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There are plenty of jobs out there!


Do you love helping people?  

Do you believe that education can empower people?  

Do you have teaching experience?  

Are you interested in learning more about other cultures on a firsthand basis?  

Are you interested in traveling or living in another country?  

Do you enjoy creating a welcoming atmosphere for people to thrive?  

If you answered YES to these questions, you might consider becoming an English teacher. After a quick internet search, you find hundreds of schools or programs around the world that are looking for English teachers.  

BUT. And this is important. Not everyone who speaks English can teach English. Consider this. Just because you can dance, does not mean that you can teach someone how to dance. It’s the same with language teaching.  

The GOOD NEWS is that you can learn to teach English. Before you launch into your first English teaching job, take a course, get some training, and learn from experts. There are online courses, and face-to-face courses. There are expensive courses; there are cheap courses. If you have teaching experience in any field, teaching English may come easy for you.  

Of course, we think that the best course for preparing you to teach English is LCC International University’s MA TESOL program. 

Once you have completed your training, the world is yours!  

After a quick search online for jobs teaching English, this is what I found: boosts 262 job ads for English teachers on their website. 

British Council lists 54 job opportunities for English teachers in places like Bratislava, Cairo, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Casablanca. 

The TESOL International Career Center currently has 722 jobs for English teachers in places like Taiwan, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Turkey, and Ireland. 

If you are interested in agencies with a Christian mission, I strongly suggest that you consider English Language Institute of China (ELIC). They have positions in China, Mongolia, Iraq, Jordan, Thailand, and Morocco, just to name a few. Their support teams and training help teachers to be successful instructors. 

TeachBeyond is another respected, Christian agency with jobs for not only English teachers but also jobs for subject teachers in K-12 settings. They reach students in 64 countries, impacting schools with transformational education. 

Consider a job teaching English. It will both challenge and delight your sense of adventure. Discover new cultures and meet amazingly motivated students.

Author: Robin Gingerich, Ph.D., MA TESOL Program Director at LCC International University.

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