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Important Information

UPDATED: October 25, 2021

in-person classes | LCC Community Pass

Students will only be able to attend in-person classes, indoor university activities, and live in the Residence Halls if they have an LCC Community pass.  LCC International University seeks to provide a safe learning environment for all students. To do that, and to comply with the Lithuanian government regulations, this system has been developed to ensure that those who engage in person in the LCC community meet the requirements set by the Lithuanian government. Attending contact activities (  classes, events, meetings, etc.) without complying with the necessary criteria is a legal violation and can result in a fine for the person and the institution. Any individual caught with a fake ‘LCC community pass’ will be subject to fines and disciplinary action as LVL III violation and consequences will be determined by COD. We will not require an actual G-pass but you need to meet the criteria for being immune or not infected and provide confirmation documents.  When can you get an LCC Community pass?  

  • After vaccination. Comirnaty (Pfizer) or Spikevax (Moderna) vaccine – 1 week after the second dose of vaccine; COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine – 2 weeks after the single dose vaccine; Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) vaccine – 4 weeks, but not more than 13 weeks, after the first dose of vaccine and immediately after a second dose of vaccine; OR 2 weeks after the single dose of any vaccine - if a person has had COVID-19.  There is no expiry date on vaccines at the moment.  
  • After recovery from COVID that was confirmed by positive PCR test. The medical document must be in English or Lithuanian and indicate the date of the positive test. The document is valid 210 days.  
  • After testing positive for antibodies . Positive quantitative or semi-quantitative serological immunoassay for COVID-19 IgG antibodies or total antibodies test is valid for not more than 60 days. 
  • After negative antigen test.  Antigen tests must be done either through 1808 (free) or in a private lab (personal expense).  After October 15, only a negative paid SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result is accepted with is valid for 48 hours after the sample is collected.   

In order to ensure the health and safety of our campus community, and in order to follow the guidance of the Lithuanian government, there are 4 options available for on-site work:

  • Vaccination. This applies to fully employees vaccinated with Comirnaty (a.k.a. Pfizer), Janssen (a.k.a. Johnson&Johnson), Vaxzevria (a.k.a. Astra Zeneka), Spikevax  (a.k.a. Moderna)
  • Antibodies. You have to have valid evidence of having anti-S,anti-S1, or anti-RBD SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies. The evidence is valid for 60 days and can be extended after testing again. Testing is done by registering: 1808 (free) or in other laboratories that provide certificates (at your own expense).
  • Post-COVID. You have to have valid evidence of having been diagnosed with COVID in the last 210 days confirmed by PCR test. 
  • Regular testing every 7-10 days.   Testing is done by registering: 1808 (free) or online - bank ID is required (free). If you cannot get a spot in time, call Medicina Practica 8 5 250 7744 arba LCC has a discounted price of 16 EUR.   

Employees who are not immune, do not test regularly, and want to continue working, must get written permission from their direct supervisor to work remotely. This must be communicated to HR Office ( 

Employees that continue to work without appropriate documentation or arrangements for remote work may be dismissed (LT: nušalinta(s)) from work without compensation until they submit the appropriate documentation (In accordance with the law) Upon institutional inspection, employees that work on-site without appropriate documentation can be fined from 500 to 1500 Euros while the institution can be fined from 1500 to 6000 Euros. Please refer to HR ( for more information. More information on mandatory testings.  

