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Holistic Approach

We believe that learning and character development happens in all areas of life: inside and outside of the classroom.

At LCC you will have a chance to actively experience community through everyday living and learning, intentional programming, cross-cultural communication, and worship.

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Student-Led Initiatives


Student Life Programs

“Most memorable experiences”

"Student years carry the most memorable experiences. Student Life staff is here to walk alongside you in this exciting journey of discoveries. We care about your success, personal growth, well-being, and future. We are here to help you explore the world and LCC!"

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Margarita Pavlovič
Student Life VP

Living and learning together

Our campus housing is more than a place to sleep. It's a vibrant learning community where students from many cultures share life together. As a resident you will make friends who last forever and be part of many meaningful activities and programs. You will learn:

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Healthy Lifestyle

Staying well physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

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Better Communication

Learning how to communicate effectively and resolve challenges constructively.

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Appreciate Diversity

Becoming more familiar with students from around the world, sharing traditions, food, and life together. 

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Doing your part to make the residence halls great places to live.

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Connecting Cultures

We are an international community with students from over 40 countries. We celebrate this diversity while helping students to develop their personal identities, which have been shaped by culture.

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Independence Day Celebrations

Every student has the opportunity to share their culture with the greater LCC community through an “Independence Day” celebration. Students lead their peers in a presentation about their country’s history, traditions, national dances, music and, of course, food. 

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Intercultural Events

Whether it is showcasing your country’s culture through art, performances, or games, we find ways to cultivate a community that honors the multicultural environment LCC represents.  

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Join us on an intercultural trip - every year we explore a different city in the region. Also, the location of Lithuania makes it an easy place to explore other places in Europe with your friends. 

Exploring the Christian Faith

LCC provides opportunities to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, to grow in faith, and to experience the transforming nature of Christian community.

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Campus Worship

Gather with the LCC community for a weekly chapel service for rest, worship and discovery. 

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Engaging Programs

Students from all years and majors join the Spiritual Life retreat every semester for a day of connection, learning about God, and enjoying good food. At Alpha, students share a homemade meal together while they watch and discuss a film series that examines the beliefs of Christianity and important life questions. 

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Deepening Faith

Several opportunities exist across the LCC community to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, gather for prayer, and discuss other topics related to Christian faith. 

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Going Beyond

Impact our local and global community through service and justice by participating in a campaign against modern-day slavery, collecting and distributing gifts to local families at Christmas, or helping lead a camp for 5th graders in Vilnius. 

Be a Leader. Make A Difference.

We provide opportunities for student leadership development as they work together with teammates and mentors to make positive social change. We offer 9 programs that promote equity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service in the context of the diverse environment of our university.

Leadership Excelence awards

Student Success

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Individual Counseling

Our Professional Counselor provides support and short-term counseling as well as referral services to assist students with resolution of personal issues and crises that may be interfering with their academic success and impact personal well-being.

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Career Planning

Choosing the right career is an important decision. To help develop your career planning skills, we organize workshops and field trips as well as provide individual career counseling to students of any year.

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Employment Assistance

Whether it’s a summer job or full-time employment after graduation, our Career Center provides students with assistance and resources for a successful transition to the real world. 

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Academic support

Our Success Center staff will help you get integrated into university life through freshmen orientation, first year seminar, individual support, and tutoring. 

Health & Fitness

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Fitness Center

Take advantage of an on-site fitness center with modern equipment and generous working hours. Get and stay in shape with the motivation and support of the community. 

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Join student-let practices or games: from football and volleyball to basketball and rugby. Friendly and open to all skill levels.

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Football Team

One of the student initiatives to promote sportsmanship, strong sense of togetherness and cooperation.

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Active Lifestyle

Join student-led zumba, cheerleading, or dance classes to keep in shape. 

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Professional Basketball Team

Proudly represents LCC in student, regional, national, and international leagues. Read more about professional sports at LCC.

Your voice matters

Student council welcomes students who have the desire to promote self-expression, creativity, civic participation and improve the overall student environment.

Student council
  • Represents students in LCC & Union committees
  • Participates in shaping university policies
  • Coordinates volunteering efforts
  • Organizes events and coordinates student clubs  
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19 clubs

Yearly student initiatives

8-10 events

Pop-up events every year

Driving classes

On-campus driving classes


Representing students on all levels

“Connections and new opportunities”

"As the Student Council of LCC, we seek to not only represent the student body, but to be a link between the students and the rest of the staff, faculty, and outside communities. This year, Student Council has added a new position, for “external relations & off-campus event coordinator,” which will strengthen the bonds between LCC and Klaipėda. We are planning on creating more events, both on and off-campus, such as dances, music nights, sport events, picnics on the beach (weather permitting), among others. As the president of this year’s Student Council, I’m looking forwards to this coming year and excited to see what we can improve!"  

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Amy Duckworth
Student Council President 2019-2020

Staff and Faculty

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