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Van Dyk, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

From: United States

At LCC Since: 2016

Key Areas

  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Pedagogy


Tricia Van Dyk teaches philosophy at LCC International University in Klaipėda, Lithuania. She earned her BA (Philosophy major/Physics concentration) from Dordt College, her MA (Systematic Philosophy) from the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto, and her PhD (Philosophy) conjointly from the VU University, Amsterdam, and the Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto. As the only female major in both of her fields of interest as an undergraduate, she became interested in the institutional bias toward male involvement in philosophy and science. Building particularly on the work of Hannah Arendt, Martha Nussbaum, Wayne C. Booth, and Lambert Zuidervaart, Tricia’s research has focused on the concept of plurality as an alternative to the contemporary inclination to take as normative what can be generalized and simultaneously to deny universally applicable normativity. Her current interests focus on pedagogy and the practical relevance of philosophy, especially in the interactions of science and literature with gender and ethics.


Book Review: Iris Murdoch and the others: A writer in dialogue with theology by Paul S. Fiddes

LCC author(s): Tricia Van Dyk, Ph.D.

Studies in Christian ethics, 36(4), 938-941, 2023.

Not Just Cause and Effect: Resituating Martha Nussbaum's Defense of Novels as Moral Philosophy in a Hermeneutical Framework.

LCC author(s): Tricia Van Dyk, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Literary Studies: A Journal of Criticism and Theory 19(2), 204–219., 2017.