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From: Lithuania

At LCC Since: 2015


Thrift stores as environmental solution: motivators of buyers and donors

LCC author(s): Sara Beniulis Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venckė

Other author(s): Rafijevas S.

In Studijos – verslas – visuomenė: dabartis ir ateities įžvalgos: tarptautinės konferencijos mokslinių straipsnių rinkinys = Studies – business – society: present and future insights: international conference proceedings, 2023.

The Role of Green Marketing in Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

LCC author(s): Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venckė

Other author(s): Pacevičiūtė, A.

Regional formation and development studies: Journal of social sciences, 2, 89-98, 2023.

Sea-Breeze Front Research Based on Remote Sensing Methods in Coastal Baltic Sea Climate: Case of Lithuania. J

LCC author(s): Indrė Razbadauskaitė-Venckė

Other author(s): Dailidė, R., Dailidė, G., Povilanskas, R., & Dailidienė, I.

ournal of marine science and engineering, Vol. 10, Iss. 11, Art. No. 1779, p. 1-15., 2022.