BA Psychology

Duration: 4 Years | Starts September or January

Program Structure

Your psychology degree is designed to prepare you to pursue careers in a variety of human service-related and health fields or to continue your education in clinical or research psychology programs. 

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Year 1
  • Learn communication skills and why we communicate with others the way that we do
  • Indulge your curiosity in why people act the way that they do
  • Become familiar with major personal and social psychological theories
Year 2
  • Develop basic research skills
  • Gain insight into relationships such as marriage and family
  • Learn about psychology-related careers through practicum site visits
Year 3
  • Learn how our minds think, and process information, and make decisions
  • Gain skills in counseling
  • Learn about emotions and what motivates people
Year 4
  • Conduct independent research on a topic of your choice
  • Gain practical experience through work-placements and internship programs
Fall Semester

September - December

Spring Semester

January - May

Summer Session

May - July

“Learn in a cross-cultural environment”

“The quality of mentorship I received from my professors and various volunteer experiences had allowed me to learn and grow as an individual in a cross-cultural environment. I was able to cultivate skills necessary for professional and personal development, which motivated me to continue my studies abroad and fostered my growing interest in neuroscience research.”

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Ieva Gembutaitė
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Based in Netherlands

Psychology Graduate, 2017

Alumni work at:

Application Process

Typically, first-year students arrive on campus in late August, and all applications should be submitted with consideration for migration requirements. Additionally, applying earlier improves the chances of accessing financial aid.

  • Early application deadline - February 15, 2024
  • Application deadline JULY 1, 2024 for all Bachelor’s and Master’s degree study programs for:
    - Ukrainians
    - EU/EFTA countries
    - Visa free countries: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sakartvelo, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Moldova, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela
    - Applicants currently residing in Lithuania and holding TRP
  • Due to limited admission places, applications for citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan are closed for autumn intake, academic year 2024-2025

LCC also offers Spring semester intake. Candidates planning to start their studies in January should submit their application by the following dates:

  • Early application deadline - September 15
  • Final application deadline - October 15
Application Steps

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Start Your Application

Register and start your application at 

Pay 15-30 EUR application fee. 

Prepare Required Documents

  • Get your high school grades for the last 3 years from your school and an international passport.

  • Scan them in color and submit them to the application.

  •  Submit your final high school diploma upon graduation*.

*Your academic qualification documents will be subject for the Qualification Recognition process if they were obtained outside Lithuania. Country specific requirements may be applicable depending which country you are from.  Please contact us directly for the details at

Take English Language Exam

Submit an official English proficiency test certificate. It should not be older than 2 years.

You can take the TOEFL ITP exam at LCC or any other approved tests at a certified test center.

Attend an Online Interview

After reviewing your application and the submitted documents, we will schedule an interview. If you live nearby or would like to visit LCC we can schedule a live interview. Otherwise, an online video call will be sufficient.

Get Results Within 10 Working Days

When you complete all the steps and submit the required documents, you will receive the admissions decision within 10 working days*.

*Please keep in mind that there might be some country specific requirements, thus the application process could take longer.

If you do not submit documents according to the guidelines, there may be delays in the process.

The admissions office reserves the right to request additional documents.

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Qualification Recognition

If you are an international student or a student who is enrolled in an international school, you will be asked to submit your high school diploma and its supplements for Qualification Recognition process. Recognition of foreign qualifications gives access to higher education in Lithuania.

Admission criteria

50% - Math, History, Native & English language grades from the last three years of highschool

20% - English proficiency test certificate

30% - Interview at LCC (online or on-site)

English certificate
Min. score
PTE General Test LEVEL 4
LanguageCert International ESOL B2
The English certificate requirement may be waived only if:
  • You are a citizen of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand 
  • You attended a university for at least one academic year in any of the above mentioned countries
  • You attended a FLEX program or other exchange program that lasted for at least one academic year in any of the above mentioned countries
  • You successfully completed an International or European Baccalaureate program

You can take an Institutional TOEFL test on-site at LCC for a cost of 60 EUR. To learn more, please refer to the information on this page.

Read about General Admissions > Download 23-24 BA Catalog >
Is your English score below the requirement?

Take a semester of the Intensive English program to enhance your academic English language skills and prepare for BA studies at LCC.

Financial aid

Check our financial aid programs to help cover your tuition fees and find sources of extra income for living and housing expenses.

Faculty Members


  • Modern classrooms and a library with ideal spaces for focused study sessions.
  • Cafeteria for lunches and café for coffees or teas.
  • Two spacious dormitories, each equipped with kitchens on every floor, inviting common areas, a prayer chapel, convenient laundry facilities, and free parking.
  • Fitness center, gym for inter-mural sports, and clubs like yoga and dance.
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Full Campus

With safe, on-campus dormitories and convenient amenities, including a cafeteria, café, and library, you'll find more than just a university—you'll discover an inclusive community atmosphere.

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Transport Hub

Our campus offers easy access to trains, buses, airplanes, and ferries, allowing you to embark on adventures throughout the region and nearby countries.

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Step outside our campus, and you'll find yourself strolling cobbled streets of Klaipėda charming Old Town. Experience the rich history and vibrant culture of this city, all within walking distance of campus.

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Safe and Affordable

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a city with low pollution and crime rates, as well as affordable consumer prices. This ensures that your student experience is both secure and budget-friendly.

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With an average class size of 16:1, we ensure personalized attention, fostering an environment for success in personalized education with small class sizes and student-focused learning.

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Join our vibrant community, nestled near Europe's stunning Baltic beaches. Sand dunes, sea, and pine forest trails, all ten minutes away from campus.

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