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MA TESOL at LCC International University


Have you ever thought about achieving your Master’s degree in a different country with students from all over the world? LCC International University provides not only a good location to concentrate on studies, flexibility that allows professionals to continue their careers while combining that with graduate studies, but also a safe community for learning and trying new methods of teaching. Read more about our MA TESOL students’ experience this summer.

LCC International University MA TESOL courses include both theory and practice. Students in the program not only learn general theories of language but they also have opportunities to practice and reflect on their teaching methods. Rytis Komičius and Luan Chau had wonderful teaching experience at LCC’s Summer Language Institute. During this time they gained practical skills as well as built a strong network with other teachers, and made a lot of memories about this summer.

During SLI, Rytis Komičius designed daily lessons based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Students were challenged to learn about global goals and the ways how they can implement their knowledge on a daily basis and how to promote these goals in their communities. Komičius is the school director at Vytauto Didžiojo gimnazija in Vilnius, and now he is doing his second year of MA program at LCC.

Moreover, Luan Chau is also in the second year of LCC’s MA TESOL program, and decided to join the SLI team as an instructor this year. His lessons were centered around helping students fully use their English skills. Therefore, Chau’s students learned a lot about different topics and were engaged in active conversations in small groups, they debated issues of pollution, transportation, and culture.

Both Komičius and Chau earned practicum credits for their studies in LCC’s MA TESOL program. In addition to writing lesson plans and teaching, both students also observed other instructors, discussed the issues of classroom teaching, and were mentored by supervising professionals. By the end of the course, Rytis and Luan reflected on their teaching experience by making a presentation showing their strong and weak sides of their methods supported by the feedback from their supervisors.

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