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Intensive Lithuanian language and culture courses

for Ukrainian citizens

We are glad to offer intensive Lithuanian language courses during which the students will learn key words and phrases that will help them to have simple conversations at work, in a shop or in other settings. The courses are intended for Ukrainian citizens who are adult participants of educational institutions: learners, students, teachers, lecturers or researchers who arrived in Lithuania after 2022-02-24 due to the military actions in Ukraine and who want to acquire the fundamentals of the Lithuanian language and to get to know Lithuania and its culture better.

The teaching methodology

Various teaching methods are used during the course: listening, speaking, reading and writing texts, performing grammar tasks, listening and watching audio and video materials, reading and creating dialogues, learning words and useful phrases, reading and creating short texts, listening to presentations and preparing short presentations.

Intensive learning

100 Academic hours

For Adults

Courses designed for adult learners

No fees

Courses are free of charge

Small groups

For easy studying and practice

Course level

You are welcome to study at A1/A2 level (beginner). After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use most common expressions and basic language phrases;
  • introduce themselves and others, ask questions of a personal nature (e.g. where they live, how they speak, what they like to do, what their family is, what they like to eat) and answer the same questions;
  • interact very simply, as long as the interlocutor speaks slowly, clearly and is willing to help.

Cultural/cognitive/educational programme

The cultural/educational part of the course will also be of a major focus. The aim of this programme is to introduce the main facts of Lithuanian history, to present the features of traditional culture, to visit places of natural and cultural interest, with a special emphasis on learning about Western Lithuania, to present the features of Lithuanian identity in the present day, and to reveal the current issues of modern life.

Duration and scope of the course

19 September – 2 December 2022
  • 90 contact academic hours of language lessons, excursions and cultural programme.
  • Lectures three times a week.
  • Applications will be accepted until 5 September.


Courses are held in DeFehr Center on the LCC International University campus in Klaipėda, Kretingos g. 36.


To apply for the program you must complete an online registration form.

For additional questions or information, contact us by email at or by phone +370 667 67324.

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