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2009 Distinguished Alumni

1998 English and Theology

truly a multicultural person with an entrepreneurial mind

Asta graduated from LCC in 1998 with a double major in English and Theology. By that time, she has already been teaching English to young children at a local elementary school in Klaipėda for two years. Asta married Jim Reiff and they made their first home in the mid west United States, where she taught English and coordinated teaching volunteers for the Adult Basic Education Program at Northeast Nebraska Community College.
Jim and Asta move to Tirana, Albania, where Asta worked as a teacher for high school students and adult professionals at all levels. Later, Asta was employed by the International Organization for Migration in Tirana. Using her administrative skills, she helped to launch the Information Center for Migrants coming into Albania, and later worked as a project manager for IOM. During this time, she worked skillfully with 12 staff member from 6 Balkan countries to assist over 2900 migrants in the first six months of the project.
In 2006, Asta and her family, which by now included her husband and two daughters, relocated to Chennai, India. She took a job as a full time English teacher in the American International School where she currently teaches children from around the world. In July 2007, Asta volunteered her time to return to LCC and teach in our Summer Language Institute.
Asta Reiff is truly a multicultural person with an entrepreneurial mind. She eagerly seeks out opportunities to serve her neighbors and the less fortunate wherever she is living.