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Make It Possible

We recognize that financing your education can be challenging and we want to work with you to make LCC International University education possible for you.

Each year LCC offers more than 450,000 EUR in Financial Aid to our students.


Of LCC students receive Financial Aid

1,339 eur

Average Need-Based Aid per student per year

“Empowering through access to education”

"For my freshman year, I received the Ukraine Scholar Award that covered 90% of my tuition, which was followed by the President’s Leadership Scholarship that granted me full tuition coverage for the remaining three years. These generous grants have given me the opportunity to work towards my dreams and goals without stressing about financing my studies. They have also motivated me to be an active part of LCC community by giving back to it in the ways that I could."

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Yuliia Rusianovska
Country of Origin: Ukraine
International Business Administration Major

Fees & Budget

BA Program Tuition Fees

Tuition for 2023/2024 Academic Year - 3,690 EUR (60 ECTS credits)

Tuition fee does not include housing or other fees. This is the biggest expense in your budget, but worry not – we offer aid and scholarships to help you cover it. 

Read about grants & scholarships

LCC offers more than 450,000 EUR in Financial Aid every year


LCC offers numerous scholarships for freshmen and continuing students.

Housing in Residence Halls

LCC is the only university in Eastern Europe that has a full campus with two modern on-site residence halls.

They provide housing for 60% of our students. With the whole world under one roof, it is one of the most valuable experiences that will open your perception of the world and variety of cultures.

Depending on the size of the room you select, price can vary from 132 EUR per month to 168.75 EUR per month.

Open campus map to learn more > Open detailed housing page >

Private Housing

Space in LCC Halls of Residence is limited, but you may also consider private housing.

University is located 1.5 kilometer away from old town center, with an easy access to public transportation or bicycle.

Our housing team can advise International students who are considering private housing.

1 bedroom apartament
AVG. price per month
City centre 386.00 EUR*
Outside of Centre 265.00 EUR*

*Bills not included. Estimated prices for 2022, data provided by Numbeo

Living Expenses

Living in Klaipėda has plenty of perks. A city by the sea that turns into resort during summer.

It is also a business and tech hub of the region. For a city where sea is 2 km away from old town with rich history - Klaipėda is relatively inexpensive.

250 EUR
Food 50%
Healthcare & Hygiene 15%
Leisure and culture 9%
City transport 6%
Communication 5%
Other 15%
Student experience in Klaipėda >

What are my options?

Cover your tuition fees

You can cover up to 90% of tuition fee expenses using one of the following options:

  • LCC Need Based Aid
  • LCC Scholarships
  • LCC Grants
  • Government Stipend (EU citizens only)
  • Government Loans (EU citizens only) 
Read about your opportunities >
Raise funds for other expenses

LCC's Career Development Center (CDC) can assist you in finding a job to help covering your living expenses: 

  • On/Off Campus Employment
  • Summer Jobs
  • Work & Travel USA

Financial AId

Need-Based aids

Each year we offer Need-Based Aid to students who demonstrate financial need. There are few types of Need-Based Aid: LCC Need-Based Aid and Global Grant. Student Financial Services selects financial grant recipients according to the following criteria:

  • Your family's financial need
  • Your Admissions entry score

We highly recommend to submit Need-Based Aid Application Forms as early as possible.

LCC Need-Based Aid application Global Grant application
6 out of 10

applicants receive Need-Based Aid

Need-Based Aid

ranges from 10% to up to 90% off tuition fees

  • Admission Score
  • Financial Need

*The table above is used as a guide in determining the Need-Based Aid for all incoming students.

How need based aid is calculated and what are the limits for each year

  • Year I - Freshman
    Up to 90% of tuition fees covered.

  • Year II - Sophomore
    Up to 80% of tuition fees covered.

  • Year III & IV – Junior & Senior
    Up to 60% of tuition fees covered.

Example from last year

3 240 EUR

Average tuition fee (before discount for 1 year of BA program)

1 377 Eur

Average Financial Aid (per student)

1 863 EUR

Average actual amount student had to pay for one academic year

Scholarships & other grants

We will keep you informed

We will send you a list of scholarships you are eligible to apply.

Increase your odds

You can apply for both Need-Based Aid and still be eligible for Scholarships and Grants. However, students can receive only one award. If a student qualifies for more than one, he/she will receive the one with the highest monetary value.


Scholarships for 1st year and continuing students

from 50% up to 100%

Scholarships can cover up to 100% tuition

Full list of scholarships & other grants:

Servant Leadership Grant

This grant is awarded to students who exemplify servant leadership and promote involvement in their local communities or LCC. The grant focuses on students who demonstrate care and focus on the needs of others and do so in a self-aware, fair and selfless manner. Two students receive a 50% of tuition discount during the student’s second year of studies.

