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2005 Distinguished Alumni

1997 English Language and Literature

She stands as a superb example of the LCC vision

Edita Kriščiūnienė graduated from LCC in 1997 and was the first of a series of LCC graduates to be retained by Andersen Accounting (now Ernst and Young). Edita is engaged with both the business and Christian church community in Vilnius. In addition, she has made an outstanding contribution as a member of the LCC Board of Directors since 1999. She stands as a superb example of the LCC vision “to create a new generation of leaders for Eastern Europe”.
Edita commented: It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be chosen as the first recipient of this LCC Distinguished Alumni Award. It also makes me hesitate because in this kind of situation one always tries to answer questions like “What are theexpectations? What am I supposed to do?”
On the other hand, it is not difficult to receive the award. In fact, it would be more difficult to not be a distinguished alumni coming from a very distinguished school. Yes, there is no question that LCC is different from other schools. I believe that many of the students and alumni have experienced these differences in some way. I have experienced them myself and I must say that these are definitely positive differences. What are they? What are these things that make us the distinguished people from the distinguished place? Naming those is difficult. It is personal. It is touching and emotional. It is not commonplace. It is defined by the good spirit of, if I may coin a phrase, “distinguishment” that is shared by all of us.
I hope that as we leave these walls once again, we will have refreshed this good spirit. I hope that each one of us will name for himself or herself what the differences are. I hope that we will take them further with us, so that more people can see and experience LCC in the ways we have. I hope we can build on these differences to make a difference elsewhere.