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The Summer Language Institute (SLI) is a three-week intensive English program at LCC International University (LCC) that provides students with a wide range of English abilities the opportunity to study English with native English speakers. The majority of the students are from 15-18 year old and come from more than 20 countries. LCC International University has distinguished itself in the region by utilizing a holistic approach to education where learning both inside and outside the classroom is valued and intentionally structured. For this reason, during the Summer Language Institute, special programming is carried out in the Residence Halls by the Residence Life staff. 

Academic program

SLI provides high-quality English language instruction at every level. Teachers are experienced and qualified, whether as English language teachers or in another area. Teachers could be assigned to teach either morning integrated skills classes or afternoon skills- or content-based classes. Each teaching assignment involves 3 hours/day in the classroom. Course descriptions and resources are available, but teachers may also provide their own ideas and materials. A small number of practicum opportunities are available as well.

Co-Curricular Program

The Residence Life program during the Summer Language Institute provides a true feel for LCC’s diverse and dynamic environment. The goal of the Residence Life program is to create a safe and inclusive living environment where students can develop relationships and a sense of community, deepen their understanding of other cultures, learn to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, and develop their personalities. The program is an integral part of this unique learning experience.  Outside of the classroom, co-curricular activities are scheduled for late afternoons (after 4:00 p.m.), and/or evenings. Specific offerings will be determined by staff qualifications and student interest. Possible activities include all-school barbecue night, sports, instrumental or vocal music groups, talent night, and table games.  The Chaplain will coordinate Bible studies, discussion groups, and worship services.

The Residence Halls

Residence Life professional staff assumes responsibility for their designated hall/floor and are also seen as leaders on campus. Neumann Hall is located on campus and provides housing for SLI students and ResLife staff.  Each student room has a bed, desk, and closet space for 4-5 students in addition to the bathroom and common areas. The halls have a kitchen on each floor, and there are several lounges and a laundry room. Other rooms available for student use are the study rooms, computer labs, game rooms, and a chapel/prayer room.

Residence Life staff


Our students live in our campus residence halls for three weeks. The Director of Community Life (DCL) oversees the life in the residence halls, recruits and trains SLI RDs and RAs, ensures a safe and comfortable learning environment and deals with emergency and crisis situations. The DCL mentors the RDs and provides advice on dealing with conduct violations. The DCL leads the Residence Life team.


Resident Directors (RDs) oversee the halls, supervise Resident Assistants, organize campus activities in the evenings, mentor RAs on an individual basis, provide mature leadership for living standards and navigate discipline issues with students. The Resident Directors work directly with the Residence Life team.


Resident Assistants (RAs) manage orientation to residence life, lead campus activities in the evenings, provide mature leadership for living standards, and navigate discipline issues with students. The Resident Assistants work directly with the Student Life team.


The work of the Spiritual Formation Coordinator (SFC)/Chaplain begins long before SLI. In dialogue with the teachers or assistants, SFC assigns leaders and themes for discussion groups and plans a bi-weekly worship time for students. The SFC works directly with the Residence Life team and the SLI Director.

Timeline of Application – Summer 2024

We fill our vacancies on a rolling basis. We will be looking for 2 Resident Directors and 8-10 Resident Assistants, Director of Community Life as well as a Chaplain for our team this year. The timeline for application processing is presented below.

Vacancies posted October – December
Applications reviewed, interviews scheduled, offers sent out January – April
Arrival to Vilnius or Palanga (preferably before 4 p.m.) Monday, July 1 (preferably before 4 p.m.)
Training and Orientation July 2-5
Student arrivals July 6
Classes and co-curricular programming July 8-26
Staff departures July 28

How to apply?

Please visit the Current Openings section of our website. We will be in contact with you with information about next steps.


Teachers should have at least a BA degree, preferably in TESOL, education, or a related field. Teaching assistant and practicum students may be currently studying at the bachelor’s or master’s level. LCC requires that Resident Directors have a minimum of a BA degree, preferably in any of the following areas: student development, residence life, higher education, counseling, etc. or have substantial experience with youth camps and youth programs.  RAs can be current BA students; experience in ResLife and/or youth work is preferred, must have completed a minimum of two years of college.


All SLI staff pay for their flight to Lithuania.  Resident Directors will have a separate fully furnished apartment free of charge. Resident Assistants will get free housing in the student rooms. LCC also provides airport pick up upon arrival, orientation sessions, and working materials. We also provide bedding and dishes. The cost of living in Lithuania is not very high. You can check for grocery prices here.

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