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UPDATED: April 16, 2021

national quarantine until May 31, 2021

Refer to the national KORONATOP website for the most recent information:  

  • (ENG)
  • (LT)
on campus
  • All course content is delivered online. Indoor meetings with people outside of the household/family are not permitted. Outdoor meetings in a group of not more than 5 people are allowed if masks are worn and 2 m distance is kept. 
  • The fitness room and Gym are open for basketball training who are high-mastery athletes. For students/employees, it is closed until April 30, 2021   
  • The cafeteria will only provide food for takeaway.
  • DeFehr Center is open to students for the essential, academic-related reasons only. No groups, gatherings, or meetings are permitted. 
  • Not more than 7 people are permitted in the Reception area and only 1 person at a time at the Reception Desk. All students will need to log in at the Front desk. Receptionists are responsible for classroom and common spaces usage monitoring and making sure all rules are followed. 
  • Computer lab capacity is 2. IT staff monitors computer lab usage.  Register online before the visit:
  • The library, including reading rooms, is open. Maximum capacity 22 people. Safety and hygiene requirements must be ensured.
  • Smoking hut. No more than 5 persons at a time, 2 meters distance must be observed. 

Residence Halls

  • Visiting Residence Halls. No external guests (anyone who is not a current resident of the specific building; staff are exempt for staff-related purposes). Residents may not visit other rooms, floors, and halls. Masks must be worn when outside of the room (including on the floor) and encouraged when not alone in the room. 
  • Kitchen/Lounge usage: Everyone must be residents of the same floor, wear a mask, and maintain a 2-meter distance. Max 2 people from different households OR 4 from the same household while eating (no mask) OR 7 people (with masks) in kitchens/lounges.  We recommend you eat in your room or a common room whenever possible
  • Common Rooms: Occupancy is limited to one household (up to 4 residents from the same room) at a time and accessible via reception staff.  All students must sign in or reserve in advance.
  • Lobbies: The lobbies are common spaces adhering to the existing policies with reception staff being responsible for providing access and monitoring. All students must sign in or reserve in advance. Based upon dimensions, the Neumann lobby is divided into smaller spaces but only persons from the same household are allowed to be in the same space (it is not an indoor alternative for two students from different households to meet).

All operations and services are provided remotely. Only pre-approved employees whose work may not be performed remotely may come to work in the office. Fill this form to be pre-approved for working on campus

  • avoid sharing office space; staggered schedules are preferred.  
  • when in the office with another person, masks must be worn, common surfaces disinfected, a distance of 2 m kept.  Please note, that these requirements apply even If you had a COVID infection unless you have the doctor’s official document not to wear PPE.  
  • avoid hanging out in common spaces and limit your presence to the office only.  Usage of SF lounge is limited to 3 people and time under 15 minutes. 
  • When on campus, please follow the rules: 
    • Masks must be worn. 
    • Distance of 2 m must be kept
    • Windows must be open to ensure ventilation
    • Surfaces must be disinfected 


Have COVID19 Symptoms ?

If you have ONE of the symptoms fever over 37.4 C, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell - you need to get tested! Even if it only feels like a minor cold, it may be COVID19. 

Click here for steps COVID19 test registration (only with LT bank ID)

Have been exposed or Tested positive?

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID19, you need to self-isolate for 14 days from the day of your last contact with the person and Fill out the exposed person report on the NPHC web. Please download the guide for the exposed case.  You need to isolate during the period indicated in the email/text message. 

If you tested positive you must self-isolate 10 days from the day of your test. Please download the guide for the confirmed case. 

Download Exposed COVID+ Guide Download Confirmed COVID+ Guide

Arrival to Lithuania | during SP21

If you have had a COVID infection in the last 90 days or were vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine:

  • you need to have an official medical document from the doctor that would confirm the DATE of your infection and that it was diagnosed with a PCR test (not an antibody test). The document must be or officially be translated into one of the EU languages.
  • before entering the country, fill out the form to get a QR code, please checkmark the statement at the bottom "I am subject to isolation exceptions". During a check, you will be asked to provide documents proving the right to exemption from isolation. Administrative liability may be applied for submission of incorrect information in accordance with Article 45(4) of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Lithuania and a fine of EUR 500 to EUR 1,500.  You do not need a test or complete 10 days of self-isolation in this case.  More information on isolation exceptionsOnly the official certificate is valid, not the past positive test or antibody test.   