Other Funding Options


EU citizens can apply for state supported government bank loans to cover their tuition fee and living expenses.

If you have received a partial financial aid from LCC you can still apply for a gorenment loan to cover the rest. Loan amount is flexible and you can apply for different amount each year.

You will start repaying the loan a year after you graduate and will have to repay in-full within 15 years.

Read on government page >


EU citizens are eligible to receive funding for their first BA Program from the Lithuanian Government. 

To receive state funding you must submit application through LAMA BPO platform. State stipend doesn't match our tuition fees, but LCC will cover the difference between state stipend and tuition fee.

Candidates from outside Lithuania must verify their academic certificates - please contact our Admissions Team for assistance. 

Visit LAMA BPO platform >

Work opportunities

Most LCC students find employment during the academic year and the summer to help pay for their education. LCC’s Career Development Center (CDC) can assist you in finding employment both on and off campus. The Center serves as a link between you and potential employers.   

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
On-campus Employment

LCC currently employs around 40 students on campus in various areas. Campus jobs are usually available for students coming from countries within the European Union. Most are for 10 to 25 hours a week in positions such as office assistants, receptionists, and Michealsen Center assistants. Students who have applied for Financial Aid and have demonstrated need are given priority when hiring decisions are made  

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
Off-Campus Employment

LCC’s Career Development Center works with a number of companies and organizations to locate jobs for current students. These jobs usually are tutors, administrators, translators, assistants, babysitters, housekeepers.  

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
Summer Jobs

Summer opportunities can also include work/travel experiences in the USA and West Europe. Work and Travel programs offered by companies that partner with LCC provide students with an opportunity to spend the summer abroad while working and enjoying a new culture as well.  

LCC fullbright scholar profile photo
Work & Travel

Work and Travel USA: the most popular summer work exchange program for students. Participants work for up to 4 months for the US host companies/employers. Both EU and non-EU full-time students can apply for this program. There is a deferred payment option for the program fee for students who have financial difficulties.   

Our partner companies and programs

“Working at LCC”

"LCC has many financial aid options, one of them being the opportunity to work at the university itself. When working on campus everything is close and the hours are flexible; you are able to work around your class schedule and learn to manage your time properly. Working at the Admission Office has definitely helped me get to know the community better and get out of my comfort zone. It has taught me many practical things I will be able to use in my future career as well as given me the opportunity to make new connections."

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Adelė Soldatkovaitė
Vilnius, Lithuania
International Business Administration Major

MA Program Tuition Fees

Price for 2 Years
MA Tesol 5 500 EUR*
MA Tesol - with LCC alumni discount 5 000 EUR*
MA International Management 7 500 EUR*
MA International Management - with LCC alumni discount 6 500 EUR*

  *Price does not include housing & trips.  

32% Lower Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees are lower than Europe average*

66% Lower for Non-EU

LCC doesn't change the price based on your country of origin*

*Average tuition fees for Master's degrees in Europe 5,100 EUR/year for EU/EEA-students and 10,170 EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA based on

Financial aid options for MA students

Students from China, Israel, Japan, South Korea can apply for a monthly scholarship of 490 EUR for duration of their studies.

Students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and foreigners of Lithuanian origin from non-EU and EFTA countries can apply for a monthly scholarship of 490 EUR and a grant covering the study cost.  

Funding is offered to limited amount student, first application deadline is May 22, 2023. Read more on government page.

The Lithuanian government distributes over 10 million EUR in student loans annually. For more information on government student loans visit or contact the SFS Office at

Looking for new knowledge and skills to grow as working professional? Many employers are willing to provide financial support for their employees - talk with your management to discover if they are willing to provide such an opportunity for you.

Please contact us at if you require any additional information or help.  

According to Lithuanian law, amounts paid for studies (when higher education and/or qualification is obtained upon graduation, as well as doctoral studies and art post-graduate studies) by residents of Lithuania can be deducted from the taxable income and thus decrease the income tax for residents. If a person whose studies are being paid for is under 26 years of age and tuition cannot be deducted from his/her taxable income, the tuition can be deducted from the taxable income of one of his/her parents/foster parents. If a loan is taken to pay for studies, the amounts that can be deducted are the amounts repaid. The tuition is to be deducted in the annual income declaration.

The highest net benefit of this deduction is income tax savings amounting to 15% of tuition. For more information on Income tax benefit visit


To pay your tuition and housing fees:

Pay via bank transfer > Pay online >

Refund Policy

Unforeseen circumstances sometimes require students to make a refund, please read our rules:

Payment Deadlines

Please follow the link to read our rules and find out payment deadlines.

Deadlines for BA Students > Deadlines for MA Students >

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