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Work in Student Life

 A holistic model of education is not a typical model for European universities and co-curricular approach to Student life makes LCC a very unique University in the region. At a time when students make critical life decisions, the Student Life Division at LCC seeks to give shape and purpose to their out-of-classroom learning experiences. By leading programs and building relationships, we provide students with a practical outlet for leadership and character development. Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that learning and character development happens in all areas of life: inside and outside of the classroom. We believe in the COMMUNITY that can help each person to find identity, meaning, and purpose in life.  We have the opportunity to work from the ground up — responding to the needs of students in the region and developing effective, relevant programs. We seek to engage all students in a holistic experience that reaches across spiritual, physical, and intellectual dimensions. The need for people committed to the transformation of students and society at great.  

Student Engagement and Formation

At LCC we believe that our impact does, and should continue to, reach beyond the edges of our campus. LCC is not an institution that exists just for itself, or just for our students, but it is a place that we hope impacts the global world that we live in today.  Transforming people for servant leadership is a key part of our work and identity as a university. We seek to accomplish this mission of encouraging and developing servant leadership through formal and informal ways – participating in the Leadership development program, working with the refugees, or volunteering at the local Red Cross – we want students to catch a vision for transforming the world.   We seek to develop our students into agents of change for maximized global impact. The international community is one of LCC’s distinctive features as we host students from more than 60 countries. Our goal is to help you develop clarity and understanding about your cultural identity and gain crucial cross-cultural skills for your interactions in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world. 

  •  Working in Student Engagement and Formation opens an opportunity to learn more about your own culture as well as other cultures, develop skills in cross-cultural communication, impact multicultural awareness on campus and in Klaipeda community, have an opportunity mentor student leader, advise students clubs, learn project management partnering with local organizations while coordinating volunteer opportunities for students.
  • Who is part of the team? Director of Engagement and Formation, Intercultural Education Coordinator.
  • About Student Engagement and Formation on LCC portal.     

Residence Life and Housing

Around 70 % of students call campus home. We are cultivating a community that feels like family; a place of knowing and being known.  We have two residence halls and a team of Residence Life staff that seek to engage students in actively experiencing a holistic community through endless welcoming, everyday living and learning, intentional programming, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and restorative, and educational student conduct practices. We invite individuals to find their place and voice in a caring community, celebrate diversity, and share life together.

  •  Working in Residence Life opens an opportunity to help make residence halls feel like home, have a unique opportunity to develop creative new programs, develop cross-cultural skills. Working with students in the place they call home is both a challenge and a privilege. It provides opportunities to provide mentorship and guidance in a formative time and place in a student’s life. Similarly, while student conduct can be a hard process, it is also an opportunity to help set students back on the right path, and walk alongside them in one some of their most difficult moments. These are crucial moments to ministry and care.
  •  Positions: Director of Housing and Residence Life, 4 Resident Directors, Front Desk Manager.
  • About Residence Life on LCC portal .  

Student Success and Wellness

At LCC we view student success beyond student grades. We want students to be able to confidently plan their career, manage time and ne productive, develop resilience and many other skills that will help them to be successful in all areas of life while at LCC and after graduation.   We also realize that studying in your third- or fourth language comes with certain challenges, therefore, we continuously develop support structures for students through tutoring, workshops, peer support, early alerting, etc.  In addition, for many students, there is difficulty at being far from family and deal with challenging political situation in their home countries. To address those needs we have counseling support for whatever troubles students are facing.

  • Working in Student Success and Wellness opens an opportunity to recognize at-risk students and develop individualized effective support strategies, understand unique cultural backgrounds that may affect students’ success, understand the impact of trauma on their ability to meet the learning outcomes, understand the needs of students with disabilities and  get equipment with knowledge and skills necessary to support students through events, programs, counseling, mentoring, and a variety of other means.
  • Who is part of the team? Director for Student Success and Wellness, Academic Support Coordinator, 3 Counselors, Career Development Counselor.
  • About Student Success and Wellness on LCC portal.    

Campus Ministries

We encourage all students to explore what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing tools and programming that introduce students to faith and encourage students to ask questions about what they believe. Additionally, we seek to challenge students to grow in their faith through Christian fellowship across cultures and through spiritual practices. Finally, we encourage service and justice in our local and world communities by connecting LCC students, staff and faculty with the needs of the local community in order to serve others and to right injustices.

  • Working in Campus ministries opens an opportunity to work with a very religiously diverse student body and to be regularly in conversation with students about what they believe in, and what they hope for the world. Employees who work in Campus Ministry get to work in areas of discipleship, evangelism, and interfaith all in the midst of a religiously and culturally diverse student body.
  • Positions: Chaplain, Discipleship Coordinator.  

Student Services

We seek to provide quality relevant student services while educating students to take responsibility, be proactive, and plan well. Front Desk Managers provide assistance with medical services, health insurance, student ID cards, etc.   With around 80% of students coming from outside of Lithuania, the Migration Coordinator has established a smooth process for all migration-related affairs and migration document support.   


We seek mission-minded individuals who have a passion for student flourishing; are open-minded, creative team players, seek to build bridges between cultures, faith traditions, and nationalities.  MA is preferred for all positions, though a BA with relevant professional experience may be considered. Previous experience with student populations, youth ministry or student leadership is preferred. 

Staff should be committed to developing quality programs and relationships that provide students with the opportunity for leadership and character development.

Date & Length Options

We request that staff commit for a minimum of two academic years (beginning of August to end of May).  Student Life staff begin August 1.  

What we offer

  • Diverse international environment
  • Friendly and supportive team
  • Professional development opportunities in Europe through Erasmus + 
  • ACSD scholarships
  • On-campus housing
  • Return airfare
  • State healthcare and accident insurance
  • 40 workdays of vacation /year
  • Free Lithuanian language courses
  • Continued academic learning: 1 course/semester free of charge
  • Discounts for MA programs   

Graduate Assistantship for MA programs

The Graduate Assistantship Program is an opportunity for individuals who wish to pursue an M. A. in TESOL or International Management. LCC has created 2 assistantships for students serving as Graduate Resident Directors starting Fall 2023. These assistantships include on-campus housing, one roundtrip flight and a 100% tuition discount. Students will serve in Residence Life and Housing. Expectations include:

  • 30 hours a week in Residence Life and Housing 
  • 40 work days of vacation per year 
  • 3-year contract

Work load: full-time (1.0 FTE)