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“Empowering through access to education”

"For my freshman year, I received the Ukraine Scholar Award that covered 90% of my tuition, which was followed by the President’s Leadership Scholarship that granted me full tuition coverage for the remaining three years. These generous grants have given me the opportunity to work towards my dreams and goals without stressing about financing my studies. They have also motivated me to be an active part of LCC community by giving back to it in the ways that I could."

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Yuliia Rusianovska
Country of Origin: Ukraine
International Business Administration Major

Non-profit university

Growing future leaders since 1991

Established in 1991, our non-profit university in Lithuania is dedicated to cultivating future leaders for the post-USSR region. Grounded in Christian values, we offer a transformative liberal arts education focused on nurturing individuals committed to democratic principles, community service, and the importance of civil society within a Christian worldview.

Unique in the region

North American education style and Christian mission sets us apart. 

Supported by donors like you

As a private university, we depend on the generosity of individuals like you to offer scholarships and deliver high-quality education to students from over 60 countries.



North American

Education style


Student experience

Liberal Arts

Critical thinking

Facts & figures


Enrolled students this year


Countries represented


Students receive financial support


Total number of alumni


Average student to faculty ratio


International students


Alumni are satisfied with their LCC education


Student retention rate

Debt-free institution

Over the past decades LCC have proved itself to be a reliable and transparent organisation.  

Our sources of income

1. Your donations to annual fund

Your continuous support allows us to offer scholarships and high quality education to students who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

2. Our staff & faculty contribution

LCC faculty & staff contribute approximately 1,000,000 USD in services each year.

3. Tuition fees

As private, non-profit university we cover part of our operational costs by tuition fees. Thanks to contribution of our faculty & staff we are able to keep tuition fees as low as 4,050 USD per year for BA programs.

Your gifts to annual fund

Every year we distribute over 500,000 USD through scholarships and financial aid to around 60% of LCC students.

Helping a single student

B.A. student needs 4,000 USD for annual tuition fees. While the price is low for the United States, the majority of our students come from countries where the GDP is 9 times lower than that of the U.S.

GDP per capita
Lithuania 25,020 USD
Russia 12,172 USD
Georgia 5,042 USD
Ukraine 4,835 USD

GDP per capita in US - 69,287 USD.  World Bank Database (June 2021)

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To sustainably support students in need of higher education, we initiate the creation of new scholarships. Initially, we define the criteria for eligible students and commence fundraising efforts. Once the fund reaches its target amount, it is invested, and the interest generated is utilized to assist students. This creates an ongoing cycle of support, ensuring that future generations of students can benefit from these resources.

Contribute to an existing endowment

Make a contribution to an existing scholarship that matches your goals, you can find a full list with criteria and descriptions below.

Start a new endowment

If you haven't found a suitable cause among our existing scholarships, you have the option to initiate a new one. You can customize it to your liking, naming it and specifying its purpose and criteria. To establish a new scholarship, a contribution of $25,000 (USD) is required. For further details, please reach out to the

Existing endowed scholarships at LCC

The Malcolm and Sylvia Campbell Endowed Scholarship was established in 2020 to provide financial aid to students wishing to attend LCC International University. This endowed scholarship was established by Malcolm and Sylvia Campbell as part of their commitment to Christian higher education in a global context.

The Malcolm and Sylvia Campbell Endowed Scholarship was designed to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students who attend LCC International University. This scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

1. Ukrainian citizenship.
2. Demonstration of financial need based on LCC’s student financial aid application form.
3. Enrollment as a first-year student at LCC (or a continuing student if there is no first-year student eligible).
4. Minimum 6.5/10 grade-point average for a continuing student.

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LCC Heritage society

Sustainability for generations

Planned gifts is a unique opportunity for couples and individuals to leave a sustainable legacy, ensuring opportunity for future generations of students.

Designate gift to any area
  • Endowed scholarships
  • Endowed programs
  • Endowed chairs
  • Faculty development

Everyone who made such commitment becomes a member of LCC Heritage Society, regardless of your age or gift amount.

For more information contact the president

LCC already in your will?

Please inform us If you have included LCC in your will so we could add you as a member to LCC Heritage Society.

Donate 1.2% of your Lithuanian income tax

If you're a taxpayer in Lithuania, you have the option to allocate 1.2% of your taxes to support LCC. By submitting an online form by May 2nd, you can assist students in pursuing higher education while enabling LCC to advance its mission without affecting your personal budget.

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Expat faculty & staff supporters

LCC International University, as the premier Christian liberal arts institution in Eastern Europe, fosters holistic education and cultivates future leaders with a Christian worldview. Our dedicated faculty and staff are instrumental in achieving these goals. To sustain our mission, we welcome supporters who can provide financial assistance, care, and prayer. 

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