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LCC Academy

Series of free online seminars and lectures for high school students | 2024

Practice makes perfect

Are you considering studies abroad in a world-class English-speaking university? Not sure if you are ready or what it is going to be like? LCC Academy will help you answer those questions!

Opportunity for young people

LCC is proud to present our non-degree program for 10-12 graders from around the world. It aims to provide students with an authentic experience of liberal arts university lectures, discussions, and group work online and completely free of charge.  

Challenging topics

This Spring, LCC Academy will offer a "taste" of various LCC majors. Our lecturers will provide insights on navigating a person's life from psychological, spiritual, and economic perspectives and how to be a global citizen who understands how to use and interpret social media messages. 

Weekly online lectures will be followed by online discussion groups. You will be able to discuss and debate the topics and collaborate with peers from around the world.     

Broaden your worldview

Build your english vocabulary

Develop communication skills

Enhance your critical thinking

“I am happy to have had an experience of attending such wonderful lectures”

Professors were very attentive towards me and my fellow participants. They had very interesting topics and did great job presenting them. In my opinion, talking through subjects afterwards was useful and educational. Discussions gave me other perspectives, which I admire. Other than that every partaker was friendly towards me. I would also like to say members of my group were pleasure to work with and proud to be the winners of final project. To sum everything up, I would like to thank everyone who was making this program entertaining and enlightening.

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Nutsa Tatulashvili
LCC Academy participant

Learning paths

Sign up for a certificate program

Active students who will take part in 3 lectures and complete a final project will be awarded a certificate of participation and an additional point to their Admissions score if they decide to apply for BA studies at LCC. Space is limited, so make sure you secure your spot now!

Audit the course

Students are free to join any lecture they’re interested in and participate in the discussions as they feel. Those auditing are not obliged to do any additional work, but are also not provided with a certificate and the additional point.  


You can still register to audit LCC Academy lectures.

Time & dates
  • April 15 - 19, 2024
  • 5 lectures in a week 
  • 16:00-17:30 (Vilnius time)
  • Full schedule below

The program is delivered online. Students who register will receive a unique link to the course and other instructions.

English requirement

English proficiency level B2 (upper intermediate) desirable, but not required.

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Speaker - Job Morales, Ph.D

Job Morales earned his PhD at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. His work has been at the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of science. His current interests include philosophy of religion, AI, and eastern philosophy.  

Lecture Title: "Philosophy of AI"

What is AI? Is the human mind just another kind of computer? Should society be "protected" by AI-powered surveillance? These are the sorts of questions discussed in the philosophy of AI, which we will briefly discuss in this presentation.   

Speaker - Shane Crombie, D.Min

Dr. Shane Crombie taught communications for many years in Ireland before joining the faculty at LCC. He is an experienced radio broadcast journalist, focusing on religious and social affairs. He continues to represent and help numerous charities and NGOs in media relations. Dr. Crombie teaches public speaking, social change, persuasion, and propaganda.      

Lecture Title: ""It says what it says - or does it??" How to read texts in the digital age.”"

We are surrounded by texts - written ones, but also sound and visual ones. In this talk Shane Crombie will introduce you to the world of media literacy. With so many messages coming our way, how can we approach them intelligently? Communications students at LCC learn how to interpret texts, to see what a message is saying. To really understand what is going on around us this a skill that is very useful. We must ask: is everything upfront, or are there hidden codes that we need to take into account?   

Speaker - Mischa Blake

Mischa Blake is an Instructor at LCC International University. Joining the faculty in 2023, Mischa Cantu-Blake is a Communications Department instructor for Public Speaking and Documentary Filmmaking. She completed her masters degree at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts in 2016 with her documentary film Steam Dream gaining film festival laurels at several prestigious venues including the Cannes Film Festival, The Dances with Films Festival and the Williamsburg Festival in NYC. Mischa has worked as a video editor for various non-profits from community health centers to service dog centers for veterans and children with PTSD. During her free time, Mischa loves camping and riding motorcycles with her husband Zack.  

Lecture Title: "Crafting a Cinematic Image"

Learn the basic constructs of creating a cinematic image for your films. We will briefly discuss space, line, color and tone and how they affect a viewing audience. This lecture is intended for students with an interest in video production, filmmaking, and photography.  

Speaker - Robin Gingerich, Ph.D

Dr. Robin Gingerich is an associate professor at LCC International University in Lithuania. She currently chairs the English Department, which includes a MA program in TESOL, a BA program in English, and an intensive English program (PRIME). She also teaches TESOL courses, and writing courses in the BA program and the PRIME program. Robin has given professional development workshops for English teachers in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Turkey, Estonia, and Congo. Her specialization is curriculum development, teacher knowledge, and TESOL methods.  

Lecture Title: "Your Superpower is language""

Your multilingual skills will open doors for you. Attend this session to learn about how your language superpowers lead you to careers that you never dreamed of. Blow your mind with the possibilities of expanding your superpower - knowledge of multiple languages – as you study at LCC and later, as you find a career in education, technology, or literature.     

Speaker - Femi Odebiyi

Femi Odebiyi is an Assistant Professor at LCC International University. He joined the university in August 2007 from his teaching position at City University of Seattle, Slovakia campus. Prior to this, he worked in Dubai. He has a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of St. Thomas, USA and currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership. He teaches Business Research Methods, and International Business. His professional interests include the integration of faith and work; he developed courses that integrate faith and work, and started an online faith and work related learning portal for students from universities spanning 4 different continents. He enjoys working with business and church leaders on issues ranging from stewardship to ethics. Part of his p practitioner work has involved working with Christian Entrepreneurs in Europe to develop an Entrepreneurship Mentoring and Education project. He is a recipient of the 2017 ECOLAS J.J. Kidd Fellows award and the 2016 Acton’s Mini Grant for Teaching and Research on Free Market Economics. 

He is actively involved in entrepreneurial studies development. His research interests are focused on entrepreneurial and poverty intervention activities. 

Lecture Title: "Life is Business and Business is Life: Understanding the Importance of Business"

This lecture will expound on how businesses help create our standard of living and influence our society. The lecture will also touch on the benefits of understanding the functions of business in our lives.    

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