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Tuition and fees planner

Student Financial Service Office (SFS) has created a Calculator for students’ Tuition, fees and expense planning. This tool should help students to plan and calculate an estimated program cost for the upcoming semester based on their ECTS credit number.  


The Tuition and fees planner (Calculator) is only an estimate for 2021-2022 academic year. This IS NOT a student's Financial Statement.

How does the calculator work?

There are three simple steps: 

Step 1 - Answer the questions by choosing the given options. 

Step 2 - Indicate ECTS credits for a specific semester (Fall or/and Spring). 

 Step 3 - Check the table and estimated total program cost. 

In order to start calculating your program cost, please click on the button below and DOWNLOAD THE CALCULATOR TO YOUR COMPUTER.

Tuition and fees planner

Financial Aid Policies

  • Financial Aid at LCC International University is intended to assist Bachelor students only (exception is made for Middle East Scholars Aid program and Basketball players). 
  • All financial aid is applied to a student's account over two semesters, fall and spring. 
  • Financial aid is applied for 60 ECTS credits per academic year. If a student takes more than 60 ECTS credits per academic year the award will not be increased. 
  • Students must be enrolled in at least 24 ECTS credits per semester to receive financial aid. If a student enrolls in less than 24 ECTS credits in either semester, they will not receive the aid for that semester (exception is made only for seniors); 
  •  Financial Aid might be offered to seniors during their final semester. The amount of ECTS credits must be approved by Academic VP. Only then a student can receive Need Based Aid for less than 24 ECTS credits for the final semester. 
  • Financial aid cannot be applied to Summer Session courses (exception is made only for LCC Need Based Aid).
  • Need Based Aid might be offered to students for Summer Session courses if there is money left in the budget. Decision is made during the Spring semester and communicated to Need Based Aid recipients before summer course registration. In such a case 60 ECTS credit rule does not apply. 
  • Students will receive only one kind of financial aid. If a student qualifies for more than one, he/she will receive the one with the highest monetary value, and the other grant(s) will go to the next student who qualifies or to the Emergency Aid budget (exceptions are made for Sibling Grant and Resident Assistantship Grant).
  • If a student receiving financial aid is placed on probation after the fall semester, his/her aid allocation for the spring semester is withdrawn.
  • If a student receiving financial aid is placed on probation after the spring semester, his/her award allocated for the fall semester is withdrawn. However, the amount may be reinstated for the next spring semester if he/she increases GPA to the level of academic good standing. 
  • If a student receiving any financial aid decides to take an academic leave, they lose the aid. The student may apply for financial aid upon re-entry. 10. The maximum financial aid amount that a student can receive is 90% tuition discount (all financial aid amounts summed up). This does not apply to Kenneth & Helen Penner Scholarship, President’s Leadership Scholarships, First Year Scholar Awards, and Middle East Scholars Aid.
  • Financial Aid is not applied for retaking a failed course “F.” Receiving an “F” for a course might affect a student’s satisfactory academic progress and eligibility to receive financial aid in the future.
  • Students receiving financial aid who withdraw, stop attending classes, or take academic leave after the add/drop week will be required to return financial aid assigned for that semester. Financial aid is offered in advance with the assumption that the student is going to earn credits for that specific course.
  • Students can get financial aid only for four years at LCC or up to 8 semesters (calculation would be done by semesters if a student takes an academic leave). The academic leave period is calculated towards the 8 semesters rule. If students study longer or take a second major, they must find their own financing opportunities. PRIME program is not calculated towards the 8 semester’s rule (exceptions are made for Basketball Scholarship and Middle East Scholars Aid.  
  • Withdrawing from a course(s) will affect the student’s financial aid. Before withdrawing or stopping to attend course(s), the student should be aware of the proper procedures for withdrawing from a course(s) and the consequences of withdrawing or stopping the attendance of a course(s). The student must inform Student Financial Services, inquire about the refund schedule and how it is going to affect their financial account before starting the withdrawal process. Official withdrawal is the responsibility of the student.
  • Financial Aid is applied only for credit bearing courses. Financial Aid is not applied for courses with zero credits like First Year Seminar. 
  • Financial Aid is available for students under 25 years of age. If a student turns 25 years of age during a specific semester, financial aid is not applied for that semester.
  • Financial Aid is available for students who are seeking the first Bachelor degree only. If a student during the Bachelor studies at LCC simultaneously receives another Bachelor’s degree from another university, financial aid will be removed for the following semesters.
  • All Financial Aid at LCC International University is based on availability of funds. Therefore, students and their families must take primary responsibility for meeting the costs of education at LCC International University.