Assisting war-affected students from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by providing an opportunity to start or continue their BA or MA education at LCC International University. An intensive English program (if needed) and supplemental support systems are a part of the scholarship package.


High-potential students from the Middle East whose opportunity for study has been disrupted by war and violence are identified as LCC works in partnership with NGOs, UN groups and humanitarian organizations in Beirut, Lebanon; Amman, Jordan; Kurdistan, Iraq and Turkey.

Admission to the program

Students can apply or be referred to the program. Every student will need to take the English Language test organized by LCC staff and undergo a personal interview.

Assisting students

from war affected countries

Intensive program

in English language


helping to start or continue BA or MA education


Small campus and tight community

“I feel safe here in Lithuania”

"My country has been through many political conflicts and wars. Every 5 or 10 years when we start feeling safe and at peace, something new comes up and ruins everything. At LCC I am a part of a small community where everyone knows each other. Here, I have everything: I am studying, I have a place to live, I have a circle of friends, and that is what I essentially need right now."

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Karam Saad Salim Aolow
Country of Origin: Iraq
Psychology major

HISTORY of the program

From Fall 2014 to Fall 2016 LCC made numerous trips to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria to build relationships with NGOs, churches, United Nations agencies in order to ensure that each prospective student would come to us as the result of a referral from a trusted entity. We tested visa pathways, identified students, visited with authorities.

Ultimately, we brought 4 Syrian students to LCC in Lithuania in Summer 2016, 9 Iraqi students and 1 Syrian student in January 2017, 4 Iraqi and 2 Afghan students in August 2017 and each semester after that. We currently have 43 full-time students from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

Application process

Submit online application

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Take English language exam

You can take the TOEFL with LCC or at any other certified center.

Attend an Interview

After we have your application and your TOEFL score, we will schedule the interview.

Submit MES need based aid application

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Get final admission and MES need based aid offer

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The future of the program


LCC will continue bringing up to 13-15 new Middle East Scholars each academic year, as part of our admissions process.

English language

The Middle East Scholar program model will continue to focus on quality English language instruction.


LCC will continue to provide appropriate transitional support, preparing students to continue their studies at LCC International University.


LCC will work with each student from the Middle East to determine financial need and seek to secure appropriate funding.

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