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Norman, Ph.D.


From: United States

At LCC Since: 2014


Wayne Norman joined the faculty of LCC in 2014 as a full professor. His undergraduate degree in Psychology is from Whitman College (1974) and his Master’s (1976) and Ph.D. (1979) degrees in Experimental Psychology are from Washington State University. Wayne’s research interests include the integration of information processing across the two cerebral hemispheres in humans and relationships between cognitive executive functions and heart rate variability. Wayne enjoys cooking and baking and reading mystery novels.


Effects of low-dose mindfulness based practice on patients with somatoform autonomic dysfunction of cardiovascular system.

LCC author(s): Wayne Norman, Ph.D.

Other author(s): Muranovaitė R., Burkauskas, J.

Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology, 19(1). , 2017.