Registration to intensive Courses for Ukrainians in Lithuania

Registration to intensive Courses for Ukrainians in Lithuania

The entire course is free of charge for the participants who will get approved for this program. The courses are funded by Lithuanian Educational Studies Foundation. Selected participants will sign a study contract for the courses.

If housing is needed, it is only available for the summer in LCC International University residence halls. The cost for the stay during the program is 125 EUR and you need to reserve a spot early in advance.

In order to become a candidate, you must:
• Submit a questionnaire form;
• Submit a motivation letter clearly stating the added value of the Lithuanian language and culture course for the participant's future career and/or personal development;
• provide a copy of the identity document;
• provide a copy of the foreigner's registration certificate issued by the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. The date of issue of this document should not be earlier than 24 February 2022;
• be a lecturer, researcher, education worker, student, learner of a higher education and research institution. The candidate must provide a document or a copy of a document proving his/her status (copy of the student certificate, education agreement, employment contract, copy of the researcher's qualifications and/or other documents proving his/her status)*.

*If you do not have the above-mentioned documents to prove your status, the following documents may be accepted:
- Contracts with former employers; email correspondence with employers, research papers, etc.
- Letters and other evidence that the participant has been accepted for study/employment or is currently in the consideration phase.
- Those who are not working or studying and do not have full documentation should submit a CV with information about the latest work/study experience, date of birth, address, education, whether they have applied to any institution (Lithuanian or Ukrainian) for the restoration of their documents, and provide proof of such an application.

For any questions, please contact us by e-mail or by tel. +370 667 67324.