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About student council

As a student at LCC, you automatically become a member of the Student’s General Assembly. The Student Assembly is a democratic, student led and independent organisation here to represent, support and enhance the lives of the students.

Each year students elect Student Council members for one year term that work cooperatively to:   

  • Promote the rights of students and work with on issues that directly affect student educational experience
  • Represent students on President’s cabinet, Academic Council, and the Board of Directors
  • Help students build leadership skills through providing support to student led initiatives, student clubs, and student organisations 
  • Liaise with other student councils in Lithuania as well as Lithuanian Student Union (LSS)
  • Organize events and  programs that enrich students еxperience

Email of you have any questions or suggestions. 


Elections usually happen throughout the month of March, beginning with two weeks of campaigns (candidates make posters, advertise themselves on social media, etc.), and end with debates, followed by two days of voting. The debates are a couple hours long, enough time for each candidate to explain why he/she is the best fit for this position, and an opportunity for them to share some of their goals and visions with students. 

*Information for Elections for the year 2020-2021 will be posted in January.

Meet the StuCo

Sevara Khaitmetova - President
  • Representation of LCC student body to the external and internal stakeholders.
  • Overseeing all activities of StuCo
  • Participation in the following meetings: Academic Council, CAS, COD
  • Leading weekly StuCo meetings
Emma McDonald - Event Coordinator
  • Create and coordinate events happening on campus
  • Communicate with different offices and faculties in charge of reservations, calendars, equipment, etc.
  • Plan a minimum of three events per semester; conceptualize the design of events, decorat, and buy food and supplies for events
Polina Lynova - Club Coordinator
  • Keep track of all clubs on campus (make sure they’re all registered)
  • Answer questions regarding clubs/procedures, giving suggestions, finding information that they need, giving ideas for different projects/events/etc.
  • Make sure that clubs receive appropriate funding, if needed (work with Treasurer)
Anastasia Chernous - External Relations and Off-Campus Events
  • Manage contact with student bodies and unions outside of LCC (Klaipeda University, KUSS, KLAS, etc.)
  • Organize events in collaboration with bodies above
  • Organize events and activities for students off-campus
Mateo Lamnije - Vice President
  • Represent student body on Academic Council 
  • Engagement in StuCo matters and events
  • StuCo documentation management
Vladyslava Vertogradska - Marketing Director
  • Promote opportunities and events offered by Student Council;
  • Create visual and written materials for promotion (posters, invitations, social media posts);
  • Manage social media accounts of Student Council (currently Facebook only)
Anna Repina - Treasurer
  • Managing the financial activities and update the statements;
  • Cooperate with Events coordinator on planning events;
  • Participate in the team brainstorming activities.
Skaiste Venckute - LSS/LSIC
  • Coordinates LSIC (Lietuvos Studentų Pažymėjimas) issue
  • Maintains connections to Lithuanian Student Union (LSS) which is an organization that unites all of Lithuanian higher education institutions
  • Corresponds with Lietuvos Registrų Centras and maintains organisations’ legal documents
  • Maintains partnerships with other social, academic, and business organisations

Student Clubs

Have at least 2 members on the management team
Have a club leader (and an advisor from faculty or staff for category 1 clubs)
Have regular meetings
Attend club leader meetings organized by Student Council
Write an activity report once a semester
Be listed on LCC Portal
Use Student leader lounge for club meetings
Use LCC facilities, equipment free of charge
Advertise its activities and events through official LCC channels (social media, email, posters, etc.)

Club Registration Process and Timeline

  • Club registration form must be submitted by the 10th of every month
  • Committee informs the organization if it has been approved or not recommended by the 15th of every month
Register a club

Improvisation Club is a theater form that allows a person to act without a script, and create characters and scenarios on their own. In this club we discover short form improv - based on humorous games.


The club focuses on serving Klaipeda community, networking, building leadership skills through various servant projects and events. However, the club meetings are not open, thus if someone wants to enter/join they must contact Gintarė Čemerkaitė (the HR) or Šarlotė Bartašiūtė.


TIme: 6.30PM-7.30PM

Location: DF105

Contact: Tracy Haney (

Dancing Zumba and exploring ourselves while having fun

Description: Getting to know Japanese and Korean cultures.

  • Time: MON 6PM-8PM
  • Location: DF104
  • Contact: Gabriele Malukaite ( 

The club raises awareness team about human trafficking both through activities on our campus and in the Klaipeda community. We will be talking about various types of human trafficking and intersectionality that creates an environment for it to occur in. The hope is that we all know about human trafficking and various ways we can discourage it personally and in our countries.

  • Time: Thursday, 7 PM 
  • Location: - Defehr, 012 
  • Contact: Nino Davitashvili

The art club is designed to help to open creativity in their hearts and minds, gather creative individuals together, and create the atmosphere of joy and unity. We believe that every person is an artist who needs support to open his or her talent. People can try new artistic techniques or suggest their own activity they are willing to teach others.

