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MA TESOL graduate Luan Chau


Research is the name of the game for MA TESOL graduate Luan Chau. Originally from Vietnam, Luan’s goal is to become a research and development director. Early in his career, he assisted in the foundation of Vietnam’s Association for Research and Methodology

To begin his academic journey in Europe, Luan earned a master’s degree in Philosophy of Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology before enrolling in LCC’s MA TESOL program.

Throughout his time at LCC, Luan was an extraordinarily successful student, earning high marks and doing excellent coursework. He completed his TESOL practicum teaching at the Summer Language Institute on LCC’s campus. His MA TESOL thesis was Information Literacy and Source Text Use Strategies in Academic Source-based Writing; An Investigation of Two First-Year Second Language Writers.

While studying at LCC, Luan continued to pursue his interest in research of language teaching in Vietnam. Luan researched the intersection of language teaching and critical thinking. After MA TESOL courses in Curriculum and Design, Second Language Acquisition, and Research Methods, Luan authored an article in partnership with LCC MA TESOL associate professor Dr. Aliel Cunningham. Their article, titled Thinking Outside the Box (Below and Above it, Too): Perspectives toward critical thinking in TESOL in Vietnam, was published in the Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics in spring 2021.

His LCC MA TESOL diploma was his ticket to yet another graduate program. After graduation, Luan immediately enrolled as PhD student in the Cognitive Linguistics Program at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Luan’s connection with LCC did not end when he enrolled at University of Antwerp. In pursuit of his dissertation research, Luan is currently partnering with his former MA TESOL thesis advisor, Dr. Doreen Ewert. Dr. Ewert is a professor at the University of San Fransisco, USA. From September 2022 through summer 2023, Luan and Dr. Ewert are working together on a comprehensive investigation of source-based writing processes of undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in English. The hope is to unpack the complexity of students’ processes as they complete source-based writing tasks. With the hope of facilitating students’ writing process, the research team hopes to articulate the cognitive and psychological processes that underlie the source-based writing process for non-native English-speaking students. Luan and his colleagues consider the multilingual and multicultural aspects of learning to write academically.

We wish Luan all the best as he pursues his research dreams.

Author: Robin Gingerich, Ph.D., MA TESOL Program Director at LCC International University.

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