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Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life Department at LCC provides students with opportunities to develop in their understanding of the Christian faith and to experience the transforming nature of Christian community. LCC students come from Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant traditions, so our programming seeks to nurture the faith of those from different Christian traditions, while also offering space for all students to explore the Christian faith.

Three images we use to articulate the Christian faith are Community, Cross, and New Creation.


God exists in community through the trinity and invites us to join that community with God and each other. Through community we love one another and encourage one another towards growth in Christ. An example of coming together as a community is the weekly chapel service, where staff, faculty, and students gather for worship and fellowship. Other communal activities include Bible studies, student-led prayer and worship nights, community dinners, and so much more, all with the goal of encountering God’s love and extending it to others.


In Scripture, the cross is both the way Jesus Christ offered forgiveness and the image that Jesus used to teach discipleship to his followers. Through Jesus’ death on the cross, he restored our relationship with God. Jesus also called his disciples to carry their cross, to use their lives to serve God and the people around them. At LCC, we joyfully acknowledge our forgiveness and life through Jesus, and we actively seek to serve God through our work, studies, and recreation.

New Creation

With the resurrection of Jesus, God began the work of renewing and transforming the creation. God’s Spirit is at work in the world, shaping it into the place of beauty and love that God desires it to be. As followers of Jesus, transformed and made new by Christ, we join God’s work of restoring the world and bringing God’s kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.

In light of this calling, we teach our students to pursue a life that is free from the entanglements of sin and a vocation that promotes Christian hope in the world. We strive to model this message of freedom and hope by being a community rooted in Scripture and united in prayer. And we encourage one another in using our time, talents, and resources to work for God’s kingdom here and now.

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