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Community is a great treasure that stays with you after graduation; we help to keep it that way through regular events and alumni programs.

Stay connected with your fellow alumni to find like-minded people and share you experience to inspire new generations of students.

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30 Mentors

Our alumni sign up as mentors to share their knowledge and experience with current LCC students and help them grow. Sign up to be a mentor today by completing this form.

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77% Successfully Employed

LCC alumni find jobs in various industries, from film production to education to politics. 77% percent find jobs within 7 months of graduation.

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34% Leaders in Organizations

Leadership is in our DNA. We are proud of our energetic alumni who lead communities, organizations or open their own enterprises. Update your contact form today and stay in touch with the LCC community of world-shapers.

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92% Recommend LCC

The majority of our 2,048 alumni say LCC has prepared them well for their future careers and recommend an LCC education to high school seniors.

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“A safe space to find myself”

"LCC helped me to become a strong and confident individual. Here, I felt safe to express my thoughts, share my point of view and develop my life philosophy. I felt that my opinion was heard and it mattered. LCC laid the foundation for my critical thinking, appreciation for diversity, curiosity, teamwork, search for creative solutions and accountability to myself as well as to the world around me."

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Eleonora Jonušienė
Country of Origin: Lithuania
Based in USA

Graduated from LCC in 1999

Alumni On-Campus Day

Monthly Events

Once a month, we invite an LCC graduate who has achieved significant success to spend a day on campus. On this day we host talks with students, creating an opportunity to share real front-line experience and infuse our students with a dose of motivation.

Share your experience

If you wish to participate, please contact us and we will send additional information to help you prepare.

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Recent News & Events

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Christmas Celebration: Light to the Nations


Light to the NationsA Christmas Celebration of joy and peaceDecember 6, 18:00, Michealsen centrasChristmas Fair: 5-6pm, 7-9pmJoin us in celebrating Christmas narrative with song, dance, drama and a series of readings.The service will be led by the diverse community of LCC students, staff and faculty.LTŠVIESA TAUTOMS Kalėdų istorija: dainos, šokiai, vaidinimai, Šventojo Rašto skaitymasGruodžio 6 d., 18val.Kalėdinė mugė: 17-18val. ir 19-21val.Michealsen centras, Kretingos g. 36, KlaipėdaŠvesti kartu kviečia tarptautinė LCC studentų, darbuotojų ir dėstytojų bendruomenė.

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LCC Admissions Counselor in Georgia


Our Admissions team keeps traveling around the world and spreading the word about LCC! Last Friday, October 25, Admissions Counselor Vero Kaishauri was invited to participate in the FLEX Program alumni meeting at the American Councils for International Education Georgia, in Tbilisi. The discussion revolved around the experiences of FLEX alumni in the USA in the context of what it means to be politically correct and how it translates into different cultures. Later in the weekend, Vero represented LCC at the Edu-Guide.Ge educational fair together with another LCC alumna - Mari Kasradze, class of 2019.About the FLEX alumni meeting Vero shares: “As FLEX’13 alumna, I remember that people were not as inclined to worry about their choice of words; however, today this situation is different. We shared with other FLEX alumni about the use of language, history, and what it now means to respect each other on a different level. As an example, I shared about LCC and how diverse our community is. At LCC we make sure that everybody is welcomed and comfortable on campus, be they a student, a staff member, or a professor. Even as admissions counselors, we have to be culturally aware when we travel to different countries and how we need to make sure we use the right language. This is an important part of our job that also translates into our worldview.”

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University full of curious students

Remember those days as an undergraduate student with many questions and few answers? Not much has changed. University is full of curious students who can benefit from the experience and guidance of alumni.  

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Choose an area that you can help the students with and we will help you meet the students who need such guidance.  

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Distinguished alumni award

Every year we award two alumni for their extraordinary achievements: charity work, selfless acts, community building efforts or anything else that aligns with our values. The award serves as an inspiration and example to our students; a reminder of our mission.  

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Recent Award Winners

Inspiring author, successful academic, educator, and a church leader

Rev. Dr. Lina Toth is Lithuanian who resides in the United Kingdom, serves as Assistant Principal and Lecturer in Practical Theology at Scottish Baptist College. Previously she served as a Course Leader, Lecturer and later as Pro-Rector and Academic Dean at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague. She is musician and artist as well as a theologian and a successful academic, educator, and a church leader. Lina is particularly interested in exploring various aspects of ethics, spirituality, and theology of culture. She is author of several books and articles, and he book Transforming the Struggles of Tamars: Single Women and Baptistic Communities (Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2014), ISBN: 978-1-62564-108-3, is the source of inspiration for a lot of women. Lina keeps a communication with LCC, visits LCC and is always happy to share her knowledge in open lectures or meetings with LCC community.


Lina Toth

Distinguished Alumni

2019 Award recipient

The sense of belonging

Henrikas is Lithuanian who resides in Lithuania. He is CEO & Founder of the successful start-up "Interactio", which developed the mobile app for simultaneous interpretation, overflow audiences, poster sessions, silent conferences & more. Henrikas is a great business entrepreneur and amazing inspiration of how a hard work and dedication can lead to a success. He is LCC ambassador in Europe and in the USA, where he is traveling on his business purposes, his company employs LCC alumni and students and he is well-known for his contribution to innovation and socially responsible business. He is always happy to come back on campus and share his knowledge and inspiration with LCC community.


Henrikas Rapolas Urbonas

Young Distinguished Alumni

2019 Award recipient

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Inspiring future leaders

We know you remember how a scholarship for a talented student can be the best way to inspire a young person as a future leader of influence in their world.

Impact for generations

Two years ago we started the 25@25 fundraising campaign inviting you to donate 25 USD or more to reach $25,000 USD, which will then generate interest FOREVER to support an annual scholarship for current LCC student. 

Current fund status

We received 1235 USD towards our goal with the help of 14 alumni who contributed.

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