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Warner, Ph.D.

Research Fellow

From: United Kingdom

At LCC Since: 2017

Key Areas

  • Economics of Development
  • Role of Religion in Economics
  • Nature of Money and Monetary Substitutes


Dr. Jonathan Warner has been a Research Fellow of the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing at LCC International University since 2017.

Dr. Warner received a BA in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford University, a PhD in welfare economics from the University of Wales, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Birmingham University.

After completing his degrees, Dr. Warner taught High School in his native England for four years, moving on to North Cyprus in 1988 to teach at Eastern Mediterranean University. After ten years (with a year away at Nicholas Copernicus University, in Torun, Poland), he moved to Central Asia and taught for a year at the American University in Kyrgyzstan, before moving to Dordt College, in northwestern Iowa, USA. He has also taught at the Russian-American Christian University in Moscow, and in the Creation Care Study Program in Belize. He is Professor Emeritus at Quest University Canada, and is also a non-resident research associate with the Von Hugel Institute, Cambridge University. He currently resides in England with his wife, Lynda. 

His research interests are in the economics of development, the role of religion in economics, and in the nature of money and monetary substitutes.

On October 17, Dr. Warner presented his inaugural lecture at LCC entitled, “Human Flourishing: What Has Faith Got to Do With It?”


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