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What is it like to study online at LCC?

The instructors use multiple ways to present the material

  • Live links to websites, journal article and other readings
  • Video lectures of your MA TESOL professor and professional seminars
  • Online study guides
  • Textbook readings
  • Audio and written feedback on your papers and projects

Assignments typically include

  • Reading assigned texts
  • Viewing videos/ listening to lectures
  • Engaging in interactive presentations
  • Completing practical project-based assignments
  • Writing essays, bibliographies, reflections, and research projects

Interaction with instructor and classmates

Synchronous and asynchronous forum discussions

Zoom / Skype sessions

Chats, Surveys

Group / partner work with classmates

Two Course Delivery Models

Blended courses
(fall term)

During the Summer Residency Sessions, you will begin two (2) courses in the classroom with your instructor and cohort. Then, you will continue and finish those courses on line, from your home. We call them “blended” because you are “blending” face to face learning with online learning. 

First year / fall semester
ENG 500 Teaching English as an international language
ENG 520 Second language acquisition theory
Second year / fall semester
ENG 610 Action research practicum
ENG 671 Research methods
Fully online courses
(spring and summer terms)

From January through July, courses are taught fully online. You will study on course at a time; each course runs 7 weeks. You will have already met your cohort in the summer, and you will be fully acclimated to the learning platform, so you can study in your own home on your own time.

First year/ spring semester
ENG 510 Linguistic theory and language teaching
ENG 540 Methods of second language pedagogy
First year / summer semester
ENG 530 Curriculum and materials Design
ENG 551 Language Assessment
ENG 580 Integrated skills practicum
Second year / spring semester
ENG 660 Program Administration
ENG 680 Thesis I: Research and proposal (12 credits)
Second year / summer semester
ENG 690 Thesis II: Writing and defense (18 credits)

Summer Residency Sessions

Each summer, the MA TESOL students gather on campus in Lithuania to study together for two (2) weeks, scheduled at the end of July to early August.

In total, students come to Lithuania three (3) times during the program:

  • Take your first steps into the program and begin your first courses
  • Return at the end of your first year to start your second year.
  • Finally, at the end of your second year, return to campus to defend your thesis and to participate in graduation

During your first Summer Residency Session, you will

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Get an orientation to campus (library, computer labs, residence halls)

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo

Learn to know your cohort group

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Attend class session with your professors, 3 hours each day

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Receive training in Moodle and other online learning resources

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Explore the beautiful city of Klaipeda and the seaside


On campus

The Balčiūnai Library includes over 41,300 volumes (24,000 titles), including scientific publications and books. You will also have access to interlibrary loan services.


The Balčiūnai library provides access to a set of online databases of journals, and eBooks. Through a “Remote Desktop Connection, full access to databases is available to you 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

You will have access to the following:

  • EBSCO Publishing, a package of thirteen (13) databases.
  • ERIC
  • Sage Journals
  • Taylor and Francis Journals
  • JSTOR Journals

Student support

We want you to succeed! So, we aim to support you throughout your studies at LCC.

Challenge and support

Instructors will both challenge you and support you to reach your learning goals

Thesis advisor

When you are writing your thesis, you will be assigned to an advisor to guide you through your research and to encourage you to publish your research.

Lifetime connections

You will become colleagues with teachers from around the globe, offering you network connections for a lifetime.


After each course, you will be able to give us feedback on the instruction; and we take your feedback seriously.

Give it a try!

Are you hesitant to make a two year commitment to a master’s degree? Take a small step now. Enroll in one class and learn what it feels like to be an online student in a master’s degree program.