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Donate 1.2% of your income tax

Everyone who pays taxes in Lithuania can donate 1.2% of his/her income tax to a non-profit organization – this is what the Lithuanian Law of Charity allows to do. Let LCC International University be this organization! It will not cost you anything. It will take you only several minutes. It will contribute to the better standing of the university you feel connected to. Follow the instructions and please note the deadline for this donation is May 2nd, 2023. It is possible to submit 1.2% tax declaration for several years ahead. Please, specify for how many years you would like to donate to LCC.


1.Log in To the Electronic Declaration System of the State Tax Inspectorate

2. Connect through your banking system, STI or with e-signature.

3. Choose VMI.

4. In the top menu choose DEKLARAVIMAS (Declaration), on a menu on the left Pildyti formą (Fill a form) and then press Prašymas skirti paramą (Request to give donation).

5. In the form filling window, click on the globe icon.

6. The information you need to fill out the request online:

•             Gavėjo identifikacinis numeris (kodas) – 111966048 (code of beneficiary)

•             Mokesčio dalies paskirtis – LCC International University (aim of donation)

•             Mokesčio dalies dydis (procentais) – 1,2 or less (percent of the revenue tax to be transferred, max. 1.20)

•             Mokesčio dalį skiriu iki mokestinio laikotarpio – 2026 (year until which you want to transfer part of your taxes, 2026 latest)

7. Click Išsaugoti (Save), Taip, teisingi (Yes, correct), Formuoti prašymą (Form a request) and Pateikti (Submit).

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