) in July offers MA TESOL students the opportunity to complete their Practicum in Lithuania, working alongside our experienced English teachers. Self-reflection and improvement are key objectives of this course. 

  • Students may select the school or language program where they currently are teaching.  
  • Students may select to volunteer at a nearby school. 
  • Or complete your Practicum at LCC's Summer Language Institute in Lithuania, held every July. As an MA TESOL student, you can teach English in this three-week program for secondary students of any level. Join our team of 35 experienced English teachers for this month-long opportunity. Applications accepted anytime.or language program.

“Pursuing academic excellence together”

“LCC provides a true liberal arts education that equips its graduates to work and study anywhere in the world. My BA gave me a broad foundation in a variety of disciplines, allowing me to experiment and explore my interests. I originally planned to become an interpreter, but ended up falling in love with the teaching profession, inspired by my LCC professors, and was thrilled to come back and complete my MA in TESOL. It was an honor to join a small but distinguished cohort of students and professors pursuing academic excellence.”

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Lidiya Oryshchuk
Country of Origin: Ukraine
MA TESOL Graduate, 2016

Alumni work at:

Graduate Certificate Program

Are you hesitant to make a two year commitment to a master’s degree? Take a small step now. Enroll in one class and learn what it feels like to be an online student in a master’s degree program.

Faculty Members

Campus Experience

As part of your program, you will have 10 day Summer Residency Session on LCC campus. It's a great chance to meet faculty and fellow students and form relationships with growing professionals in the field.

Access to On-site Facilities:
  • Gym
  • Cafeteria
  • Library
  • Study & Work Zones
  • Laundry Rooms
Convenient Location

Campus is located within walking distance of the heart of old town and the Baltic Sea. It is conveniently connected by public transport network so you will have no trouble getting around. 

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Living in Residence Halls

LCC has two modern residence halls on campus, Neumann Hall and Enns Hall. Both Halls are within 2-minute walk from the academic building, gymnasium, and cafeteria.


Each room in the residence hall is designed as a suite; each room has a small common area with two sinks and a refrigerator, a bathroom, and two separate bedrooms. Each bedroom has several beds, desks, and closet space. Each floor has a kitchen/ lounge, where students can cook and eat.

You Will Also Have Access to:
  • Study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • Chapel/prayer room 
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Admission Requirements

To Apply You Need:
  • Bachelor's degree - official transcripts and copy of diploma from an accredited university. 
  • Two letters of recommendation - recommendations must come from people familiar with the applicant’s character, academic and professional background. Preferably, at least one of the recommendations should come from a university the applicant graduated from.
  • English language certificate - please see details in the chart on the right.
  • Motivational letter - statement of purpose indicating why this program is appropriate for your academic interests and professional goals.
TOEFL® iBT 100
You don’t need a certificate if:
  • You are an LCC alumni
  • You are a citizen of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand
  • You attended a university for at least two years in any of the above-mentioned countries

Tuition Fees

Tuition for the full academic program (two academic years) is 5,500 EUR.

Tuition for the full program (two academic years) for LCC alumni is 5,000 EUR  

In addition, students are responsible to pay for their own textbooks, Summer residency housing,  and travel to Lithuania.

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Financial Aid Options

Education Exchanges Support Foundation is opening a Call for applications for 100 Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master’s degree or integrated studies (a part which is equal to Master’s degree studies) at Lithuanian higher education institutions for the year 2022. Funding under the Call will be provided to the citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Moldova, Ukraine and foreigners of Lithuanian origin from non-EU and EFTA countries::

• A monthly scholarship and a grant covering the study cost is offered to citizens of:

Ukraine (60 grants);
Belarus (20 grants);
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, foreign citizens of Lithuanian origin, Moldova, (15 grants altogether);  

• A monthly scholarship is offered to citizens of China, Israel, Japan, South Korea (5 grants altogether).  

A monthly scholarship is equal to 420 EUR. The grant covering the study cost is limited to and cannot be higher than the national standard study cost.  

Funding is offered to a limited amount of students. Read more on government page.

The Lithuanian government distributes over 10 million EUR in student loans annually. For more information on government student loans visit or contact us at

Are you an employed professional who is looking for new knowledge and skills to grow? 

Good companies are willing to invest into their employees. Talk with your management to discover if they are willing to provide such an opportunity for you. Contact our admissions team at if you require any additional information or help.    

According to Lithuanian law, amounts paid for studies (when higher education and/or qualification is obtained upon graduation, as well as doctoral studies and art post-graduate studies) by residents of Lithuania can be deducted from the taxable income and thus decrease the income tax for residents. If a person whose studies are being paid for is under 26 years of age and tuition cannot be deducted from his/her taxable income, the tuition can be deducted from the taxable income of one of his/her parents/foster parents. If a loan is taken to pay for studies, the amounts that can be deducted are the amounts repaid. The tuition is to be deducted in the annual income declaration.

The highest net benefit of this deduction is income tax savings amounting to 15% of tuition. For more information on Income tax benefit visit

Application Process

The program starts in August of each year. Applicants should send their documents and complete applications by mid-May.  

Note: Applicants with degrees from non-Lithuanian universities have to send their transcripts to go through the diploma accreditation process with the Ministry of Education. The Admissions team can help you verify your certificate. Please send us an official translation into English or Lithuanian.  

Submit Online Application

Before applying - pay a 40 EUR application fee.

Early application deadline: February 15

Late application deadline: May 15 

Send Evidence to Support Application

 Attach to your online application all of the required documents described in the Admission Requirements section above.

Attend an Online Interview

We will contact you via e-mail to select a date for an online or on-site interview once we have received your application and required documents.

Get Results Within Two Weeks

We process applications throughout the year and return results within two weeks after you have submitted your application, documents and completed an interview.

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