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Babarskas, M.C.S.


From: Lithuania

At LCC Since: 2019


Romualdas Babarskas acquired an equivalent of BA in Christian Studies and English from LCC International University and BA in Linguistics from Klaipeda University. He also completed his MCS studies, with the focus on biblical studies, at Regent College. In addition, he took post-graduate courses in Semitic languages and the Early Christian literature at Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, Belgium.  His research focused on the Early Christian literature, including the New Testament Apocrypha. He has authored the commentary on 1 Peter for Central Eastern European Bible Commentary (Langham Partnership project) and commentaries on the Gospels of Matthew and Luke for the New Ecumenical Bible project (developed by the Lithuanian Bible Society). Currently, he is preparing a commentary on the book of Acts for the same project. Besides teaching at LCC, he has also taught at the Evangelical Bible Institute (Lithuania) and served a pastor of the Free Christian Church in Lithuania.


1 Peter. In Central and Eastern European Bible commentary (pp. 1581-1595)

LCC author(s): Romuladas Babarskas, M.C.S.

Carlisle: Langham Partnership, 2023.