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In Gratitude of Networking


Networking is “in.” Be connected. Make contacts. Share ideas. Communicate and collaborate. The popular Disney ride “it’s a small world after all” is easy and an earworm for me!

The COVID pandemic launched us all into a new mode of increased intensity of online networking. Like you, I want to stay connected with everyone in my area of professional development. It is rewarding for me to communicate and share ideas with other teachers and teacher educators.

However, it is tough to juggle all the networking that I would like to do with the important networking that I must do. Like all projects, I need to sort out my priorities. Who should I connect with today? Which organizations will I contribute to, and which organizations will I learn from?

I will suggest three reasons to have a sense of gratitude for networking.


I will suggest three reasons why networking creates a “small world.”

I find encouragement in networking when I have opportunities to meet real people engaged in similar challenges that I have. I learn from them that my struggles are normal. I am encouraged that they spend time on some of the same weekly tasks that I do.

I learn a great deal of valuable information by networking with professionals. I read research articles that I can refer to in my teaching. I can attend a conference session and take away pages of notes. I can utilize these notes and my new knowledge, to make data-driven or research-proven decisions in my own practical work.

I make acquaintances who become personal friends through networking. I remember real conversations with professional colleagues for years afterward. We can build on our common personal experiences at conferences or Zoom calls and offer personal support when needed.

Through networking, I find encouragement, and I learn, and I make personal friends. My favorite professional network is the Christian English Language Educators Association (CELEA). I have found much encouragement from other language program administrators, and I am a better administrator because of it. I have learned from their newsletters and conferences. I have made personal friends through CELEA.

When we connect and learn about mutual friends or organizations, we say “Surprise! It’s a small world after all!”

Photo: Taken at LCC International University; in the summer of 2022.

Dr. David Broersma, current professor @ LCC; past president of CELEA

Dr. Geraldine Ryan, current associate professor @ LCC; past president of CELEA

Dr. Michael Westwood, current professor @ LCC; current president of CELEA

Dr. Doreen Ewert, current professor @ LCC

Dr. Robin Gingerich, past member of CELEA board, winner of the Earl Stevick Award from CELEA

Author: Robin Gingerich, Ph.D., MA TESOL Program Director at LCC International University.

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