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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that learning and character development happens in all areas of life: inside and outside of the classroom. We believe in the LEARNING COMMUNITY that can help each person to find identity, meaning, and purpose in life.  

By leading programs and building relationships, Student Life staff provide students with a practical outlet for leadership and character development in this transformational educational journey. We seek to engage all students in a holistic experience that reaches across spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions.

Actively experiencing a holistic community through everyday living and learning, intentional programming, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, and restorative practices, students become thoughtful and responsible members of the RELATIONAL INTERNATIONAL community who act with integrity and respect.  We have established various support networks to make our students feel safe and taken care of. There are many opportunities for students to be actively involved on campus whether through formal leadership programs, volunteer opportunities, or in student initiated clubs.

As a CHRIST-CENTERED COMMUNITY we explore what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and challenge students to grow in their faith through fellowship across cultures and through spiritual practices. We encourage service and justice in our local and world communities and believe in the transforming nature of a diverse Christian community.

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