Refund Policy

Financial Information

If you decide to terminate your Evening English Language courses we will refund you money based on a refund schedule. Please make sure to inform us as soon as possible about your decision to stop the programe.

  • September 9-15, we will refund 100%
  • September 16-22, we will refund 50%
  • September 23-29, we will refund 25%
  • From September 30, no refund

*An additional 15 EUR administrative fee for a late payment or payment in installments is non-refundable.

Starting from 30 September your payment for Evening English Language courses is no longer refundable. Changes in your plans, work schedule, business trips, studies and other personal reasons remain under your responsibility. An exception is made only in case of illness or health disorder, when a scanned doctor's certificate or a document proving your incapacity for work is sent to


If you decide to terminate your participation in the program, please inform your instructor first, as they will want to talk to you and find out the reasons for this decision. Also, contact the course administrator on the same day by e-mail or by phone +37066095850 (I-V 8.00-17.00).

  • The application administrator will ask you to send a request for refund by e-mail. Here is an example of the text of the request: “Please return to me, Vardenis Pavardenis ............ Eur to my bank account LT ..................... ........................ because I will no longer attend Evening English Language courses.“ Send the request to
  • The amount to be reimbursed is calculated according to the date of your request and the repayment schedule. If you no longer attend the courses but do not inform us, we will calculate the refund based on the date of the request received from you.
  • The program administrator will forward the received request to the LCC Finance Department. Refund shall be made within 14 calendar days.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +37066095850

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