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Pursuing peace

3-credit elective seminar
Fall 2023 and Spring 2024

An extraordinary time

Starting in the fall of 2023, study-abroad students at LCC will have the privilege of taking a special interdisciplinary course on the pursuit of peace, diplomacy, and justice.

This is an extraordinary moment and locale for such a course. LCC sits at the hinge of eastern and western Europe and provides a unique vantagepoint from which to reflect on the current tensions in Europe. Within the protection of a NATO country, you will have rare opportunities to interact with international students and European organizations committed to understanding the sources of friction and striving to make peace and restore hope.

Exceptional experiences

Be a part of a course that explores the challenges of this geopolitical moment and the theory and practice of resolving conflicts.

Befriend students who have fled Ukraine, as well as students from Russia and Belarus. Meet young people from many European nations, as well as students from Syria, Afghanistan, Armenia, Iraq, and Pakistan, among other countries.

Learn about Lithuanian culture and travel to the nation of Georgia.

Join a rich set of conversations on campus, as the LCC faculty and students come from over sixty nations, including regions with their own history of conflict, trials, and resilience.

Examine the legacy of the occupation and conflict in the Baltic regions. Encounter Holocaust sites, refugee camp, and places of historical memory and resilience.

Meet diplomatic officials, humanitarian workers, and religious leaders, and consider serving in an internship.

A Home for Faith and Service

LCC is passionate about helping Christians become agents of reconciliation. Students will see faith in action in the commitment of refugee workers. They will see faith in dialogue in the respectful interfaith conversations on campus. They will see faith in history in the long heritage of the church and the legacies of hope and resistance during the two world wars and era of Soviet control. They will see faith in others in their shared worship and heartfelt conversations among believers of different cultures. You will come away challenged . . . but with a keener understanding of global issues and a wider vision for how you can live a life of impact.

Credit transfer

The course has been designed to provide you a sense of community, an anchoring experience and a chance to reflect with other students about all that you are encountering and learning in Lithuania.

LCC will work with you and your home campus to determine how this course will transfer into your academic program.  It has been designed as an interdisciplinary course (worth 3 US credits) so that it might meet requirements or electives in several fields.

In Addition to the Seminar

Along with the honors seminar, you will be able to take courses from a variety of disciplines: Communications, English, International Business, International Relations and Development, Lithuanian language, Psychology, and Theology.

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