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Your international Talent Pool

Potential hires

Talent acquisition is a major challenge across industries. The best way to solve this challenge is creating relationships with future hires while they are still at a University. By engaging with university students, you gain access to a large pool of potential hires before the rest of the market does.

Ways to connect

Through in-class presentations, networking events, mentorship, and more, you will create brand recognition and pre-select talented graduates. You can even begin preparing graduates for work in your industry through join research and internships.


All students have fluent in English and usually speak two other languages. Unique languages include Arabic, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, German, and Spanish. All international students take at least two introductory Lithuanian language classes.

North American

education style

Liberal Arts



undergraduate students


all classes taught in English


Programs of study

Our students study one of six majors

  • International Business Administration – 34%
  • Contemporary Communication – 27%
  • Psychology – 17%
  • International Relations and Development – 15%
  • English Language and Literature – 6%
  • Theology – 1%

Ways to engage with LCC students

Join our lectures

share your expertise by speaking at our lectures and position your company as industry experts.

Hire interns

take advantage of the opportunity to preselect potential employees through work at your company.

Mentor students

guide students in their approach to professional development and ensure they are fit for your company culture.

Impact academic curriculum

looking for a specific skillset across all new hires? collaborate with the LCC faculty to develop new academic modules to develop desirable competencies among students and fresh graduates.

Work-related learning

engage with the talent pool by providing real case studies, projects, and arranging study visits.

Organize workshops

organize active workshops to share skills based on real industry scenarios.

Facilitate research

take advantage of the opportunity to make informed decisions through research about your industry done by students or faculty.

Consider scholarships and sponsorship

support top students directly or through named scholarships to ensure maximum presence and impact on LCC campus.


For more information, please contact the appropriate offices:

Career Development Center

Career, Employment, Practicum, Workshops, Field trips, Mentoring


Research, Academic partnerships, Guest lectures


Scholarships, Sponsorship and LCC Alumni


Cybersecurity and Language Courses