If you have not had COVID or had COVID more than 90 days ago:

  • you MUST bring the negative COVID  test done 72 hrs prior to entry to Lithuania and isolate for 10 days on campus. In the form, indicate "I have a certificate/laboratory test result form  confirming the negative test for COVID-19 performed not more than 72 hours ago". The test document must be in one of the EU official languages. Antibody tests are not accepted. Expired tests are not accepted.  10 days of self-isolation on campus is mandatory.
  • Please note that self-isolation can only happen in University monitored facilities, to inquire about spaces, email . You may not arrive to Lithuania if you are unable to get a PCR test or we cannot accommodate you for self-isolation. 

The certificate needs to be submitted to the NPHC and uploaded into eRezLife> Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival.   More on isolation.  

When traveling between municipalities, you must have proof: 

  1. For employees - job contract with LCC that proves you work place in Klaipeda
  2. For students - an official letter from the Registrar (if you live on campus) or an apartment rental agreement (if you live off-campus). Traveling to Klaipeda because you are a student here is not a valid reason because all classes are online. Request the letter 3 working days in advance on the LCC portal.  


Based on the Government’s resolution, exposed individuals are individuals who have returned or who have traveled in the last 14 days through the affected countries. 

Affected country list.

This does not apply when people travel by air without leaving the airport transit area. 

Health Kit

Make sure you bring along a Health Kit

  • hand soap and hand disinfectant that is at least 60% alcohol
  • fluids for rehydration (electrolyte mixes)
  • box of disposable gloves
  • several cloth face coverings – (cloth face coverings be washed daily after use) or a box of disposable masks
  • digital thermometer 
  • fever medicine of choice
  • cough medicine
  • trash bags to dispose of perishable waste
  • disinfectant wipes
  • toilet paper

  • Complete the Spring 2021 Off-Campus Application in eRezLife and enter your information. 
  • Upload either the document of past infection/negative test into eRezLife> Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival. This applies to all who come from outside of Lithuania. 
  • If you come from an affected country, in addition to the test you also need to self-isolate for 10 days in University monitored facilities.  Email to enquire about self-isolation on campus.  Please note that if you cannot get a test and we do not have on-campus self-isolation space available, you may not arrive to Lithuania.  
  • Complete the Spring 2021 On-Campus Application in eRezLife .
  • Upload either the document of past infection/negative test into eRezLife> Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival. This applies to all who come from outside of Lithuania.  
  • If you come from an affected country, in addition to the test you also need to self-isolate for 10 days in University monitored facilities.  Email to enquire about self-isolation on campus.  Please note that if you cannot get a test and we do not have on-campus self-isolation space available, you may not arrive to Lithuania.

IMPORTANT!  You cannot come to Lithuania to just pick up TRP and not follow the Governmental procedures on testing and isolation. 

  • Even if you come for a short time you must complete the Spring 2021 Off-Campus Application in eRezLife and enter your information. In the questions "How long do you plan to stay in Lithuania during Spring 2021? choose "A short time (example, to pick up TRP)" and to the questions "If you intend to leave Lithuania before the end of the Spring 2021 semester" indicate your expected departure date. 
  • You must upload your negative COVID test result or doctor's document of COVID infection in the past three months into eRezLife> Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival.  
  • You must self-isolate for 10 days in University housing and then you can move off-campus. Please email to enquire about self-isolation on campus.  


You must follow all steps described above but if you do not plan to stay in Lithuania after the pick-up of TRP, here is what you need to do.

    • Upon arrival to Lithuania self -isolate on LCC premises.
    • Fill out the form to get permission to leave the place of self-isolation to visit the Migration office check nr 5 to go to governmental institutions, establishments, and organizations at their invitation;
    • Self-isolate until departure (you do not need to complete all 10 days, you can leave earlier)
    • Fill out the form to leave Lithuania before the end of your self-isolation period not later than 24 hours prior to departure.
    You must wear PPE covering nose and mouth (face mask, a respirator, or other devices; wear disposable gloves when touching objects; avoid direct physical contact, maintain the set safety distance; strictly observe personal hygiene requirements (hand hygiene, coughing, sneezing etiquette). If in doubt, email 

Please note that if you cannot get a test and/or we do not have on-campus self-isolation space available, you may not arrive to Lithuania. 

COVID19 PCR test 

All students returning from abroad regardless of the country of arrival will need to present the test and complete official 10-day on-campus self-isolation (if coming from an affected country).  The test (PCR, nasal swab) must be taken (date taken, not received) 72 hours prior to the arrival. Make sure to call the lab in your town to check the processing times.  The test should be in one of the EU official languages. 

COVID19 immunity certificate

It is important to note that those who had COVID infection in the last 90 days or have been vaccinated according to the full vaccination schedule do not need to be tested or isolated if they have a medical certificate (doctor's document) or vaccination certificate. The document must be in English or translated into English or one of other EU languages.   The certificate needs to be submitted to the NPHC (when you submit the Travellers form you must UNCHECK the box that says "self-isolation exceptions do not apply to me". Also, upload the document into eRezLife> Forms > "COVID-19 negative test results" prior to your arrival. Only the official certificate is valid, not the past positive test or antibody test. Accepted only EU-registered vaccines. 

Lithuania does not require a test in order to leave the country but if you need the test to enter the country of your destinations, here are the clinics to contact;


  • 8 700 55511
  • Address: Priestočio g. 16
  • Price: 78 EUR
  • Speaks: English

 MeDicina Pratika

  • 370 525 07744
  • Address: Šilutės pl. 38
  • Price: 75 EUR
  • Speaks: English

Uosto Poliklinika

  • 370 640 21277 (When listening to the menu, press 3)
  • Address: Dragūnų g. 2
  • Price: 76 EUR
  • Speaks: Russian Or Lithuanian

 If you have specific questions, email 

FALL 2021 | Planning

The study mode will be determined by the benchmarks established by the Lithuanian government. Assuming these criteria are not adjusted between now and then, in order to begin Fall semester in hybrid study mode (which allows for face-to-face; see definitions below) there must be fewer than 25 new cases per 100,000 people in the country. If the number of cases is more than 25 per 100,000, then we will be required to proceed in remote mode.  All classes will be offered in a semester format as they have been offered this spring semester. As you make decisions about how you will choose to study, please refer to these definitions to understand how to designate yourself based on the choices you make: 

  • REMOTE: classes are online and both offsite and onsite students join in MsTeams. 
  • HYBRID: classes are in-person and offsite students join in MsTeams. 
  • ONSITE STATUS: students must be physically present in the classroom. 
  • OFFSITE STATUS: students must be present through MsTeams platform (when we are in the ‘remote’ setting, all students are assumed to have this status). 

 We understand that many of these decisions regarding classes, housing, migration/travel are very difficult at this time, but we want to express to you that many are also necessary for us as an institution in order to make plans for how we care for students, how we ensure the safety of our campus, and how we can have a thriving and intentional community together. If you have questions or would like to discuss some of your options, the Student Life staff is available to you and more than willing to talk. Please do not hesitate to reach out  

As a part of planning and preparation for Fall 2021 semester we kindly ask you to indicate your preferred study mode (on-site/off-site) for Fall 2021 semester. In addition to that, we also kindly ask you to indicate your plans for your residential status in Fall 2021 as well as plans for Summer 2021 in terms of staying in Lithuania or arriving to Lithuania.

Please fill out this Fall 2021 Study Mode Survey by March 19 at the latest. Please note that you can change the study mode until Friday, September 3, 2021 (end of Add/drop week). 

If you have questions, please email Registrar at .


Our residence halls will function at normal capacity (4-5-6 person rooms).  Enns 3rd floor will be reserved for suspected/positive case isolation.  

  • ONSITE STATUS: If you plan to be onsite and have applied to live on-campus, ensure your housing deposit is paid by March 24.  This deposit is non-refundable even if you decide to move to offsite later.  
  • OFFSITE STATUS: Only onsite students can live in campus housing.  If you opt for an offsite status but have already applied for housing, cancel your housing application in eRezLife. Do not pay the non-refundable housing deposit. You may re-activate your housing application later on if you decide to change your status to onsite. 

For more information on on-campus housing, visit the Housing for returning students page on Portal.

Although it is not yet clear what the regulations will be in August, it will at a minimum be required to bring a negative COVID PCR test and self-isolate on university premises or have official proof of immunity (vaccination passport or a proof of COVID19 infection in the 90 days prior to arrival in Lithuania). You should plan on arriving as early as August 1, 2021 for self–isolation purposes.  When deciding to arrive in Lithuania, we recommend considering the availability of testing or immunity proof as well as the costs of isolation which are not included in your semester rental fees. 

If you have any questions on arrival to Lithuania, please email 

lease note that if you need to renew or get a new TRP you will need to be physically here to submit documents and pick up your TRP.  

  • If your TRP has already expired, you will need to get a National Visa D if you wish to arrive and study in Lithuania. On arrival, you have to apply for a new TRP. If you will choose to study remotely then you do not need a TRP or Visa D. 
  • If you choose offsite status, and have a valid TRP or Visa D, please note that you cannot be in another Schengen area country for more than 90 days in half a year or be outside of Lithuania for more than 6 months in a row. In these cases, the TRP or Visa D needs to be canceled or you can ask the Migration Coordinator for an exception to keep it valid. Violation of these rules may affect your status in Lithuania and result in a fine and Visa ban.  

Please note that a lot of information regarding migration regulations can be found on our LCC portal

In all cases, consult with our  Migration Coordinator, Inga Trumpickaite or Teams: Inga Trumpickaite  




  • Since classes are online, can I stay in another EU country for the semester? A foreigner holding a valid national visa (D) or TRP may travel the territories of other states of the Schengen Area, but no more than 90 days within any 180-day period. Please use this calculator to count how many days you already spent from the first entry into Schengen. Violation of 90/180 rule can result in fines, immediate deportation, or even getting banned from entering the Schengen Zone for a specific amount of time. 
  • What if I can’t arrive to submit my documents for TRP re-application, what does it mean for me? Every situation is different. Mainly if students cannot Reapply for TRP, they have to apply for Visa D if they will plan to come back and study in LCC.
  • Can the document for TRP be submitted online? Process of TRP application stays the same: You have to submit documents online and then take them for your appointment to Migration Department. ONLY online application is not possible.
  • During the quarantine, how does local Migration office operate? All visits at the Migration department are available only by appointment which has to be done at least 24 hours in advance. 
  • How long will it take to process my application? A foreigner’s application for the issuance of the temporary residence permit must be considered not later than within 4 months from the lodging of the application, and if applied on an urgent basis – not later than within 2 months from the date of submission of the application. 
  • Can I enter Lithuania with an expired TRP or no visa if I have a letter from the Migration department that my TRP is ready? As per the information we have at the moment* (2021 March) you can enter Lithuania with the confirmation from MIGRIS that your TRP is already issued and can be collected. This can be done but ONLY if your passport allows you to enter the Schengen area for 90 days visa-free and your student status is active in LCC. Otherwise, you have to apply for a Single-entry Visa in order to enter Lithuania and collect your TRP.  
  • Can someone else collect my TRP? TRP card can be collected ONLY by a student in person in Klaipeda’s Migration Department. It cannot be collected by another person. 
  • What is the deadline for the TRP application?1,5 months before your TRP will expire. For example: if your TRP expires 2022-01-31 then the deadline for the reapplication is mid-December 2021 (as urgent order).  
  • Do I need to take original documents with me for the visit at Migration Department or scanned copies are enough to present? You must have original documents (as Financial statement, Notarized permission, passport, current TRP card, etc.) at the time of your TRP appointment in person In the Migration Department. 
  • What will happen to my TRP card if I won’t be able to collect it? It will stay in Migration Department until you will have active student status at LCC. Migration department has all right to change regulations at any time).  
  • How quickly does the Migration Office from LCC respond? Please expect ~3 working days response time to your emails as this is a very busy time. Unless we agreed on the time for an online call/appointment.  
  • Where can I find more info about TRP or Visa? On our LCC portal 
  • What is the process if I have valid TRP but staying out of Lithuania for 6+ consecutive months? You have to inform the LCC migration Coordinator in order to keep your TRP not canceled. 
  • What are the current Migration Department updates as of 2021 March? 
    • Together with your TRP application process, you have to have a declaration form.  
    • As minimum wage in Lithuania was increased (from 607eur/month to 642eur/month) that will affect your sufficient funds amount you have to show when you are applying for TRP or Visa). 
    • Students, with TRP cards which they get after graduation for 12 months can start work without registering at Uzimtumo Tarnyba. 
  • I want to go home (or leave the residence halls); what do I need to do? First, complete the “Housing withdrawal OR Transfer request” form in eRezlife. Second, before you leave, you need to check out your current space. This means that you will need to pack your belongings, clean your space, and schedule a check-out with your RA. Please also be sure to complete a room condition report on eRezlife during your checkout. Please note that if you leave Lithuania, you will be added to the waitlist. 
  • I went home and want to return for the spring semester. What do I need to do? Please email to arrange isolation and to reserve a space in the residence halls for the remainder of the semester. Note that summer housing is separate from spring 2021 housing. 
  • I went home and have reserved a space for the remainder of the spring semester. How will I be charged? After you arrive on campus, SFS will charge your account for the pro-rated weekly rate for the remainder of the semester. I intend to stay for Summer. 
  • I applied for a fall space. What should I do now? Ensure SFS (Student Financial Services) receives your 60 EUR non-refundable deposit payment by March 24. Create a roommate group in eRezLife by March 28 and select a room when selection becomes available March 31 – April 2. ERezlife only lets me create a 4-person roommate group. 
  • How do I create a group to fit in the 5- and 6-person rooms? Although all rooms will function at normal capacity (4-5-6 person rooms), the 5th and 6th places are reserved for those with housing priority or requirement (for example, in-coming study abroad or Erasmus students). 
  • What do I need to know about arriving or isolating for Fall 2021? All students arriving from outside of Lithuania should plan to arrive to isolate on-campus upon arrival unless they have proof of receiving a vaccine approved by Lithuania. 
  • I applied for a fall space but did not pay my housing deposit by the deadline. What does this mean for me? If you completed the housing application by the deadline but did not pay your housing deposit in time, you are ineligible to participate in room selection. You will be placed on the housing wait-list. 
  • I applied for a fall space and paid my housing deposit but did not secure a space during the Room selection period (March 31-April 1). What should I do now? Consider alternative off-campus options and/or remain on the wait-list. If you do not wish to remain on the housing wait-list, complete the “Housing withdrawal OR Transfer request” form in eRezlife and select the “Take me off the housing wait-list" option. Note: All students arriving from outside of Lithuania should plan to arrive to isolate on-campus upon arrival unless they have proof of receiving a vaccine approved by Lithuania. 
  • I didn’t see my question answered here. Where can I find more information? Online or contact  

Summer housing

  • What do I need to know? If you need to stay in the halls any time between 5 May 2021 and 16 August 2021, you must apply for summer housing. 
  • How do I apply for summer? Summer housing applications will open at the end of March. Complete the application in eRezlife.
  • How will I be charged? SFS will charge student accounts monthly for staying on-campus. Housing refund is based upon the day the student moves out of the halls or completes the withdrawal process. The Tuition and housing refund is stated as follows, and can be found at this link - REFUND SCHEDULE FOR SUMMER SESSION.Through the 1st calendar day of the class - 100% Through the 2nd - 7th calendar day of the class - 50% After the 7th calendar day of the class - 0% 
  • Can I stay in my current room for the summer? At the start of summer, we will consolidate rooms, floors, and buildings. Thus, it is unlikely that you will stay in your same room. During the summer, residents may also be relocated to accommodate occupancy and facility maintenance needs (such as deep-cleaning) so residents should be prepared to relocate and/or have new roommates. 
  • Can I live with my same roommates for the summer? If you apply by the summer deadline, you are eligible to select one roommate. To do this, form a roommate group using the “Roommate Search” and “Roommate Group” menus. Note: you will only be able to form a roommate group if the other person has also completed his/her summer housing application.
  • What should I do if the wifi or technology for my class is not working? Email and describe your problem. If the wifi in your location is bad, go to your residence lobby reception to check out an Ethernet Cord and USB adapter if necessary. This cord plugs into the wall in your room and will make the internet connection much better.  
  • I am struggling to meet basic needs, can I get help?  If you or someone you know needs assistance meeting basic needs, consider requesting or referring someone for LCC Cares assistance.  Care for our community is essential to our mission and values, especially during a global pandemic.  All information is completely confidential.  More information regarding the initiative is available online
  • I am struggling psychologically, who can I contact for help?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed, you don't have to walk alone. Counseling is a safe, confidential place to talk through the stresses of life in a COVID world. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, beginning at 10 am. The last appointment M-Th begins at 17:00. On Fridays, the last appointment begins at 16:00. If interested you can sign up online.  
  • How can I pick up my diploma? Can someone else collect it on my behalf? You may either pick up your documents in person at the Registrar's Office (#24), or authorize (through a notary) another person to pick up the diploma on your behalf from the Registrar's Office 
  • Where can I get help in my classes? The Student Success Center offers free, online tutoring for all students. Peer tutors will meet with you individually and help you in Psychology, Lithuanian, Math, and Writing. The writing tutors can help you with a paper or assignment for any class - not just English classes. The writing tutors can also help you with your thesis.  
  • How do I sign up for tutoring? To sign up, visit, or On the sign-up form, type in your name and email address at the time you would like to be tutored. The tutor will call you through Microsoft Teams at that time.  
  • Do I need to prepare anything before tutoring? Have your assignment or homework ready so that the tutor can help you on a specific assignment. They can help you brainstorm ideas for a paper, help with homework, edit mistakes, and more. 
  • What should I do if I am failing a class? If you are failing a class, reach out to your professor and ask if there is anything you can do to catch up with their class. You should also reach out to the Student Success Center Coordinator, Hailey Altena ( can help you make a plan for catching up on your courses. 
  • What should I do if I am on academic probation? If you are on academic probation, you will be contacted by the Student Success Center Coordinator, Hailey Altena ( On probation, you will be required to complete a variety of activities to catch up in your courses. More information can be found at:
  • I am planning to go on the exchange program in Fall 2021, will it happen?  Please follow the CIE information for outgoing students here  
  • I am planning to go on the exchange program in Fall 2021, which study mode I should choose for Fall 2021? You need to choose an off-site study mode. 
  • How should I declare my study mode for Fall 2021 semester? Please fill out the Fall 2021 Study Mode Survey Study mode can be changed until the end of Add/Drop week (September 3, 2021). All questions regarding switching the modes should be directed to  

Resources available

We understand members of our community may be concerned and anxious. As always, if students, faculty, or staff want to get more information or wish to speak with someone about their worries, the following resources are available.

Facebook group

Join our Facebook group for updates, programming, student care, and support

Email communication

Check your email frequently - LCC email is our main channel of communication

Support group

If you are in self-isolation, join our support group


Coronavirus hotline: 1808

Other resources
  • Faculty/Staff counseling John Milliken 
  • RDonDuty +37064345644 
  • VP Academics JD Mininger 
  • VP Human Resources Natalija N. Zacharova 
  • Off-campus information: National Public Health Center hotline 1808 or tel. +370 618 79984 and +370 616 94562 
  • 1809 - Psychological support hotline/COVID19

All questions regarding self-isolation, testing, borders, etc need to be sent to 

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