If you have symptoms of respiratory illness

  • Don’t come to work if you develop any, including mild, symptoms of respiratory illness including – fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste, or smell. Make sure to communicate that to your supervisor.
  • It is strongly recommended to get tested (even if you are vaccinated) once you develop symptoms.
  • Report positive test through immediately. 
  • Contact your GP to be informed about the next steps on how to finish self-isolation. 
  • No off-site mode. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic context, LCC remains dedicated to providing the international Christian liberal arts education that our mission promises. Classroom interaction is critical to the learning process. Language and communication skills, together with critical thinking and problem-solving skills, are greatly enhanced through active participation in a classroom environment.  Upon this basis, we are inviting all students to return to campus this spring semester to attend classes in the traditional face-to-face classroom format.  For spring semester 2022 only, a few courses that are predominantly taken by graduating seniors will be offered as online courses. For further details please consult your academic advisor once the spring course offerings are published. 
  • No hybrid classes. Please note that for the reasons mentioned above we will not be offering classes in hybrid mode. According to the Government regulations, if you develop any, including mild, symptoms of respiratory illness you may not come to in-person classes. Instructors will post learning materials and other resources on Moodle.  
  • LCC Community Pass to attend in-person classes. The 4 main categories demonstrating readiness for in-person classes include: 1. have been vaccinated with an EU vaccine; 2. have had a positive PCR test for COVID in the last 210 days (please note that for travel isolation 180 days apply); 3. have had a positive antibody test in the last 60 days (not valid for travel isolation waiver); 4. are getting tested every 48 hours at your own cost (antigen test costs 16 EUR).  
  • Housing for Spring 2022. Housing applications for the spring semester will open on October 18. More information will be sent to you by the Housing Coordinator.  
  • Government’s decisions. Please note that the possibility that Higher Education Institutions will be asked to go fully remote still exists; however, this is out of our control. When making decisions, please take all of these possibilities into consideration.   
  • If you have questions about what this decision means for you, consult with your academic advisor about your academic choices.  Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.  
Important Dates for SPring 2022
  • October 18- Spring Housing Application opens  
  • October 29- Spring housing application deadline   
  • November 19- Housing deposit due   
  • November 8-26, 3 weeks – Registration for Spring 2022 classes 
  • November 17 – Winter Break housing registration deadline (only for immune students)   
  • December 6 – last day to get vaccinated in Lithuania with Moderna, Pfizer in order to start classes on Jan 10  
  • December 15 - Students need to pay 1/3 of bill for the Spring semester (Payment Schedule - 1st part) 
  • December 18 – Residence Halls close, winter housing opens (only for immune students) 
  • December 27 - last day to get vaccinated in Lithuania with J&J in order to start classes on Jan 10  
  • January 4, Tuesday – Winter housing closes  
  • January 6, Thursday – Residence Halls open for new freshmen, SA, and exchange students  
  • January 6-9, Thursday-Sunday –Erasmus & International Exchange, Gap Year student orientation  
  • January 7, Friday – Residence Halls open for all students  
  • January 7-8 – New Freshman Orientation  
  • January 10- first day of classes SP22   
  • January 10-14- Add/Drop week of classes 
  • January 14- last day to request academic leave  

How to get LCC Community pass?

  • Upload confirmation of your immunity to the Immunity Status to eRezlife . Please make sure your document is presented in English or Lithuanian and is not password protected. 
  • Once documents are uploaded, FDM from the Residence Halls will check documents and inform the Library to make the card. 
  • LCC Community passes can be picked up from the Library the next working day from the day of the document upload. Students must plan accordingly.
  • All questions about Community passes must be directed to 
  • Students who have lost or misplaced their pass will be charged a 2 EUR replacement fee (payable at DF reception). Request a replacement by emailing 

How to get G-pass or EU Digital certificate?

  • Lithuanian G-pass and EU Digital Certificate can be downloaded online (if you have Bank ID). 
  • If you do not have BANK ID, you need to bring your TRP and ID to any pharmacy or post office. 
  • If you were vaccinated or recovered from COVID outside of Lithuania you may need to have it integrated with the Lithuanian health system first.  For those who are Lithuanian and/or employed, schedule a visit with your family doctor. For others – schedule an appointment at the vaccination center by calling 1808.
  • The official document issued by a foreign medical institution confirming vaccination with EU approved vaccine or recovery from COVID-19 must be translated to Lithuanian or English. 
  • All questions about this process should be directed to 1808.

