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von Gegerfelt

2014 Distinguished Alumni

2001 English Language and Literature

Love life, work hard, never lose hope and embrace God’s miracles in every day of your life

Liudmila graduated from LCC in 2001 with a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature. Following her LCC degree, she also earned an additional Bachelors degree in Education and Psychology, as well as a Masters degree in Family Studies and Counseling, both from Klaipeda University.
Liudmila has had international internships in Turkey, in the UK, in Denmark, and in Norway. She has implemented EU-funded projects such as one which promoted language learning of minor EU languages, and one in which she worked with Alna, ISM, and TEO to develop English language courses aimed at integrating the disabled from around Lithuania into the labor market, serving 600 students in this capacity.
Liudmila’s work experience includes having been a business training instructor for an insurance company, as well as a lecturer of English and translation subjects at the college level. Liudmila is the owner of Eurolingvija Language Center, providing interpretation services to clients such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gazprom, and large port companies in Klaipeda. As an entrepreneur, Liudmila has participated at LCC in various seminar settings related to entrepreneurship.
On a personal level, from the age of 19 Liudmila began as a volunteer, working with children at the Dane orphanage. At the age of 19 she became the guardian of a 6-year-old girl-orphan. So, by the age of 30 Liudmila had already become a very happy grandmother. Now this girl is 25 and with the support of Liuda’s family has gained professional qualifications and has just established her own small business.
We are proud of Liudmila as one of our graduates who is making a difference in the community. Please join me in congratulating Liudmila Don as the LCC International University 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient.