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Breaking the limits
since 1995

We are an amateur basketball team which proudly represents LCC in national and international leagues. We participate in tournaments in Estonia, USA, China, and Italy, where we have been playing against NCAA for three years. Some of the NCAA Division 1 teams include: Kansas State University, University of Missouri, Baylor University, University of Houston, University of MiamiStanford University, and others. Our basketball team is international and includes players from Georgia, Lithuania, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia. 

Home of the great

Some of the professional Lithuanian basketball players from South Carolina, Neptunas, Zalgiris and other clubs started their careers on the LCC Moose team.

International team

Students from different countries


In the game since 1995

Our achievements

RKL Basketball League
3rd place 
RKL Cup 
2nd place

3rd place  

LSKL Basketball League
5th place  


2nd place

ISBC Basketball Cup
2nd place  

“Win-win situation for everyone”

"I have been playing for the LCC Moose Basketball team since high school. When choosing a university, I was still considering some other educational institutions as well as an upper division basketball team. However, with my parents we decided that LCC offers a high quality education and it was great that I already knew the coach. It was a win-win situation for everyone." 

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Mantas Montvila
Former LCC Moose captain and player

News and Games

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LCC Moose Basketball Game Schedule in Italy


Join the Moose Basketball team in Italy in August! We're playing 7 friendly games vs. US universities. August 13, TUE | University of Houston (Tuscany)August 15, THU | Bradley University (Venice)August 17, SAT | Miami University (Erba)August 18, SUN | The College of New Jersey (Erba)August 20, TUE | BYU (Rome)August 22, THU | Baylor University (Erba)August 24, SAT | Stanford University (Erba)

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Captain of the LCC Moose Basketball – Mantas Montvila


Mantas Montvila started playing basketball at LCC International University in 2012 when he was still in high school. The desire to receive a high quality education and continue his basketball career led Mantas to choose LCC. Now, a senior majoring in Business Administration and captain of the LCC Moose Basketball team, Mantas is looking forward to trying a career in basketball.How did you get to know about LCC and started playing for the LCC Moose basketball team?Since I am from Klaipėda, choosing LCC as a university was not a tough decision. Some people might not know this, but I have been playing for the LCC Moose Basketball team since high school, so I have been with the team for 7 or 8 seasons already. Marius Tamolis, our basketball coach, invited me to play with the team at LCC. Even though I was still a kid, Marius might have seen potential in me and wanted me to try and play in a more mature team. After I finished high school, I was still considering some other universities as well as an upper division basketball team, but with my parents we decided that LCC offers a high quality education and it was great that I already knew the coach. It was a win-win situation for everyone.How do you combine studies and basketball?The most important things currently are my thesis and basketball games. I am the type of person who does everything in advance. Even with my thesis, I am working on it every day, trying to complete various tasks and keep writing. In a way it is quite challenging because it is the most important work I have done since entering LCC. At the same time, I feel I am doing pretty well in combining studies and basketball.How often do you practice?Basketball players like to say that after the season ends, the other season starts, since pre-season is actually the most important part. When you are working individually or with a conditioning coach, you are preparing your body and your skill set, and improving yourself before the next season starts. You practice with a team and get to know new team players. Closer to the end of a season we are practicing four or five times during the week, and we have almost no days off. Sometimes we get one day off, but I do not remember the last time that happened. The main aim of practices is to keep us fresh and ready for the game.As you have been playing since 2012, you have seen players come and go. Would you say that change of teammates plays a role in the team’s success, and how does the adjustment process for new players happen?I have quite a different role in the basketball team because I am a second-year team captain. Part of my job is enrollment, meaning that I am a bridge between the players and the coach. I know how the team feels inside, and it really helps everyone to understand the general atmosphere and dynamics. Looking at the last two years we had different kinds of players, with different characters, and it was a bit difficult to be friends on and off the court. This year all of us are different, but there was some kind of click in the beginning where we became good friends. I think it is also my responsibility to make sure that everyone is in the same place. Another responsibility is that I give motivational speeches before the game. Since I am the most experienced on the team, and most of the times I know the opposing team, I am trying to motivate our team and make sure they understand that each game is important.What is the most challenging aspect of being a basketball player?I guess it is a challenge of not having enough free time. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere or your friends invite you out, but you know that there is a game the next day. I am both a student and athlete, and I remember that the first few years were pretty challenging in terms of managing studies, basketball, and social life.Do you have any future plans regarding basketball career?Definitely. My initial plan after graduation was to at least try and become a basketball player and live off that. But I know how basketball really is. One day you can get injured, you are out for 3 or 6 months, and you have no idea what to do during that time. I am happy that I am getting my degree from LCC. I will receive a diploma soon and I believe it will be helpful in the future. After I graduate I will try to be a basketball player and we will see how it goes. I am a pretty realistic person so if it does not go as planned, I will use the education and diploma that I have received.How important is it for the basketball team to feel the support of their fans?The support of our fans is a huge part of our success. When I entered LCC there was a huge audience that came to our games and they were crazy. They would come with drums, they painted their faces and I thought that it was a perfect place. It is an amazing thing to play the game and stay motivated by our fans. However, the generation changed, we lost some good players, and we were struggling a bit, so there were some losses during the games. The amount of fans that came to the games was low and it was somewhat depressing for us. However, this year, Lėja, our marketing manager, did a good job creating events to attract more fans and our coach is encouraging us to invite our classmates to the games. It really has changed and this year has been pretty amazing for us. We attract a lot of fans and we started winning, so the fans are happy that we win, we are happy that our fans support us. It is motivating to see the crowd shouting for you and supporting you no matter what.