We have a contract with Lab Medicina Practica: address: Šilutės pl. 38. They offer a discounted rate for both antibody and antigen testing. For all students, staff, and faculty it’s 16 EUR for any of these tests. Call 370 5 250 7744 or email 3 workdays in advance. DO NOT ARRIVE WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT. 

The results will be available in and also will be sent to email. It is necessary to indicate the e-mail and Lithuanian telephone number.  After receiving the result, you will need to enter the code you will receive via SMS. We recommend that you save the PDF copy of the result so that you do not have to enter the code each time. 

Other labs:

  • Antėja: 8 700 55511, Address: Priestočio g. 16. Speaks: English; 
  • Uosto Poliklinika: 370 640 21277 (When listening to the menu, press 3), Address: Dragūnų g. 2. Speaks: Russian Or Lithuanian. 

COVID Case Response

PART A: COVID Symptoms

Testing required if you have ONE of the symptoms (even if it feels like a minor cold): 37.4+C fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell regardless of your vaccination status. 

  • Isolate yourself in a separate room. If on-campus, Call RDonDuty y 370 643 45 644 to be isolated. 
  • Call 1808 to register for a test. 
  • Fill out Form.
  • Call BOLT to get to the testing site. 
  • If on-campus, call RDonDuty to confirm the result (negative/positive).  
  • If positive see part C. If negative – contact RDonDuty to arrange to leave self-isolation.  

PART B: Direct Exposure to Positive Case (only for non-immune)

  • If you have been vaccinated, have antibodies (60 days), or had a positive PCR test in the last 210 days, you do not need to self-isolate.  Monitor health, if symptoms appear, see Part A. Fill out 
  • If you do not meet the above criteria,  isolation is required for 10 days from the last contact with a person who tests positive for COVID.   If on-campus, call RDonDuty y 370 643 45 644 to be isolated.   Fill out Monitor health, if symptoms appear, see Part A. 
  • If no symptoms develop, self-isolation ends after 10 days. 
  • You may shorten your self-isolation to 7 days if a PCR test is performed no earlier than 7 days after the last contact. Registration by phone 1808 or online You can finish isolation once the negative result is received but must fill out the form  

PART C: Confirmed COVID Positive Case

  • Call RDonDuty 370 643 45 644 to be isolated (in case you were not isolating before the test) 
  • Fill out  (if you did not fill it out previously)  
  • Isolation is required until cleared by a doctor (minimally 10 days from onset of symptoms OR test date of a positive result).  
  • Call the family doctor or visit the Guide for more information on clinics that can confirm your recovery.   Request medical record of recovery.   
  • Provide the doctor's record to Front Desk Manager in order to end self-isolation.  

SELF ISOLATION EXCEPTIONS (only for contact w/ positive)

You are subject to exceptions for  self-isolation after exposure to a positive case if you have had:

  • a confirmed COVID19 infection in the last 210 days
  • have been fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine and 14 days passed from last dose 
  • have a positive antibody test for anti-S, anti-S1 or anti-RBD SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in the last 60 days. 

Please note that if you develop symptoms, you must isolate and get tested. 

