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If you believe that education positively changes lives, if you are an advocate of cultural diversity and if you promote multiculturalism, LCC’s MA TESOL degree is for you.

At LCC International University we believe that education transforms lives. Our mission statement shouts that LCC “transforms people.” Because of an educational experience, students will inevitably change; they develop new or different skills or ideas because of a positive educational experience. Teachers walk alongside students to witness their transformation. Learning is not easy or simple; it can be a struggle. If you want to have a front row seat watching people transform positively, be a teacher.

Our world is full of wonderful unique cultures and people groups. If we all wore the same clothes, spoke the same language, and ate the same foods, the world would be bland.  But instead, we find unique cultures, in specific regions in each country with unique languages (over 6,000!), unique foods, and unique values. We can find commonalities across cultures; we can grow from hearing other viewpoints. If you believe that all cultures can live together in harmony on this grand planet, respecting and considering our multicultural differences, be a teacher in a multicultural classroom. 

No language is better than another language. However, we need a common language to communicate internationally. For several reasons, English has become one of the most popular languages of cross-cultural communication. English is used at the United Nations, the Olympic games, and the World Health Organization, just to name a few. Non-native English speakers learn English to solve problems, to collaborate on research, to create international agreements, and to play games. If you want to contribute to a world of international communication, be an English teacher in a multicultural classroom.

At LCC International University, our MA TESOL degree puts you in a position to walk alongside multicultural students as their language skills are transformed to communicate internationally. If you believe this, join our team of professors and students in our program.

Author: Robin Gingerich, Ph.D., MA TESOL Program Director at LCC International University.

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