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Disability Support

 LCC International University seeks to create equal access for all students, including those with special needs, to the University’s programs and activities. This policy provides the framework for admission practices, academic assistance, and the provision of services and support and complies with the Bologna Process 2020 Documents and the National Program for Social Integration of Disabled People (Lithuanian Government, 2012).  


LCC International University believes that all students, including students with special needs, should have equal access to university programs and activities. Support will be specific and appropriate for each individual case. There is no separate admission process for applicants with special needs.  

Reasonable special needs accommodations do not include reduced standards of academic performance, reduced standards of English language proficiency, or waiver of academic courses. For further advice please contact the Admissions office by emailing or calling +370 46 310 460.    

Services And Housing

The Student Life Division ensures a comfortable environment for learning and living for all students. All academic facilities are accessible for students with special needs. Student Life programs and services are available for students with special needs. If special assistance is required, the Student Life staff will work with each student individually.  

Both LCC residence halls are wheelchair accessible and have elevators providing access to all floors. There are 2 rooms which have been modified to accommodate wheelchairs. The housing coordinator works with each student with significant mobility limitations that require accommodation or other specific needs. DeFehr Centras’s academic facilities are wheelchair accessible and classes for students with special needs are scheduled in such a way that allows them to access the needed facilities. Michealsen Centras is accessible for students with special needs and is available for students for sports and leisure activities.  

After special needs accommodations have been confirmed by the Committee on Special Needs, the Committee will communicate with the Housing Coordinator regarding reasonable accommodations within student housing for the student.    

Academic Support

Upon documented verification of the special need, academic support is individualized based on the learning needs of each student.  

A student with documented special needs must follow the required procedure for requesting special needs status. Academic accommodations are provided for students who have been granted special needs status. The student can apply for special needs status at any point during their academic studies. Accommodating student’s special needs will not be granted retroactively. 

Academic accommodations may include items such as: 

  • Adjusted course schedule 
  • Tutoring support 
  • Accommodations related to testing and assessment (e.g., oral exam instead of written exam) 
  • Additional absences 
  • Assignment deadline extensions 
  • Alternative presentation of information (e.g., audio transcriptions, larger text, recorded classes, class notes or written instructions) Alternative settings (e.g., seating in the classroom or take a test in a separate room) 
  • Alternative scheduling & timing (e.g., additional time to complete a timed evaluation, reschedule tests on the same day or take a smaller load of classes) 

 The procedure for requesting special needs status is as follows: 

1. Written application to the Special Needs Committee is submitted through an online form .The form includes an opportunity for students to submit a diagnosis. 

2. A representative from the Special Needs Committee reaches out to the applicant and explains the application process, and may, if needed, assist the student in attaining a diagnosis. If possible, the representative requests additional information from a doctor regarding recommendations for reasonable accommodations. The representative helps the student translate the diagnosis into English.  

3. The Special Needs Committee meets to review the application and confirm accommodations. Specific accommodations are based upon standard accommodation guidelines. If needed, the Special Needs Committee can request further information from the student regarding their diagnosis. 

4. The Special Needs Committee notifies the student and the registrar of the approved accommodations and provides rationale for the decision(s). The Special Needs Committee issues an official letter to the student regarding their accommodation.  

5. The Academic Support Coordinator meets with the student to discuss academic support (e.g., time management help, note-taking help, etc.). 

6. Each semester, the Special Needs Committee notifies the student’s instructors and advisor of the student’s accommodations. If staff/faculty have questions, they should contact the Special Needs Committee. Other staff and faculty can be informed as needed.  

7. The Committee updates the CRM with information regarding the students’ accommodations. 

8. The Committee will continue to monitor students will special needs and connect them with campus resources as needed.  

Special Needs Committee Members: Director of Student Success & Wellness, Lithuanian-speaking counselor, non-CAS/non-COD faculty member. 

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