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Assistant Professor

From: Lithuania

At LCC Since: 2002


Gina Levickienė is as assistant professor in the department of Psychology at LCC International University. Having graduated from LCC with a BA in English, she continued her education with a BA in Psychology from Klaipėda University and MA in Mental Health Counseling from Regent University, VA, USA. Gina further finished a postgraduate program in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a postgraduate program in Mindfulness based psychological interventions from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Besides teaching Gina provides individual psychotherapy to adults and runs Mindfulness based stress reduction program for groups in the local community and organizations. 


“Attitudes toward professional psychological help-seeking, perceived emotional intelligence, and prior help-seeking experience among students in Lithuania“.

LCC author(s): Gina Levickienė

Other author(s): Gečaitė, J., Mickuvienė, N.

Biologinė psichiatrija ir psichofarmakologija, 18(2), 76-80. , 2016.