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Aženeckaitė- Petravičienė

2011 Distinguished Alumni

2003 Business Administration

successful and useful at large project management

Goda graduated from LCC in 2003 with a major in Business Administration. She followed that up in 2006 with a Master’s degree in Human Resources from Kaunas Technical University.
After her LCC graduation, her career began to take shape as she worked as a manager for a management consulting firm, Investicijų Kvadrantas. It was during this time that her vision for business development and her passion for creating order where there is chaos was sparked.
In 2004, Goda with her husband, Andrius Petravičius (LCC 2004 graduate) founded Grand Partners, a professional training and coaching company specializing in training for all aspects of business. Goda is co-owner and President of Grand Partners. In the creation of their business, they realized that to be successful, having like minded employees was an important component and have hired a large number of LCC graduates in order to meet that need.
As the coaching and training industry changed shape in Lithuania, Goda recognized the need to diversify and created a second company, Organization Training Center (Organizacijų mokymo centras) that specializes in coaching and training for city, regional and national governmental agencies.
In 2009, Grand Partners changed again as they partnered with Linkage Inc., a top five international training and coaching corporation and created a third company, Linkage Baltic, Linkage Inc’s partner for the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Linkage Baltic’s capacity for multicultural business development and command of the Russian language enabled Grand Partners to expand into several larger markets in the Russian speaking regions of Eastern Europe.
Goda’s accomplishments are not limited only to Business. With four like minded associates, Goda created My City Klaipėda (Asociacija “Mano miestas Klaipėda”), a non-profit organization that takes the empowering nature of coaching and uses it to connect interested Klaipėda citizens with the resources, contacts and agencies necessary to contribute positive change in their city. Goda has served as a board member for “Mano miestas Klaipėda” since its inception in 2009.
Goda also serves on the board of the International Coaching Federation Lithuania (ICF Lietuva), a global association of professional coaches dedicating to advancing the profession, setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. Goda has served on the board since 2010
In 2010, Goda took on her most challenging partner to date as she gave birth to her seven month old son Mykolas and has embraced the challenge of bringing order to a new kind of chaos.