210 days

from your confirmed positive COVID test

No date

from your last dose of COVID vaccine

60 days

For positive antibody test

VACCINATION information

  • Vaccination in Lithuania is open to the general public (16 +). It is available for Lithuanian citizens and foreigners with EU passport, visa D, and TRP.
  • You can register online if you have a bank ID or mobile signature. If you don't, you will be able to register by calling 1808. 
  • You should be able to choose the vaccine if it's available. 
  • If you are in self-isolation after arrival from abroad and need to get your second dose of vaccination, you may leave the self-isolation place.  However, you must first get a permit from the NPHC by filling out this form (point 7). Please remember until you get fully vaccinated and 14 days pass after your last dose you will still be subject to all isolation and testing requirements after exposure to a positive case and arrival from abroad.   
  • Individuals who have had COVID can also get vaccinated with just one dose of the vaccine in order to extend their period of immunity.   
  • BOOSTER VACCINATION. All adults (over 18) may receive a booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine if at least 180 days have passed since the full vaccination. Booster shots would only be given with Comirnaty or Janssen vaccines, but only those who received the first dose of Janssen would be revaccinated with the latter.  The booster dose may be given earlier to patients with chronic immunosuppressive disorders or who are being treated with medicines that suppress the immune system.  Other people should wait until the 180-day deadline expires.  The G-pass and the EU Digital COVID Certificate are valid indefinitely after a full vaccination, so the booster dose does not affect the validity of these documents.  

Arrival to Lithuania

Travel isolation exceptions

  • had positive PCR test in the last 180 days 
  • were fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine and 14 days have passed from the last dose. 

note: Antibody tests are not accepted for travel purposes! 

You need to have an official medical document from the doctor that would confirm the DATE of your infection and that it was diagnosed with a PCR test (not an antibody test). The document must be in English and presented at the border.  If you were vaccinated, bring an internationally recognized vaccine certificate. Upload confirmation of your immunity to the Immunity Status to eRezlife.

The affected country list is updated weekly, click the button on the right, use the google translator function. 

  • Apply for on-campus housing by October 29 and pay a housing deposit (only if you need on-campus housing). All students who fail to pay the deposit on time (deposit should reach the account by the deadline) will not be assigned a bed and you will be placed on the waitlist. 
  • If immune, upload confirmation to erezlife and pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes.  
  • If not immune, consider getting vaccinated: By December 6 (Moderna, Pfizer) or by December 27 ( J&J) in order to start classes on January 10. 
  • Move into Residence Halls on Friday, January 7. Start classes on January 10.  
  • Apply for on-campus housing by October 29 and pay a housing deposit (only if you need on-campus housing). Students who fail to pay the deposit on time (deposit should reach the account by the deadline) will not be assigned a bed and be placed on the waitlist. 
  • If your visa D expires next year or your TRP card expires in January 2022, please email to confirm what documents you need to bring to Lithuania re-application.  Expect a 3 business day response time. 
  • If immune, upload confirmation to erezlife; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes. 
  • If you are not immune but will get vaccinated prior to coming to Lithuania with an EU-approved vaccine, make sure to get vaccinated in time in order to start classes on Jan 10 keeping in mind that in order to be eligible for travel isolation exception 14 days must pass after your last (or only) dose of vaccine prior to entry into Lithuania; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes.   
  • If not immune and cannot get vaccinated with EU vaccine. Plan for isolation and accommodation off-campus; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; fill out form 72 hours prior to the arrival info on SP 22 Isolation and & COVID-19 Neg test result; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes.  
  • Move into Residence Halls on Friday, January 7.  Start classes on January 10. 
  • Apply for the visa D at least 4 weeks prior to arrival (processing time may differ by country, check with the embassy). Email to confirm the process. Expect 3 business day response time. 
  • Apply for on-campus housing by October 29 and pay a housing deposit (only if you need on-campus housing). Students who fail to pay the deposit on time (deposit should reach the account by the deadline) will not be assigned a bed and be placed on the waitlist. 
  • If immune, upload confirmation to erezlife; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes. 
  • If you are not immune but will get vaccinated prior to coming to Lithuania with an EU-approved vaccine, make sure to get vaccinated in time in order to start classes on Jan 10 keeping in mind that in order to be eligible for travel isolation exception 14 days must pass after your last (or only) dose of vaccine prior to entry into Lithuania; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes.   
  • If not immune and cannot get vaccinated with EU vaccine. Plan for isolation and accommodation off-campus; get a QR code 48 hours prior to entry; fill out form 72 hours prior to the arrival info on SP 22 Isolation and & COVID-19 Neg test result; pick up your LCC Community Pass at the Library before the start of the classes.  
  • Move into Residence Halls on Friday, January 7.  Start classes on January 10. 

