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Student-Donor Match Program

Make a personal connection

Transformational experience

LCC seeks the kind of student whose life will be transformed through an LCC education, not just students who can cover the cost of tuition. In order to ensure that such students are able to study at LCC, we rely on the support of generous donors to fund scholarships.  Some donors enjoy a deeper personal involvement in a student's journey, so we facilitate the Student-Donor Match Program to allow donors to follow their sponsored student through the 4-year LCC experience.

The Student-Donor Match Process
  • Donors interested in this program generally commit to fund a student's annual tuition (4,300 USD / 5,500 CAD / 4,000 EUR) for each year of their LCC studies. (Donors may choose another amount that they are comfortable with.)
  • The donor may choose to support a student from a specific country, or a specific major. LCC will find a student that fits these preferences and introduce the student to the donor. OR - LCC can simply identify an appropriate student (from any background) for the donor.
  • Once a student is assigned to a donor, the donor is sent a personal thank you letter from the student and the donor-student communication begins!
  • Through regular communication with their donor, our students learn more about philanthropy, generosity, and Christian community. 



"I am thankful to have the privilege of playing a small role in helping LCC provide quality education from a Christian perspective in Eastern Europe by donating to the annual fund. Sponsoring a specific student has given me more personal involvement. I am grateful to be matched with Anel from Kazakhstan, getting to know her, learning about her country, and praying for her. It was great to meet her in person when I visited Lithuania in 2021!"

Wilma, from the United States


"I am really grateful for the opportunity to receive financial support from LCC, and especially I am honored to be able to talk directly to my sponsor Wilma! We are keeping in touch by writing each other emails, which is amazing! We share our updates, support and pray for each other! We got to see each other in the Fall semester 2021. It was a huge blessing meeting and talking to Wilma in person! I am thankful to God for our friendship with Wilma!"

Anel, from Kazakhstan

Contact information

For details and further explanations, please contact:

  • Lilija Druktenė, Development Coordinator (Klaipeda, Lithuania) at