The Habits club invites people of different worldviews to share their concern and love for nature, animals and human flourishing. Our mission is to transform LCC campus into an environmentally sustainable community by sharing our passion and inspiring others. We plan to do this by increasing environmental awareness and providing opportunities for more sustainable life on campus. We are brainstorming and planning events which would inspire people to adopt green habits such as showcasing beautifully made documentaries about the relationship between animals, the natural world and humanity, or artsy workshops on making your own tote bags, etc.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, which was created in the 16th century by the slaves brought from Africa to Brazil to work in plantations. At its essence, it was born as a fight for freedom, slaves would gather after the long days of work and play music, sing, and dance. However, hidden behind different movements, they were actually training to become strong, defend from the beatings of the masters and eventually fight for freedom. It developed over the years in Brazil and first was illegal as it was used by criminals in the streets, but in the 20th century it was systematized by masters and became a national sport of Brazil. Presently, it has spread all over the world and is a dynamic, fun, multidimensional martial art.  Everyone is welcome to come and try it! 

Drama club is aimed at presenting students with acting and speech techniques through various in-club activities. The main goal of a club is to present a play at the end of the semester with the help of the techniques and weekly practicing.

The goal of the Esperanto club is to teach members how to speak and read the language of Esperanto, to appreciate it and be able to communicate with the international community. Club activities will be centered around fun learning games and speaking activities. The hope is to have all members reach a level of skill where they feel comfortable speaking in the language.

Weekly club that meets to play a role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. It is a cooperative, tabletop game that has features of improve.

  • Time: not specific (please contact one of the leaders)
  • Location: not specific (please contact one of the leaders) 
  • Contact: Justin Sandberg (, Jonas Krakauskas (, William Dyer (

Friends' Table is a club designed on the objective of developing team-building among LCC students. The name of the club derived from my and club's co-founders desire to design the latter on the freedom of choice when it comes to topics. We created Friends' Table as a non-academic community, where students will feel very comfortable, like they are with their friends. We believe, it assists every person to disclose their real selves, talk about their interests, concerns, hobbies. The topic of discussion is brought to the table by the students. It may very from Climate Change to The Beatles and so on- any appropriate topic that genuinely takes students' attention. Besides, important part of the club is team-building games. 

  • Time: Wednesday 7 PM 
  • Location: DF 103
  • Contact: Nino Davitashvili 

The Yearbook club is supported by the Communications department and undertakes the Yearbook Project. 

Contact: Sofia Rukhadze

We are a group of young female leaders who find the availability of quality education for young females with potential very inspiring. We are passionate about knowledge, speaking up and discussing the external and internal issues a female might face on the way to becoming a leader. 

  • No weekly meetings Contact: Yuliia Rusianovska, 

This club is a student media platform where student voice their concerns, share opinions, develop their journalistic skills in both multimedia and written mediums, and, most importantly, bring the most interesting stories of campus life into the light. 

  • Time: 12:00 PM Thursda
  • Location: Room 12
  • Contact: Mariia Lysikova, 

The club meets to discuss literature of every genre and its adaptations, share our favorite characters, main topics,cinematography, directing, performances ,etc.  Snacks like chocolate and cookies will always be provided.

  • Time: 5:00-5:40 PM
  • Location: DF 103
  • Contact: Mariam Gabunia, 

The goals of our club are:  to give space for students with passion for dancing, to improve their skills,  to give more opportunities for our students to become better versions of themselves and to promote healthy lifestyle culture, to help LCC community with various events from academics- to arts-related activities. The activities of our club: 

- teaching people to dance - improving already acquired dancing skills - staging performances - which is our central activity that includes: - learning dance routines (various types and kinds) - working out - stretching 

  • Time/Location: Tuesday - Kaminskiene Auditorium 7:00 PM, Thursday -Neufeld Auditorium at 8:00 PM, and Saturday - МС lobby 3:00 PM
  • Contact: Kateryna Hlova, 

Volunteering in orphanages, schools and autism center. Playing, spending time with kids by using art therapy. Goal is that support kids and help them to learn how to control emotions and show them friends support. 

  • Time: to find time for each gathering contact Zakaria Tchikadz
  • Location: Neumann Lobby
  • Contact: Zakaria Tchikadze 


LSIC (LSP is the official Lithuanian student cerd), a proof of your student status in Lithuania. LSIC also gives you the right to use public transport discounts and various student-only discounts throughout Lithuania and abroad. Full-time and part-time students with LSP participate in a discount program that allows them to enjoy discounts on shopping, entertainment and various services throughout Lithuania.

Students can order a new LSIC by filling the registration form on webpage. Order is confirmed once the registration form is printed. LSIC is made in 14 work days after order confirmation. LSIC is delivered to a chosen bank branch. In order to receive the card student has to pay the set amount and to sign the card issue form. Student has to return LSIC to higher education institution’s LSIC coordinator upon graduation/withdrawal from University. Email Skaiste Venckute if you have questions.