We are not providing isolation or housing to students who are not immune or partially immune. If you are looking for off-campus accommodation either short-term or for the rest of the semester, we have reached out to a few places, and here are the details. Think about who you want to share a room with before you email to book the whole room. 

  • Gero Vejo Namai (former Mana). Accommodation term - until 2022. May. There are 5 rooms and 2 shared toilets with showers and a kitchen. The price of the room is 260 eur / month (if one person lives), or 160 eur (if shared by two). The price includes all additional charges, i.e. heating, electricity, water, wifi. Deposit for 1-month rent. Fees also included cleaning of common areas and toilets, bed linen, and its regular exchange. Photos.  Email:;  
  • Pranciskan guest house. Total for a triple per month 525 eur, total quadruple per month 550 eur. Loft-style rooms -total triple per month 550 eur,  total quadruple per month  600 eur. The guest house has free WIFI. Each room has a mini-fridge, kettle, cups, shower, towels. Towels are changed twice a week, the room is completely tidied, changing clean bed linen, once a week. Photos  Email Vaida Piščikė 

You can also reach out to StuCo they have previously developed useful resources for students looking for off-campus accommodation. Check here and here. While they will not be finding an apartment for you but definitely can provide assistance and give advice. 


# of Days
Travel 10 days from arrival to Lithuania Off campus (must inform us)
Direct Exposure (non-immune) 10 days from last exposure Student Choice
Suspected Positive until Negative PCR test obtained Student Choice
Confirmed Positive upon doctor release (at least 10 days from symptoms onset or positive COVID test) Student Choice

The durations stated above are the standard.  However, isolation with other students means isolation may be extended if anyone in the room tests positive for COVID.  Every effort will be made to minimize the duration of isolation, but unfortunately, we are not able to offer individual isolation spaces.


Arrival Dates
Varies Due to Positive, Suspected or Exposure COVID case (8:00-15:00 M-F); +370 643 456 44 (After Hours)

August Arrival Fees:

Confirmed housing Space
Yes free Relocate within LCC Housing after 10 days
No 5 EUR/night Vacate LCC Housing after 10 days

Non-August Fees:

Existing Current Housing Assignment
Yes 0 EUR Relocate to original assignment after isolation is completed
No 5 EUR/night Vacate LCC Housing after isolation is completed


  • Housing Fees - Student Financial Service Account
  • Linen & Cafeteria Meal Plans - Cash Payment Only
  • Grocery/Household Item & Meal Delivery - Bank Card Payment Only
Isolation Type
Travel with co-travellers or other students arriving on/around the same day
Direct Exposure with other students who had direct exposure to the same confirmed positive
Suspected Positive alone
Confirmed Positive with other students who are confirmed positive

*All assignments are single-gendered regardless of being co-travellers or having exposure to the same confirmed positive.


  • Remain in your room
  • Maintain a 2-meter distance as much as possible
  • Refrain from accepting guests
  • Ventilate the room every 2 hours (open window for 10 minutes)
  • Wash hands with soap and water often
  • Disinfect  used surfaces daily
  • Wash dishes with hot water and regular detergents
  • Follow the cough-sneeze etiquette: cover your mouth with your elbow (not palm) or a napkin that you dispose of afterward

Access Restrictions:

During isolation, you will not have access to the following:

  • Thermometer
  • Medication
  • Kitchen
  • Stores
  • Laundry
  • Smoking Hut
  • Storage

Please plan accordingly.


Students are able to leave isolation for the following reasons:

After 10 days you no longer need to self-isolate or perform additional tests. However, it is recommended to register for the test by calling 1808 if you develop symptoms. You do not need the NPHC permission to leave self-isolation to get tested.  

Cell Phone SIM Card:

All students are expected to setup a Lithuanian cell phone number because the Lithuanian government only communicates via SMS to a Lithuanian cellular phone number.

