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Evening English Courses for Adults

Duration: 13 Weeks | New groups: September & January

English for every skill level

Know only the basic English and want to improve? Want to overcome your fear of speaking and start using it to study, work and travel?  

Classes for adult professionals are designed to improve your English skills in a supportive, yet serious, atmosphere.  During interactive classes you will practice speaking skills. Instructors are focused and  each lesson is well planned. The courses are excellent for students who would like to improve their communication skills.

What do I need?
  • No prior English knowledge needed, all levels are welcome. After the test you will be assigned to one of the groups according to your level of knowledge.  
  • You will have access to the books during the lesson and instructors provide additional materials for you to take home.
1.5 hours

Class duration

2 classes

Each week


Students in class


All courses taught in English

“The best language program”

"I decided to attend LCC evening courses for adults again because of the good price and quality, the teachers' high qualification and their willingness to find the best possible way to teach in terms of group needs and level. If you are planning to improve your English skills, first try LCC."

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Benefits of learning at LCC

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Professional teachers & native speakers

Your teachers on this program will either be native speakers or certified local professionals.

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International atmosphere

LCC is an English speaking, international university where majority of students and faculty come from 40+ countries around the globe.

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If you attend at least 80% of the classes, you will be awarded with a certificate that indicates your level within Common European Framework. 

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Library access

When you join the program, you will be able to request a library card to get access to english books, newspapers, magazines and videos. 

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Gym access

You are welcome to use the fitness center in Michealsen centras. Pre-paid cards can be purchased from the Business Office during regular business hours. The cost for 1 visit is €1.50. 

Expected outcomes by level:

We will test your English skill level before you begin this course. After the test you will be assigned to one of the study groups based on your level: 

Beginner / Elementary

You haven’t studied English much, but maybe you know a few words.  In this course we will focus on basic grammar and vocabulary. By the end you will be able to have simple conversations and use basic grammar forms. 


You understand and can use basic grammar and vocabulary.  We will work on using more verb forms and building vocabulary so that you can talk about personal topics like your job and family.


You are ready to refine your vocabulary and to use more complex grammar structures.  We will focus on conditionals, modals, and reviewing many verb forms. At the end of the course you will be able to write 1-2 paragraphs on personal topics and understand a TV news report.

Upper intermediate

You know how to use more complex grammar structures and talk about your wishes and plans.  In this course you will learn to speak and write about your job or field of study; you will be able to participate in a group discussion and express your opinion while learning to understand different points of view in written texts and speech.


You already have knowledge of many complex grammar structures and you can talk about your field of study.  In this course we will practice reading and speaking about more abstract topics while reviewing all grammar forms.  You will be able to give a 7-10 minute presentation and read and understand a variety of texts.

Time & location

Fit your schedule

This is a 13 week program with new groups forming twice a year: September & January. You will be assigned to one of the time-slots based on results of the placement test:

  • Early class option: 17:30 - 19:00
  • Late class options: 19:15 - 20:45

Full refund will be made if the assigned time slot does not fit your schedule.


Courses are held at LCC International University Campus in Klaipeda, Kretingos g. 36, DeFehr center where you will be submersed into international English speaking atmosphere.


To apply for the program you must complete an online registration form before September 10 / January 21.

Late application fee

If you submit your application later, you will be charged additional 15 Eur.

Placement test

After applying online you will need to attend a language test to identify your English level and assign you to a group.

Test takes place at LCC Campus on September 9th and 10th, 17:00-18:00. Please bring your passport with you.

Register >


Total price for the 13 week program is 300 Eur. Payment can be made on campus using cash or card or by bank transfer.   

You can make a full payment during registration process. Alternatively you can pay half during registration along with 15 Eur fee and pay remaining half using a bank transfer before October 10 / March 1 depending on the enrollment day.

Family / Returning Student Discount
  • If family members are simultaneously studying in any LCC English program, 10% discount is given to each one.
  • Students who return for the second semester in a row are given 10% discount for the second semester.
Pay via bank transfer >

Refund policy

Unforeseen circumstances may sometimes cause students to request tuition fee refund. Please read our rules:

Private tutoring

As an English speaking university our students are capable of helping you improve your conversational and grammar skills.

We can match you with a native speaker or a local student who knows Lithuanian/Russian and English.

5-10 Eur / hour

Average hourly rate for an individual tutor


Schedule and location

Business clients

Want to improve English level skills of your team? We offer on-site testing and group discount for businesses and organisations.

Your employees will be assigned to various groups according to their level of knowledge that will be determined through test.

On-site testing

LCC teacher can facilitate testing in your office

Group discount

We offer discounts for groups of 10+ students

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