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From a Russian LCC Graduate


[Sent to Marlene Wall on Friday, March 4. The graduate's identity has been hidden for their safety. They want the message to be shared, but they know they cannot do it themselves. Please do not try to figure out who this is, and note that contacting people on social media can be dangerous for them.]

I am X, one of the graduates of LCC, year X.

On Sunday I was arrested for just carrying a "no war" poster in a folder. I was interrogated for 7 hours, held in jail and had a trial the next day. I must admit I didn't get the worst sentence, but the event still happened. I live in the small town of X and as of now I'm being closely monitored through all the social medias.

I am deeply sorry for what my government is doing in Ukraine. I have a lot of friends there, many of whom I met at LCC. I hate the feeling of being shut. I hate the fear that is trying to creep in after the interrogation and I am not alone in such circumstances.

We don't have a voice right now in our country. I'm hoping, though, that we are learning to overcome the fear, adjust to the new laws implemented from today and we will learn how to make our voices, our support, to be heard across the border, across the wall that is being built.

LCC taught me, along with many others, to raise our voices. For four years LCC was a safe haven for our expression, our debates, our cross cultural friendships and I can only hope that LCC will continue to be our voice as well. At the moment I don't know how else I, as a Russian, can express my stand, my support for Ukraine and peace, other than to give my message to you so you can share it with our wonderful community.

I pray for Ukraine, I send my love to everyone I know and don't know as well.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I am sending this on X as this is the only media I haven't given to the police and it feels safe to send it here rather than using email which they have been thoroughly checking during the arrest. 

- An LCC Alumnus

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