Land Line Phone:

Rooms are equipped with a land line phone that can dial reception with any questions.

  • Neumann 3000 (during summer)
  • Enns 4000 (during academic year)


All questions, changes in itinerary, or cancelation of isolation application should be directed on weekdays during work hours to our Front Desk Manager Alina Kovyrialova  

Isolation Type
Travel Isolation At the end of isolation, go to reception to receive an isolation pass
Direct Exposure Contact your assigned RA 48-hours in advance to arrange a checkout
Suspected Positive Contact the RD On-Call who will confirm your negative test results
Confirmed Positive Contact your assigned RA 48-hours in advance to arrange a checkout


  • I cannot arrive due to Migration issues, what should I do? Unfortunately, there is no remote option for LCC students. The student must consider taking academic leave or should explore other ways to arrive in time to begin attending classes in-person prior to the deadline (the 4th day of add/drop week). In the latter case, a student needs to fill out a Late Arrival Request Form
  • I have not been to Lithuania recently and no longer have TRP, what should I do? You will need to get a visa D to arrive to Lithuania and then apply for a TRP card.   
  • How long can I stay in another EU country for the semester with Lithuanian TRP? A foreigner holding a valid national visa (D) or TRP may travel the territories of other states of the Schengen Area, but no more than 90 days within any 180-day period. Please use this calculator to count how many days you already spent from the first entry into Schengen. Violation of 90/180 rule can result in fines, immediate deportation, or even getting banned from entering the Schengen Zone for a specific amount of time.  
  • What if I can’t submit my documents for TRP re-application, what does it mean for me? Every situation is different. Mainly if students cannot Reapply for TRP, they have to apply for a Visa D if they will plan to come back and study in LCC. 
  • Can the document for TRP be submitted online? Process of TRP application stays the same: You have to submit documents online and then take them for your appointment to Migration Department. ONLY online application is not possible. 
  • During the quarantine, how does the local Migration office operate? All visits to the Migration department are available only by appointment which has to be done at least 24 hours in advance.  
  • How long will it take to process my application? A foreigner’s application for the issuance of the temporary residence permit must be considered not later than within 4 months from the lodging of the application, and if applied on an urgent basis – not later than within 2 months from the date of submission of the application.  
  • Can someone else collect my TRP? TRP cards can be collected ONLY by a student in person in Klaipeda’s Migration Department. It cannot be collected by another person.  
  • What is the deadline for the TRP re-application? 1,5 months before your TRP will expire. For example: if your TRP expires 2022-01-31 then the deadline for the reapplication is mid-December 2021 (as urgent order).   
  • Do I need to take original documents with me for the visit to Migration Department or scanned copies are enough to present? You must have original documents (as Financial statement, Notarized permission, passport, current TRP card, etc.) at the time of your TRP appointment in person In the Migration Department.  
  • What will happen to my TRP card if I won’t be able to collect it? It will stay in Migration Department until you will have active student status at LCC. Migration department has all right to change regulations at any time).   
  • How quickly does the Migration Office from LCC respond? Please expect ~3 working days response time to your emails as this is a very busy time. Unless we agreed on the time for an online call/appointment.   
  • Where can I find more info about TRP or Visa? On our LCC portal  
  • Can I self-isolate on campus? No, we don’t offer self-isolation mid-semester since we do not have space. You need to isolate off-campus, upload negative test results (PCR-72 hrs, antigen-48 hrs), provide your self-isolation address and provide arrival dates in the Erezlife form 
  • I currently live on campus and want to continue to live on campus in Spring 2022. What do I do? No application (or withdrawal) is necessary. Pay a housing deposit by November 19 to keep your space in the halls. 
  • I currently live on campus but do not want to live on campus in Spring 2022. What do I do? Complete the “Housing withdrawal OR Transfer request” form in eRezlife by October 29 to withdraw from Spring 2022 housing. 
  • I do not currently live on campus, but want to live on campus in Spring 2022. What do I do? Complete the Spring 2022 housing application in eRezlife by October 29 and pay the non-refundable housing deposit by November 19. 
