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Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation


As the African quote reminds us, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation seeks to engage with LCC students, staff, local and international researchers, practitioners, activists, and communities to promote and strengthen a culture of peace both locally and globally.  We invite you to join us on our journey towards building peace.

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Naomi Enns
Director, Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation

Purpose statement

LCC’s peace center, grounded in Christian faith, offers opportunities for building bridges of trust, transforming relationships, and equipping communities. The center aims to strengthen, transform, and sustain servant change agents towards the creation of a more just and peaceful world. Opportunities for gathering and growing together strengthens the LCC ethos of non-violent peacebuilding guided by 4 pillars articulated below. These pillars advance our understanding and action towards peace in local and global pathways through dialogue, trainings, and action. The Center is a catalyst for strengthening communities in nonviolent social change, generous hospitality, and holistic justice to promote the greater common good of our society.

Conflict Transformation & Resilience

We work with people to transform conflict on personal, interpersonal, community and societal levels by building bridges of trust, fostering reconciliation, and strengthening resiliency. Through respectful engagement we equip communities to live justly and nurture a sustainable peace. 

Applied Research & Dialogue

We work with students and researchers in the areas of conflict and peace studies and promote events that stimulate dialogue on critical issues that impact our world.  The goal is to invite students, international researchers, and others to connect academic research to practice.

Action, Advocacy & Awareness Raising

We challenge a culture of oppression, promote actions which pursue justice, increase understanding and engagement in human rights issues, and strengthen positive service and citizenship. We use dialogue, learning events and workshops to empower communities to live generously.

Peace, Dialogue & Trainings

We foster an awareness of the cycles of violence and provide tools to nonviolently engage conflict, oppression, and trauma. We use human encounters to transform relationships, expand our understanding and actions toward peace, and nurture health and healing towards a more just and peaceful world.

News and Events

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What does Peace Look Like For You?


On Monday, September 19th LCC began a week of international peace day events, the opening of which was the Peace Days Photo Gallery. The gallery touched many students' hearts and was very topical with the multiple wars and conflicts that have started in the past 6 months. The LCC community was invited to submit photos they had taken that represent what peace looks like for them in the world, all of which were displayed in a gallery where the community was encouraged to vote on the photos that touched them the most. The submissions were extremely thought provoking and full of emotion, particularly the submissions by students coming from countries currently at war.Conversations I had with audience members ventured into deep themes about what peace might look like in the places we have been or live in; Other conversations they had amongst themselves revolved around transforming conflicts, trauma and ways of building community through the sharing of perspectives.The gallery was very well received by the LCC community. Both students and faculty came for its opening on Monday evening and stayed until its closing. Almost every attendee voted on the photo submissions and shared comments on how the display influenced their emotions. I had personally suspected some attendees to have come for free snacks and beverages but after conversing with them I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged everyone had become with the photography. They had a deep reaction to the gallery, either because of one or two pieces specifically or because of the atmosphere created by all of the submissions combined. Conversations I had with audience members ventured into deep themes about what peace might look like in the places we have been or live in; Other conversations they had amongst themselves revolved around transforming conflicts, trauma and ways of building community through the sharing of perspectives. There was a sense of therapeutic release and calm both in the expression coming from the display and from the audience, many of whom appeared to have built up emotion and tension inside of themselves that wanted to be expressed and shared.One of the winners, Johannes Nitt remarked how “peace was like a river”- one where “the fog makes it difficult to see at times” .The winners were honored on Friday evening during “Bridging Borders & Journeys of Resilience”, the closing event for International Peace Week at LCC. All submissions were lovingly displayed on the wall behind the speakers for the whole evening, making it a very provoking display to look up at while hearing stories from students and reflecting on peace as a community. One of the winners, Johannes Nitt remarked how “peace was like a river”- one where “the fog makes it difficult to see at times” . I am very satisfied with the event's turnout and I hope LCC will come together again soon in the future to connect with each other through artforms that can help express complex emotions and ideas inside them.Winner : Johannes Nitt with photo “Peace like a River” 

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Soil, Soul, and Seeds: Gardening as our Human Vocation


Article by Nata Asatiani, The Centre of Dialogue and Conflict Transformation InternAs a new fall semester began, LCC’s Center for Dialogue and Conflict Transformation (Peace Center) and Campus Ministries hosted its first Public Theology Forum focusing on how hospitality grows out of gardening.  Forty-four students and staff gathered at LCC’s Community Garden site next to Enns dormitory on a beautiful sunny Tuesday, the 7th of September. The event reminded us of the mysteries of germination, growth, decay, and the gifts that the earth provides, and our need as humans to respect the land.  Participants were invited to practice hospitality just as the soil is hospitable to us. Passing around a bowl of compost from garden waste, Douglas Enns reminded us that as earthlings we all come from the earth and our first mandate was to till and care for the earth – to be gardeners. He wondered how we might nurture our relationship with the soil, care for our souls and sow seeds of peace for a sustainable future. We were challenged to see how the garden provides all of us a way to grow into nurturers, protectors, and celebrators of life. This was a fall celebration of being thankful for our existence and for the food creation offers us. Hence, we harvested, prepared, and shared LCC Community Garden vegetables for a communal picnic lunch - grilling vegan food from nature’s goodness.In gratitude for the garden produce, we joined our voices in a meal grace for our communal feast. Nata Asatiani commented that this was “a nice gathering, where the organic food was served including a kale Greek salad and hummus along with grilled vegetables.”Public Theology Forum exists to invite our diverse community - a cultural and religious mosaic - into a conversation, moving toward reconciliation and transformation in our lives together and for society, as we seek to foster understanding and offer time for dialogues that heal divisions, strengthen relationships, and help us be a community of faith embracing diversity.

Conference "Stories shaping peace"

March 16-19, 2022

Our opening conference will offer 3 strands of critical thinking on the theme of Narratives, the place of storytelling, and their role in healing and building a democratic society. By engaging holistically with our heads, hearts, and hands we will nurture our walk together towards peace.

*COVID-19 Note: Presently the conference is planned to be fully on site and in person at LCC International University.

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