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The MA TESOL Graduate Certificate Program is for pre-service or in-service teachers who wish to learn more about teaching English in global settings. Our professional instructors offer four courses that are a balance of theory and practice. Consider enrolling in several courses as a taste of LCC’s full two-year program.


All courses are online and asynchronous.


Study with a small, friendly cohort of students.


Tuition fees are internationally low and affordable.


Earn 6 ECTS credits for each course.

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This course offers the students an in-depth overview of linguistic theories and discusses how today’s generative theory of linguistics can inform the practice of language teaching. The course also familiarizes the students with the main subfields of linguistics (i.e., phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics), presents the most up-to-date evidence from neurolinguistics pertaining to language theory and teaching, and introduces the concept of interlanguage. Throughout the course, much attention is paid to the interaction of linguistic theory and language teaching.

This course gives an overview of effective pedagogical techniques for teaching English to speakers of other langauge. Students will learn methodological approaches that support teaching receptive and productive skills as well as some practical classroom ideas for integrating skills in the EFL classroom. The course includes an introduction to task-based learning, CLIL, and English for specific purposes. Emphasis is on culturally and contextually appropriate pedagogy.

This course outlines the steps toward developing an English language course designed from data obtained through needs-based analysis. Students are taken through the steps of how to prepare for units of curriculum in a scope and sequence that is designed for longer periods of time than a typical daily lesson plan. Students are given an opportunity to apply a theoretical framework in assessing learner needs, outlining goals of and objectives of the course, developing the syllabus and preparing appropriate materials and assessments. Attention is also given to the application of information technology and multimedia use for English language learning. Students analyze current teaching materials including evaluating textbooks and language learning resources as well as examining and integrating technological tools within their teaching context.

This course deepens the students’ knowledge of assessment and exposes students to the language tests available for today’s classroom and institutional use. The course also provides the guidelines and criteria for examining and evaluating English language tests. In the second part of the course, students are taught how to design, implement, and evaluate valid and comprehensive language tests for the assessment of adult language proficiency. The course introduces the students to the statistics commonly employed in language testing. Finally, the course challenges students to utilize authentic assessment measures, ensuring that both formative and summative evaluation occurs within the English language curriculum.

Program schedule

2024 Spring Semester (ENG 510 Linguistics)
November 15, 2023 Registration Deadline for ENG 510 Linguistics course
November 28, 2023 SFS sends invoice to students
December 12, 2023 Payment deadline
January 2, 2024 ENG 510 Linguistics course begins
February 18 ENG 510 Linguistics course ends
2024 Spring Semester (ENG 540 Methods of Second Language Teaching Pedagogy)
January 15, 2024 Registration Deadline for ENG 540 Methods of Second Language Teaching Pedagogy
January 29 SFS sends invoice to student
February 12 Payment deadline
February 19 ENG 540 Methods of Second Language Teaching Pedagogy course begins
April 7 ENG 540 Methods of Second Language Teaching Pedagogy course ends
2024 Summer Semester (ENG 530 Curriculum Design)
February 26–March 1 Registration Deadline for ENG 530 Curriculum Design
March 8 SFS sends invoice to student
March 25 Payment deadline
April 15 ENG 530 Curriculum Design course begins
June 2 ENG 530 Curriculum Design course ends
Summer Semester (ENG 551 Language Assessment)
April 29 Registration Deadline for ENG 551 Language Assessment
May 13 SFS sends invoice to student
May 27 Payment deadline
June 3 ENG 551 Language Assessment course begins
July 21 ENG 551 Language Assessment course ends


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