  • I currently live on campus, wish to continue living on campus in Spring 2022, but want to change my roommates. Is it possible? No guarantee that it is possible, but complete the “Housing withdrawal OR Transfer request” form in eRezlife by October 29, and select the room-transfer option. 
  • Is winter housing available? When does it start/end? How much does it cost? The Winter housing application will open on October 18. Winter housing begins on December 18 and ends on January 5. The cost is 50 EUR regardless of how long you stay (from 1 day to the whole break). Please note that on-campus housing is only open to students with LCC Community pass.  
  • Will I need to move out during the winter break? Winter housing is available for students who cannot travel or do not plan to travel. (see Is winter housing available?). For winter housing, we may need to consolidate housing and thus move you to a new room. You will be notified of your winter space prior to the start of winter housing. 
  • I want to leave for Winter break, can I leave my belongings in my room? At this time, we are asking any student who leaves during Winter break to pack and put all items in storage.  
  • I am partially vaccinated; can I live on campus? After October 15 only immune students may stay in-on campus housing.    
  • I didn’t see my question answered here. Where can I find more information? Online or contact   
  • I plan on taking academic leave or withdrawing from LCC in Spring 2022. I have not been on campus this academic year. What about my items in storage? Per the housing policy, items in storage will be discarded 2 weeks after the start of the Spring semester, unless you inform that you are on academic leave and need to leave items longer. If you do not return to campus, you are responsible for finding someone to take your belongings out of storage before we discard them.  
  • I am struggling to meet basic needs, can I get help?  If you or someone you know needs assistance meeting basic needs, consider filling LCC Cares form. Care for our community is essential to our mission and values, especially during a global pandemic.  All information is completely confidential.  More information regarding the initiative is available online.  
  • I am struggling psychologically, who can I contact for help?  If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or depressed, you don't have to walk alone. Counseling is a safe, confidential place to talk through the stresses of life in a COVID world. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. If interested you can sign up online.  
  • I have a job and cannot arrive to study in person, what should I do?  The off-side mode was a temporary response to the pandemic, we are going back to our normal model of relational teaching and learning. You will need to decide accordingly.  
  • What happens if the Lithuanian government requires higher education institutions to move to fully remote operations? LCC would move its classes fully online until the regulation is lifted.   
  • What if I cannot arrive to Lithuania for in-person classes by January? The student must consider taking academic leave or should explore other ways to arrive in time to begin attending classes in-person prior to the deadline (the 4th day of add/drop week). In the latter case, a student needs to fill out a Late Arrival Request Form
  • When does Spring 2022 semester start? Spring 2022 semester begins on January 10, 2022. Students are expected to be in class on the first day of studies. In cases when registered students cannot begin attending classes on the first day of the semester, they must inform the Registrar‘s office by completing the Late Arrival Request form one month before the start of the semester. In these cases, students must begin attending classes no later than the fourth day of classes of the semester -- January 13, 2022. Absences for these late students count as “unexcused absences,” in accordance with the attendance policy. Late students may be unable to make up for missed work or tests, according to the discretion of the instructor. Any claim to an exception to this policy must be made in the form of an appeal letter addressed to the Academic Vice President. The complete late arrival policy is available in the LCC Catalog (p. 55). 
  • Can I take an academic leave? Yes, you need to fill out and submit an academic leave form available on LCC Portal by January 14 at the latest. Requesting academic leave after this deadline is not allowed. 
  • I will arrive in January and plan to be vaccinated; can I attend classes remotely for the first 5 weeks until I am fully immune? No, you must plan on completing self-isolation and reaching your immunity by January 10. There will be no remote/hybrid classes.   
  • Who can I talk to about my academic arrangements in Spring 22? Your Academic Advisor is the first point of contact.  
