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Here, You can Make a difference

For over 25 years, LCC has held a distinctive position among European universities as a North American-style Christian liberal arts institution.

Opportunities for higher education professionals

LCC provides a unique opportunity for higher education professionals to engage with a globally diverse student body in a Liberal Arts institution with a Christian worldview. Whether you're an instructor beginning your career or an experienced professor seeking new challenges, you'll thrive in our environment of diversity, small class sizes, and student interaction. Student support staff and campus administrators will also find fulfillment in our mission-driven community.

Truly international community

LCC embodies a truly international community with faculty, staff, and students from over 60 countries. This diverse blend ensures that no single culture or nationality dominates, creating a unique environment for research, programming, and personal enrichment.

Shared Mission

Our faculty and staff work together in creating a flourishing academic community rooted in a Christian worldview, which prepares students to make a positive impact in their home communities and around the globe.


countries of student origin


expat staff & faculty


all classes taught in English

fully Accredited

by Lithuanian government

Fulbright Partners

“This place has quickly become a home to me”

"When you are going through the very taxing initial phases of transition, look for the adventure in the difficulty, relax, and be willing to ask for help. The LCC community will assist you, respect you and trust you. This is good, but it necessitates that honest reaching out on your part. While I am still relatively new to LCC, this place has quickly become a home to me. I hope you will get to experience this home as well!"

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Michael Finch, Ph.D.
New York, USA
Communication Department Chair

Current openings


More Opportunities at LCC

Don’t see an opening that matches your education and skill set?  We are always recruiting into the future, so we would encourage you to share your CV with us for any future openings.  

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We are looking for

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We seek faculty and staff who exemplify a willingness to explore different cultures, lead change, and serve others.

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Innovative Thinkers

We are constantly improving how we serve students and their regions. If you bring courage and creativity to your work, LCC is the place for you!

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Student-centered teachers

We value relationships as central to our pedagogy of transformation, guiding students in looking holistically at life.

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Open-minded leaders

We invite all who are open to ecumenical exchange to join in the challenging and inspiring conversations that are a hallmark of our Christian community.

Professional Growth

Exchange programs

We encourage our faculty & staff to continue to grow as professionals. You can get support for teaching or learning programs in our partner universities abroad.

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Research Support

At LCC you can get financial support for your research, take advantage of our vast international partner network and much more.

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Our Support Options

We work hard to provide an individualized package of benefits that meets the needs of our faculty and staff. These benefits may include:

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Travel Expenses

Round trip airfare and airport pick-up.

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On-campus furnished housing (including wi-fi, cable TV, laundry).

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Visa and support in applying for European health insurance.

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Staff members to assist in relocation and adjusting to living in a new culture.

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Modern Office

Modern shared office space.

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Explore Europe

Opportunities to explore the region on student recruitment tours.

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LCC tuition discounts for faculty/staff and their families.

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Language Classes

Free Lithuanian language classes.

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Professional Development

Professional development through conferences and exchange programs.

Graduate Assistantships

for MA Programs at LCC

The Graduate Assistantship Program is an opportunity for individuals who wish to pursue an MA in TESOL or International Management. LCC has created 2 assistantships for the students serving as Graduate Resident Directors starting in Fall 2023. These assistantships include on-campus housing, a return flight, and a 100 % tuition discount. Students will serve in Residence Life and Housing Department.

  • Reduced work week: 30 hours a week
  • 40 workdays of vacation per year
  • 3-year contract expectation

*Apply for the Resident Director position in order to apply for the Graduate Assistantship.

Apply for a position >

Lithuania & Klaipėda

Lithuania is a member of the EU and Schengen Agreement, which means you will be able to explore neighboring countries and Central Europe without any borders.

Klaipėda is the third largest city in Lithuania, located on the Baltic Sea. It is a thriving cultural and business hub of the region that turns into a resort for the summer season. 

With an increasing spread of English language, you will have no difficulties finding your way around town and enjoying local culture. 


We are the only University in Eastern Europe that has a full campus - student residence halls, gym, sports center, cafeteria, modern offices and classrooms designed to facilitate small study groups.

The campus is conveniently located 1 mile from both Old Town Center and a Regional Park by the Baltic Sea. 


Many expats live in the university provided housing on campus.

If you are planning to stay at LCC long-term or are moving with a family, we can help you find a suitable apartment or house to rent

Apartment size
price per month
1 Bedroom 350 - 500 USD
2 Bedroom 500 - 700 USD
3 Bedroom 800 - 1200 USD


International Hub

Klaipėda has easy access to international airports (Palanga, Vilnius and Riga), ferries, bus & trains with links to London, Copenhagen, Moscow, Oslo and the rest of the region.

City Transport

You can get just about anywhere in Klaipėda and Lithuania by using public transport and a convenient Traffi app. If you need a more flexible option - use CityBee for car and bicycle sharing.

Moving with Family

Family picnics, cycling and camping in national parks, walks by the sea, and low crime rate make Klaipėda a perfect environment for your family.

Education and Activities

Want your kids to learn robotics or arts? You will find information on educational activities and clubs that offer everything from horseback riding to ballet dancing. 

LCC Support

We currently have over 70 expats including families with children who moved from North America to live in Klaipėda. We can assist you and your family as well!

“Incredible for our family”

"Moving to Lithuania and working at LCC has been an incredible experience for our family.

We’ve been privileged to work with staff and students from all over the world and challenged to grow through confronting our own cultural assumptions and perspectives.

While raising a child away from family and in a new culture has challenges, it’s also a joy to have your child experience life beyond the US and offers a unique level of family bonding that would not occur in your normal comfort zone." 

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Adam and Laura Rodeheaver-Van Gelder
Michigan, USA
Spiritual Life & Chaplain

Expat funding model

Basic costs for an assignment at LCC consists of: travel, housing, a living allowance, long-term visa and medical insurance.

LCC provides support for travel and housing expenses for members of the teaching faculty and their families. About 15% of expatriate faculty and staff have partial or full funding through external organizations such as mission agencies and foundations. Another 30% of expats have developed a funding network through their church, family and friends.

Contact us to learn more

Have partial or full funding through mission agencies and foundations


Developed a funding network through church, family and friends

“Supportive, safe, important”

"We moved here in 2015, when our kids were 10, 8, 7, and 4. Here in Klaipėda, the kids benefit from a supportive environment, safe streets, and an opportunity to meet people from many different nations. They see our mission and understand its importance. 

Some days are hard, but we are raising global Christians - they know from first-hand experience what God is doing in the world - and we wouldn’t trade that for anything."

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Scott Neumann, Ph.D.
Illinois, USA
Program Director, International Relations and Development

Faculty & Staff

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