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Gingerich, Ph.D.

Department Chair/ MA TESOL Program Director/ Associate Professor

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2008

Key Areas

  • Curriculum development, teacher knowledge, and TESOL methods


Dr. Robin Gingerich is an associate professor at LCC International University in Lithuania. She currently chairs the English Department, which includes a MA program in TESOL, a BA program in English, and an intensive English program (PRIME). She also teaches TESOL courses, and writing courses in the BA program and the PRIME program. Robin has given professional development workshops for English teachers in Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Turkey, Estonia, and Congo. Her specialization is curriculum development, teacher knowledge, and TESOL methods.


Wisdom from experience – thoughts from Stevick Award winners.

LCC author(s): Robin Gingerich, Ph.D.

Other author(s): Lewis, M., Pasquale, M., Barnhouse, K., & Wong, M.

International journal of Christianity and English language teaching (IJC&ELT), 9(1), p. 65-76., 2022.