  • How can I pick up my diploma? Can someone else collect it on my behalf? You may either pick up your documents in person at the Registrar's Office (#24), or authorize (through a notary) another person to pick up the diploma on your behalf from the Registrar's Office. 
  • Where can I get help in my classes? The Student Success Center offers free, online tutoring for all students. Peer tutors will meet with you individually and help you in Psychology, Lithuanian, Math, and Writing. The writing tutors can help you with a paper or assignment for any class - not just English classes. The writing tutors can also help you with your thesis.   
  • How do I sign up for tutoring? To sign up, visit  . The tutoring schedule is updated every Friday for the following week. Currently, the Student Success Center offers writing and math tutoring. Choose the day, time, and session you would like to attend. Click “Sign Up” on the time slot you would like, click “Submit and Sign Up” at the bottom of the page, and fill out the required information. The tutor will call you through Microsoft Teams at that time.  
  • Do I need to prepare anything before tutoring? Have your assignment or homework ready so that the tutor can help you with a specific assignment. They can help you brainstorm ideas for a paper, help with homework, edit mistakes, and more.  
  • What should I do if I am failing a class? If you are failing a class, reach out to your professor and ask if there is anything you can do to catch up with their class. You should also reach out to the Academic Support Coordinator, Corrie Giffone ( She can help you make a plan for catching up on your courses.  
  • What should I do if I am on academic probation? If you are on academic probation, you will be contacted by the Academic Support Coordinator, Corrie Giffone ( On probation, you will be required to complete a variety of activities to catch up on your courses. More information can be found on the portal.  
  • I am planning to go on the exchange program in Spring 2022, will it happen?  Please follow the CIE information for outgoing students here  
  • What happens if I get sick? If you are confirmed ill, have COVID symptoms, or simply do not feel well, you should not attend class. The LCC attendance policy, found in the LCC Catalogue, covers this situation: Circumstances that result in more than 6 class hours of absences in a 6 ECTS credits course that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, or more than 4 class hours in a 3 ECTS credits that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays are subject to a penalty as outlined on the course syllabus up to a maximum of 15% of the final grade. The usual reduction for each excessive absence is 3% per clock hour; this means 3% per class meeting for a course that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and 4.5% per class meeting for a course that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (p.54). 
  • What if I do not meet any of the G-pass requirements? You will not be permitted to attend classes. Please note that you need to get an LCC Community pass in order to attend classes.  
  • Where to pick up LCC Community pass? From the Library after your documents are uploaded to erezlife. You can check with if it was sent to Library. 
  • I have a cough, but I am vaccinated, can I attend classes? No, you may not attend classes with symptoms of COVID (fever OR cough OR loss of taste/smell). You will find class materials and assignments on Moodle. Attendance policy applies. 
  • Can I get vaccinated while I am in travel self-isolation? Only if it is a second shot. You need to get NPHC permission to leave self-isolation, see info above. 
  • Can I provide antigen tests every 7-10 days to attend classes if I am not immune? You may provide antigen tests but according to g-pass requirements, this must be done every 48 hours. 
  • Can I leave for Fall break to go home if I have an antibody test? No, we do not provide self-isolation mid-semester. Antibody tests are not accepted for travel isolation exceptions.  

Resources available

We understand members of our community may be concerned and anxious. As always, if students, faculty, or staff want to get more information or wish to speak with someone about their worries, the following resources are available.

Facebook group

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Email communication

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Coronavirus hotline: 1808

Other resources
  • RDonDuty +37064345644 
  • VP Academics JD Mininger 
  • VP Human Resources Natalija N. Zacharova 
  • Off-campus information: National Public Health Center hotline 1808 or tel. +370 618 79984 and +370 616 94562 
  • 1809 - Psychological support hotline/COVID19

All questions regarding self-isolation, testing, borders, etc need to be sent to 

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