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Support for Ukraine

2022 was a uniquely challenging year for all of Ukraine, including the 200 Ukrainian students currently studying at LCC.

Thanks to the generous donations of long-standing donors, partners, alumni, old and new friends we were able to make a substantial difference in the lives of many students, and we are happy to share the current status of the Ukraine Commitment Project.

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Nearly 226,000 EUR has been raised so far

  • Overall, 113 students received financial aid to meet their financial needs
  • 48 students received 100% tuition discount
  • 44 students received 100% housing discount in addition to 100% tuition discount
  • 85 students received free housing for one or more months of Summer 2022

The Future of the Ukraine Commitment Project

With the war in Ukraine still raging, the Ukraine Commitment Project remains important. We continue to receive modest donations through the fund. For 2023 the money will now be directed into our regular Financial Aid fund and will then be distributed to war-affected students through regular financial aid channels. We are inviting 50 Ukrainian students to join LCC International University this coming Fall. These students will need financial support that we are getting ready to provide. We continue to reach out to potential donors for further contributions and aim for an even greater positive impact.

Additional Initiatives

The Career Development Counselor will be providing additional support to war-affected Ukrainian students in finding employment locally and abroad through various programs.

Other Initiatives

Support for war-affected students

LCC is uniquely prepared to teach and support students who have been traumatized or otherwise adversely affected by war. Our two most prominent examples of expertise and experience in this area are:

The Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation

This LCC initiative offers opportunities for building bridges of trust, transforming relationships, and equipping communities to advance understanding and action towards peace in local and global pathways through seminars, dialogue, trainings, and action.

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The Middle East Scholars program

has been recognized by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) as an exemplary educational pathways program for war-affected students. In addition to the strong academic programs, LCC also offers all of the support elements, including psychological help, trauma support, and a pathway for these individuals coming out of war settings to start building a new life in Lithuania and beyond.

Since 2018 our program has been supported through the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Lithuania. Our program is listed on UNHCR’s webpage for educational opportunities for refugees: Currently in the program: 53 students. 16-Afghanistan, 35-Iraq, 2-Syria (as of September 2021).

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Additional Information

Contact Information

For details and further explanations, please contact: 

  • Dr. Rob Bethke, Associate VP for Advancement (Washington, USA) at 
  • Dr. Marlene Wall, LCC President (Klaipeda, Lithuania) at

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