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Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria

The criteria for selection

  • Any graduate of LCC International University who graduated from LCC at least 5 years ago is eligible for the Distinguished Alumni Award. The Young Distinguished Alumni Award is given to an alum who has graduated more than 5 years but no more than 10 years ago. (Alumni are those persons who have received a degree from LCC.)
  • The “significant contribution” of the recipient may be in any field. The Selection Committee determines the nature of the contribution and the extent to which it is worthy of recognition.
  • The person selected for the award should demonstrate the characteristics that encompass LCC’s mission and vision.
  • The Selection Committee presents its recommendation to President’s Cabinet for approval.
  • Once the Selection Committee has made its recommendation to the President’s Cabinet, the information is considered confidential until such time as LCC finds it appropriate to be made public.

The Selection Commitee

The selection of the recipient for the award is made by a Selection Committee composed of the following members:  

  • The President of LCC
  • Alumni Director
  • Two members of the faculty appointed by the Academic Council
  • Two members of the staff appointed by President’s Cabinet
  • The faculty and staff members of the committee serve for a period of two years
  • Faculty or staff members who are also LCC alumni are ineligible for the award while serving on the Selection Committee.

The Nominating Process

  • LCC alumni, current LCC faculty and staff, former LCC faculty and staff, or members of the LCC Board of Directors are qualified to submit nominations.
  • Nominations should state clearly the reasons for the nomination based upon The Criteria for Selection stated above.
  • Nominations may be submitted online.

The Presentation of Awards

  • LCC normally presents the Distinguished Alumni Award at Commencement. For a special occasion or under unusual circumstances, the university could present an award at a time other than Commencement. However, frequency of presentation should never diminish the honor of the award.
  • If, in the view of the Selection Committee, no nominee merits recommendation for the award in a given year, the committee is not compelled to make a recommendation.
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