Active team 2019-2020

  • Head Coach Marius Tamolis (
  • Assistant Coach Jurgis Petrauskas
  • Director of Marketing and Communications Lėja Jakštaitė
  • Student Assistants - Greta Ivaščenkaitė, Martynas Overlingas

“Rewarding life of a student athlete”

"The LCC Moose Basketball program is a unique one. It connects studies and sports, blends different international basketball cultures, developing individuals into great people and players. The life of a student athlete isn't easy, but it is rewarding." 

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Marius Tamolis
LCC Moose Head Coach since 2010

Team with a powerful leader

LCC is proud to have a head coach that has great experience working in both Lithuania and the US.

Marius Tamolis not only works with LCC Moose Basketball, but also trains the Lithuanian national youth teams and kids at V.Knašius Basketball School. The involvement with the youth basketball led Marius to receive the title of the National Category coach. As part of his career Marius also prepares many basketball players for higher level leagues.

Golden Medal 2017

Assistant Coach for Lithuania National Student Team, University Games

Bronze Medal 2015

Assistant Coach and Head of Delegation for the U18 European Championship

Hall of Fame

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Join the team

  • Be an LCC student or meet BA program eligibility.  
  • Successfully complete an interview with the coach and try-outs with the team.
  • Successfully pass a physical evaluation.
Basketball scholarship

If you fulfill the requirements and/or surpass the expectations of the team, a basketball scholarship can be given by the head coach.

This scholarship provides tuition and housing fees discounts and is available for a maximum of five years, as long as the requirements to receive it are continued to be met.

Up to 90%

Basketball scholarship provides tuition fee discount

Up to 90%

Basketball scholarship provides housing fee discount

Team application process

Complete the questionnaire

Complete online questionnaire by following this link

Interview with the coach

Attend a live or online meeting with the head coach

Physical evaluation

All LCC moose team players and candidates must go through physical evaluation and pass in order to continue the acceptance process.

Try-outs with the team

All candidates participate in try-outs with the team

Sign a contract

All LCC Moose players must sign an agreement with LCC International University

Unleash your talent

Basketball is not for everyone, however you can still be part of the team and practice what you love.


You must be an LCC student.
Experience and desire to grow in at least one of these areas:
- Photography / Videography
- Social Media Management
- Administration
- Cheerleading

  • Contact director of marketing and communications
  • Meet for an interview
Send an email >
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