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Drukteinytė, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

From: Lithuania

At LCC Since: 2012

Key Areas

  • Semantics
  • Syntax
  • The culture of Lithuanian language


Vaida, the Doctor of Humanities, started her teaching career during her MA degree studies. Besides syntax semantics she is mainly interested in applied linguistics – the characteristics of usage and teaching of Lithuanian language for Lithuanian (non)speakers. At her job she values the most relationships with students, who are creative, curious and educated people of the future.


Studentų neatpažįstamos dvejybinių linksnių klaidos.

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Lietuviški jūreivystės terminai Viliaus Pakalniškio leidinyje „Laivybos sąvokų aiškinimas“.

LCC author(s): Vaida Drukteinytė, Ph.D.

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